June 18, 2021

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We Have Been Dating For 7 Years, But I AM Tired. Help

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I met this lady in 2012 while at achool and we started dating same year. She is a very gentle and quiet girl and i am also quiet but better than her. She gives me no problem and does not demand too much. She earns a living for herself and comfortable. We are both 28 years.

I have one major problem with our relationship. We cant have good conversations together and we are not friends. Over the years, she has promised to improve in terms of communication, but i am not feeling it at all. We are not friends. Whenever we are together, i have to call my friends to have conversations and relieve my boredom. A friend advised me to go see her parents, maybe she will change afterwards, this did not change anything. Throughout our 5 hours journey from her parent’s house to mine, we did not discuss at all, despite my effort to engage.

She does not show emotions. I have tried several times to get her angry, but she would not show emotions. One time, i did a photoshop of me having a video call with a naked girl, and i gave her my phone to check pictures. She saw the picture, but gave no emotion at all. She just checked it and scrolled to the next picture. I WAS FLABBERGASTED.

Please, its been 7 years in this relationship, and her parents are already talking about marriage. I need advise as i want a fun
marriage, and be friends with my wife.

Can such a woman change?, or will I have to accommodate that for the rest of my life.

2 thoughts on “We Have Been Dating For 7 Years, But I AM Tired. Help

  1. I would tell you quit the relationship and let her know reasons if go on and marry her you may end up in boring marriage

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