June 18, 2021

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Why Did She Lose Interest Suddenly?

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I am an undergraduate of a high institution in Owerri, so I’ve been home due to the closure of schools Nationwide.

There’s this girl whose mom owns a drinking bar somewhere around my street, she’s an undergraduate too, but she’s been home too during this lockdown. I’ve been seeing this girl for years but started developing feelings for her suddenly.

I approached her as a sharp guy and collected her number. She wasn’t using a smart phone then, so we communicate through phone calls.

At first our conversations was smooth and sweet, and it was like a match made in heaven, we haven’t gone out for a date due to she always stays in her mom’s shop and her mom is a very strict woman. Her dad is late. I told this girl my mind, that I’d like us to date and she agreed.
To cut the story short
After a week she started acting strange, sometimes she wouldn’t pick my calls and she won’t call back, she got a smart phone and was back on WhatsApp. She replies my text late after seeing them.

On Sunday afternoon I called her and she busied my call, a friend of mine who lives opposite their shop called me on phone telling me the girl was outside their shop and was over the phone with someone for a long time. I called her again and she busied my call again, I texted her on WhatsApp to ask her what her problem was.

After a day, she replied on WhatsApp that she’s sorry. Well today she just texted me that she’s no longer interested in the relationship that she just wants to be left alone. Note that we haven’t even had a time together all this while due to the fact I didn’t want to rush things with her and she was always at her mom’s shop.

I want to know how someone that likes you before just wakes up and all of a sudden no longer interested in you again without any provocation.

Thank you

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  1. She might have seen someone she likes better than you or she never did have feelings for you this is one of those cases you can never be sure what happened unless you hear it from the mouth of the horse

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