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🌹 Ultimate Benders 🌹

battle for power

Written by
Ikechukwu Henry

⚡supreme Lord & the rare stroll⚡

Chapter 5

⚡Previously on the last chapter⚡

“Why are you shouting like someone surprise”


A cloudy blue ray of light shine brightly illuminating the structure of an unknown room ,it returned to darkness probably that when the door of the room was opened by a figure .the figure steps inside facing a figure backing the latter .

“What is it Orlando” the figure asked.

“The ultimate benders seem hard to finds” Orlando replied pacing around the room .

“Hmm..they are proving hard givine no choice than to go in a hard way ” the figure mumbled.

“What did you mean in a hard way ?”

“You will understand later but release the Ajatar under my command!”

“” no !!that will kill the people “Orlando responded earning a light chuckle.

” do I care or should I tighten my hold on you”the lattet mocked stepping inside the wall mysteriously.

Fire bender tribe

Zuko provide each of his team water and roasted meat for refreshment as a sign of welcome.
Earlier when he was on his way to the general market ,he sudden began to felt connection among the people strolling up and down .

He searched for where the connection was coming from and that was when he sighted Freya, Flynn and Damian.

‘Hey Freya! “Zuko called out as he was able to recognized her among the three ,they hurry up toward him with a strange looks probably from Freya and Damien.

” here you are zuko ,meet the team you were talking about earlier “Freya introduced, he widen his eyes as realization hit him.

” come on let me take you to my home “they leaved the scene feeling completed.

Now he sat opposite them taking him their features for the first time, they wasn’t on cloaks as before.

” this is Flynn from water tribe and Damien Prince of earth tribe “zuko nodded extending his hand toward Damien for a handshake but Damien didn’t look at his hand.

” he seem churlish in nature “zuko thought bring down his hand .

” I still don’t understand why we are called ultimate bender or what ever !?”Damien voiced out his thought in an annoying tone.

“Maybe you haven’t been told whom the ultimate benders is and our purpose but everything will be clear once we get the stroll of aero,cyro pyro and geo ”

“What’s the stroll of aero,cyro,geo,and pyro?” Freya asked confused like Damien although not that too confused about all things unlike Damien.

Location: Unkown Forest/

Two middle age women with a seven years old female gather wood from the thick forest clear of from danger ,the little girl meanders alone deeper into the forest on the name of searching for fire woods.

They didn’t bother searching for her due to the thought of the forest is clear off from danger .
The child cry of pain filled yge whole atmosphere as the women drop their fire woods and begin to search for the child ,not quite long they saw her whining on the floor a bit distance from a poisonous snake .

“Oh my God, Amelia”, one of them, the mother exclaimed_she run to help her up but the hissing snake longed it’s head to strike her .
the other woman, conjuncts a air kick shifting the head of the snake in the process buying the girl mother time to drag her daughter backwards. The snake went ablaze immediately from the flames ignited by the mother of the child.

(Next day )

Fire bender tribe

Freya entered inside the room ,she saw the rest already sit in circle like they are waiting from her to show up .

She join them sitting crossed legs except Damien sitting inches away from them .

” let decode the words “zuko begin ,they cracked their brain for a suitable answers but none came up with one.

” this kinda hard decoding an unknown words “Freya complained.

” you guy business not mine ,i can’t debilitated my brain “Damien grunted .
” maybe I will tell my Granny go help in contacting a aerokinesis to help us ”

“Wait aerokinesis means the ability to control air probably air bending, if it aerokinesis then;all means pyrokinesis ,cyrokinesis meaning fire and ice” zuko explained intelligently proving a point.

“Ice is made from water sobwe have to find the rare stroll of four elements but where can it located” Flynn asked thoughtfully cupping her chin obviously enjoying it .

“To the supreme lord palace that where something rare can be kept” zuko replied after moments of silent.

Damien shoot him a stare at the mention of the name.

(Night time)


A figure stand at the plateau of a mountain swinging it’s bright blue sword in a martial way conjoining a stream of flame from the process.
Evil aura radicated from him surrounding the whole mountain as he continues to swing the sword skillfully.

Suddenly, dark smoke begins to circulated around the air forming a dark shadowy dragon from the ravine part of the Mount .
dark shadowy dragon hovered around the figure.

“Great one ,the king of all ajatar ,the fastest disease spreader, make the heart of men become evil, let them fight themselves, initiate war them ,and lastly spread a catastrophic disease that seem incurable to them “.

The shadowy dragon nodded spreading a shadowy smoke at the roof of the people for them to inhale it’s evilness.

Will the ultimate benders turn evil and backslide each others

🌹 to be continue🌹

©ikechukwu Henry


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