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🌀 Ultimate Bender’s 🌀

Battle for power

Written by ikechukwu Henry

#Chapter 8

🌀 the stroll and meeting Barinadaa 🌀

‘The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity and an understanding of life that fills them with compassions, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen. The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love.’

💧 Perviously on the last chapter💧

The stroll is to prepare you all of the mission ahead as ultimate benders ”

“Fine the stroll at the house of Barinadaa”


(Next day )

The weather look a bit dark like it going to rain soon, peoples were out each besides bodies laying on a white linen cloth spread on the floor.

Some were examining the temperature of the bodies lay on the floor.
“This is strange and mystery” some murmurs among themselves as they seem to be waiting for someone while looking at a particular direction at interval.

Sudden, an old man with a moustache and a grey hairs parked in a bun ,he has a wrinkles across his face showing off his old age as he pattered slowing to examine one of the bodies.

He touch one of them as he eyes ball change completely to white ,it stay for some minutes before he withdraw gasping for breath.

“Aja…disease spreader…..” He gasp taking in a deep breath to calm himself as his statement arise confusion.

“What happened physician?” One of the oldest men among the citizens asked on the behalf of others.

“Someone summoned ajatar and it spread a disease that were affecting them “he said pointing at the bodies laying on the floor.

” that can’t be possible we thought it can’t be summon by us benders or else one of them is in our midst “one Ebony skin man exclaimed loudly increasing the murmured and confusion of the citizens.

” we have to tell the supreme Lord on the behalf of the air bender ”


Freya and co set out to search for the Barinadaa of a man, she suggests they will need her grandma help since she has heard
her spoke about him on several occasion ,they wear their cloaks stepping out.

“I hope we find him quickly than usual ” Damien mumbled to himself earning a chuckle from Zuko which seem he hear him .

They hiked out of fire bender tribe following the narrow pathway that lead to the air bender, soon ,they were inside the forest located at the air bender tribe.

(10 minutes later)

“Grandma ! Grandma!!” Freya called out as they steps inside the small sitting room, her grandma surface looking surprise on seeing them.

“Whoa!,it an honor to see you all” she try bowing but Freya stopped her feeling embarrass.

“We has to time for chit chat now” Damien speak in annoying tone, Freya glare at him daring him to speak again.

“It urgent, please where can we locate the man Barinadaa you always speak off ” Freya inquiry.

“I met him once and for his location, he don’t have exact one” grandma said.

“His last known location was in the Forest due to he don’t stay with us and it not easy finding his location” they nodded stepping out from the room .

Earth tribe

Rosa (Damien mother) prickle at the sight the man sitting on the throne meant for her husband the figure grin enjoying the angry face of her .

“Can’t I visit my ex wife again?” William ask standing up, he approach Rosa that stands akimbo glaring at him, he try touching the strands of her hairs but age slap his hand away from her shifting backwards.

“I hear you are planning on attacking supreme Lord” William said.

“I see you spy did a good job by notifying you” Rosa replied back, she sit on her throne facing him now.

“If my spies can notified me what made you think supreme Lord will not know about it ”

“I know that William I wasn’t stupid ,so leave!”

“That made you a big time fool Rosa, if he has heard of it do you think he wont plan his defense” William smirks.

“Defense or not leave my presence now, am in my good mood !!she growl causing the earth to rumble.

” Let start afresh again since your husband is dead for good? ”

“I will be waiting for my answer love”He smirks as fire engulfed him ,one it was clear he’s gone .


The trio keep hiking deeper inside the forest searching for Barinadaa which was futile, they rest a bit before continuing.

” it dusk already and we haven’t see any house? “Damien mumbled removing some tree branches that block his sight.

Suddenly ,they hear a noise a bit distance away from them, they shares a knowing glance before flitting toward the source of the noise silently.

Nothing were hear as they approach it trying not to makes a sound ,out of on where bird like creature fly out causing them to duck in different direction due to it’s wings that spread out .

The creature flag it’s large wings and disappear afterwards and the same time a large portal appears at their front.

Inside the portal were houses with an old man steeping out with a staff to meet them.
” welcome to my abode benders “he speak ushering them forward.

” master!! “Zuko exclaimed in surprise, Barinadaa only smile at him.

” c’mon let go “Freya motion looking around.
” where is Damien? ”

“Come in first before you search” Barinadaa waved at then as they enter ,he wave his hand in a circular pattern as the portal vanished.

They look up to receive the shock of their life”

What did they saw and give reason to your answers??? ????

🌹 to be continue 🌹

©ikechukwu Henry


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