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🌹 Ultimate Benders 🌹

Battle for power

Written by ikechukwu Henry

Chapter 6

⚡ supreme lord and the rare stroll ( ll) ⚡

🌀 Perviously on the last chapter🌀

The shadowy dragon nodded spreading a smoke on the roof of the people for them to inhale it’s evilness.


(Two days later)
Fire bender tribe

“You have to join us Prince or not!!” Freya snapped vaguely at Damien after they suggested the earlier the better but Damien isn’t making any efforts to accept the fact he’s one of the ultimate benders even after they did explained every details to him .

“You can snap all you want ,my answer remain no !!” Damien flared using the same tone on her .

They came to agreement to live together to avoid separation.

Damien suddenly hit his head on the wall beside him, he whine in pain at the impact, he stare deadly at the grinning Freya.

“Being an air bender is cool ” Freya mouthed a Chuckle not mind Damien glares.

“You forgot earth is the superior” Damien speak standing upright in anger written all over his face .

“No elements is superior, all has weakness” Freya replied him her hands on her chest ,she glare at him back.

“Earth is the superior and you can’t Change that ”

“Should I tell you no elements is superior” Freya flares challengingly, Damien feel himself levitate on the air ,he struggle to comes down but it seems futile.

“Now tell me how earth is superior” Freya said her blue eyes glowing. the star on Damien feet’s glow bright, the marble floor opened to reveals a heap of rock floating toward him but ,sudden went down scattering in the process.

“Is that what you got Mr Prince” Freya haunted releasing him .

“Enough of the act by trying to prove a point” zuko intervene at once, he and Flynn were watching them all thus while, he noticed Damien intend to attack Freya.


At last Damien didn’t joined them after much persuasion from them ,zuko even plead to him that he’s help may be need since they were going to be series of different benders on the supreme lord palace.

Now they stand metres away fro the large gate of supreme lord palace calculating a way to enter without being spot.

“How possible can we enter ” Flynn asked wearing on a blue cloak, zuko on red,Freya on grey.

“I even heard no one has never saw supreme lord face for century” Freya chirp in .
“I get a suggestion which may not work but we can try”

“Freya can you create an air tunnel” asked zuko, she slightly nodded .

“Create it,we put our cloaks into it, make sure is not see an inch ,after that I will distract the guards on the gate then we enter at once”

Earth bending tribe

A middle age woman scream in agony scratching her hair scalps, tears fall freely from her eyes wetting her dress.

The maid and guards keep their distance to avoid being attack by the woman that lose her son and husband. It turned out to be Damien mother.

“If only I know that sending him will get him killed, I wouldn’t have?!!”

“He thought being supreme Lord allowed him to touch the lion tail anyhow” she growl as the earth under her begins to rumble which was her doing.

“Malady, take it easy on yourself” one of the older maid try to consoles.

“Guards!!!, tell the head warrior to prepare the warriors for war since he has the gut to get my husband and sin killed” they obey at once.

“Malady that not…….Rosa Damien mother glare at her stopping her midway .

” battle he need ,war shall he get !!!” She mumbled stepping out.

Location: supreme Lord palace

The ultimate benders successfully entered inside the palace as they maneuvered toward a remote part wearing back their cloaks.

“We have to time to waste at all” Flynn speak.
“Your hands please” zuko requested.
He pour a small water on the floor,he told Flynn to control it before it dry up,Freya form an air ball while zuko create a fire ball,they joined it together as it begins to lead them to the library location.

They stand at the window dodging some warrior parading around.
“We enter now!” They jump inside the building ,they scan the hallway strolling silently to the way the glowing ball is leading them.

Zuko snap the neck of the guard guarding the Library, they enter the room to reveals dim light burning at four angle of the room.
The library look old and ancient from it appearance, books were place on the old shelves while some were on a long wooden table.
Series of ink and feathers were place at one corner of the table accompanied with chairs in each side and edge.

They begins to search each books fold and wrapped together in hasten to avoid being catch red handed, twist of door strangled them as they jump in frighten thinking the sound came from the library door.

“Take a look at this ” Flynn bring out a book from one of the shelf .

“The history of mar ” they read together dazed somehow.

“I haven’t heard of it’s name” zuko muttered.
“I will keep it ,let continue ” they begins to search more as feeling of frustration and impatient flows on them ,sudden the door went open as a guard enter .

“What the hell!!!!” the fire expanded in size and shoots toward them but zuko was fast enough to counter it in a martial way.
Fire steam surround them burning off their skin from it hotness .

We have to leave now “Flynn whispers yelled panicking, wind out of no where blow off the stream thus not the source of the fire and it blew more fierce hitting the guard hard on his skull as he went unconscious instantly.

” I have been waiting for this moments to meet you ultimate benders “earth like figure said making his presence known.

” supreme Lord!!!!! ”

🌀to be continues 🌀

Shit bad market for the ultimate Bender’s

What did you think will happen now supreme Lord have found them

®ikechukwu Henry


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