June 19, 2021

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Unilag Student Turns To Mermaid/Mami-Water With Green Hair (VIDEO)

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Within the last 24 hours, University of Lagos Nigeria (Unilag) has been trending on social media with the search term ‘Unilag mermaid’ since a young lady reportedly confessed of being a mermaid. The moment she confessed, water was poured on her by inquisitive students who wanted to know if she was joking or not. Surprisingly, her hair turned green according to social media reports.

From the video obtained online, the said lady was seen being arrested by Unilag’s security operatives in a bid to avoid any further jungle justice madness as Lagos is known for such. A part of her hair was actually green as she was led away in a security Hilux van. Students could be heard screaming with so much shock as such scenarios are rare in the Nigerian context.

Watch the Unilag mermaid Full video below

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