June 14, 2021

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We Ain’t Dating Yet – Should I Get Her A Phone?

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So here’s the story, I’m a single guy and I’ve been putting an eye out there looking for someone to love and call my own, so i met this really beautiful nice young lady a month ago and its was more like love at first sight kinda of thing…but i just had to maintain so i don’t appear being desperate and all… But truth is am madly in love with this girl, we’ve been talking ever since then and so far we are becoming more closer as each day passes.

I still haven’t asked her out to be my girlfriend but I’m really hopeful that she will say yes to me considering how close we have become lately, we talk about everything and anything.

So to the main gist, currently her smartphone is bad so we can’t do things like chatting, whatsapp calls, video calls and the likes… And i feel like getting her a smartphone would greatly be helpful to her as well as get us to communicate more often, so I’m thinking….Is it wise to get her a phone at such an early stage into our relationship (friendship) considering the fact that i haven’t asked her and she hasn’t said yes to me….

I just feel like she really needs a smartphone and I’m thinking if i should get her one… I’ve not really made up my mind yet, might sound crazy but I’ll really like to get opinions on this..

3 thoughts on “We Ain’t Dating Yet – Should I Get Her A Phone?

  1. What i will tell u is ask her out first,if she say yes,then for like a week or 2 weeks after,u can buy a new phone.my advice to u is make sure her phone is really not good it should not be like after u buy her the phone she will end up using it to chat,call another guy.study and ask her if she is into any relationship b4 asking her out cuz GIRLS OF NOWADAYS!only GOD will help us.

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