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🌀 Ultimate Benders 🌀

Battle for power

Written by ikechukwu Henry

#chapter 9

🌀 the stroll and meeting Barinadaa 🌀

‘To be creative means to be in love with
life. You can be creative only if you love
life enough that you want to enhance its beauty, you want to bring a little more
music to it, a little more poetry to it, a
little more dance to it.’

⚡ Perviously on the last chapter ⚡

They looks up to receives the shock of their life on seeing what’s staring at their front.


A door click open and a close immediately to reveal a figure that bow to an open space.

“Did you do the job I ordered you to do ?” A voice asks from an unknown but it’s sound within the room .

“Yes my Lord, I did, the people are planning on meeting me for solution” the figure replied still on his keen .

“The solution is very simple but only a Smart person can identify it ;that person must be ancient like us”the voice said as dark Aura radicated from within the building..

” go and tell them there is no solution to it “the figure nodded before stepping out from the room.

Location: Barinadaa Abode


The ultimate benders were still shocked at the figure standing I’m front of them ,Barinadaa motion for them to come inside which they did not without looking at the Damien they were searching for a while ago .

” how did you get in before us ?” Freya asked narrowing her eyes brown on him .

“The one with you staring from the rescue from the supreme Lord palace isn’t the real Damien instead it a messengers of Lucifero ” Barinadaa response deepens their confusion.

“To clear your confusion, Damien tell them what happened?” Damien rolled his eyes at his order.


Damien lays his head to sleep kicking the idea of leaving the room for the fear of being caught and taken to the supreme Lord.

“Damien ,you have to tell them the stroll can’t be found there?” The voice of Aegues instructed.

“Not again now,I want to sleep!!” Damien growled in annoyance laying his head ,a knock from the door interrupted him ,thinking it a trick from the voice he ignored ;it came second and third .

He huffed in responded standings up ,he opened the door and inhaled a dark smoke from nowhere and all he remembered before blacking out was that someone that looked like him entered inside.


“Who is to the one that saved us from the supreme Lord?” Flynn asked after listening to his explanation.

“Before it happened, the messengers birds named hugin and munin were monitoring every of your movement after the fail attempted to captured Damien; the perfect opportunity present itself so they made uses of it by shifting into Damien on the plan to get the stroll to because Lucifero need it also.

But what he don’t know is to that I foreseen this day that why I kept it here .

” then who is speaking and who is with us now ?”Zuko asked bluntly.

“Barinadaa is one of the oldest air bender during my time, I possess his body but it Aegeus speaking (Lucifero brother).

” clear us all our confusion and tell us our goals and purpose as ultimate benders”

(3days later)
Supreme Lord palace
“”””””””””””””””” “””””’

Their were riotous uproar at the entrance of supreme Lord palace, peoples were forcing themselves in but series of guards blocks their way thus using their body as shield.

” let us in now!!”

“our people are dying from incurable disease!!”

They roar angrily at the guard’s ,they did bulge or react to their request.
“A meeting will soon commence, be calm and quite” the head guard shouted at them but it seem to increase their vocals cord as fight erupted.


Inside the supreme Lord palace, were place and arranged chairs in a rectangular form ,suddenly stream of fire appear and Lord William came out from it .

Another was air tunnel follows by water in firm of a snake as it turn to a young man, all sit afterwards.

“Supreme lord ,our people are dying from an unknown disease” Lord Lucas from air bender tribe speak as they nodded in affirmations.

“Symptoms of the disease?” Supreme Lord asked.

“High temperature, sneezing sometimes and weakness” they answer together.

“It strange but their is no solution to it because it was spread by ajatar smoke” he drop the bomb causing them to gasp

“Supreme lord the people will die if they isn’t cure !!”Lord Lucas said

” I said no solution to it ,leave my presence now before I get angry!!!”


Outside the palace, fight broke in between the guard and the citizens, swords click together, cries and shout filled the air as they battle against each others.

Balk of four elements were thrown at each others thus countering it at interval.
Series of guards join in the fight to stop the riotous act but that only frustrated the citizens giving the more reason to fight on .

Both side fell dead as blood were spill, people run helter -shelters from the violence fight that already become serious.

Not far from the gate hide Rosa and the earth tribe warriors waiting for the best moment to strike.

Location: Barinadaa Abode

“It time to learn moves and techniques of bending” Barinadaa spoke tapping on the mediating trio ,they open their eyes to discovered they weren’t in the dark room anymore instead they are on an open field .

They were forced to mediated for three days without food or water for their chi to expand.
Good for quality bending which normal benders can’t perform.

“Am hunger already” Freya yawned tiredly stretching herself on the carpet grass .

“You have to Learn faster, war is drawing nearer as days goes by ” Barinadaa complained.

“But we at least eat something to enable us to learn”

“Here are the Stoll ,I will be back shortly” he give them four Short ancient pamphlet fold in cylinder form before scuffling out.

So one person guess it right but his reason isn’t the same as mine .

🌹 to be continue 🌹


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