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🌹 Ultimate Benders 🌹

Battle for power

Written by ikechukwu Henry

Chapter 4

⚡rising of the ultimate benders ⚡
‘What a surprise it is to discover that you have never needed to strive to survive and be happy after all. Like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, who discovered that she always had the means for going home, you already have what you need to be happy and safe. You have never really left Home. However, if you don’t believe you already have what you need to be happy and safe, it is as if it isn’t true: If we don’t know the ruby slippers will take us home, it’s like not having them. The ego keeps us from seeing the truth about those ruby slippers- it keeps us from seeing the truth about life. Home is right here, right now, but we may not realize it and therefore not experience Home, or Essence as much as we might.’

⚡ previously on the last chapter⚡

Water bullets were shoot at the one inside the air tunnel and he freeze instantly.

Water bed protected Damien from crashing on the hard floor, he stood up and turned around revealing Flynn unknown to him.


(Evening on the same day )

Zuko did his normal chores silently and alone due to he has no siblings after his parents mysteriously dies.

He locked his front door and widows, he walked to the back door opening it and inhaled the fresh air that slap his cheek making his hair stood erected.
bring out a dirty clothes and spring it in the floor, he sit on it crossed legs closing his eyes shut tightly like he plans on meditating .

He could feel the world around him, he could feel the air as they blow gently and steadily.
He being to picture himself getting hot and warm at the same time. he visualized the hottest of his body to firm a flame of fire that bursts from his palm but strangely, fire circle him .

“Zuko !!”

A voice whisper on his ear which he recognized.

“Yes master ” he answered stills with his eyes tightly shut.

“You are going to welcome the rest of your team ”

“But I only met the air bender among the four you spoke of” he replied confused.

“Still ready to meet them ,I haven’t communicated with the girls because they are willingly to do more than command” the voice instructed sternly.

“That not true, I have been obeying you although I haven’t see your face” zuko growled in annoyance.

“Say the boy I saved countless times ” the unknown voice chuckled before it fade .


Flynn pulled Damien forward running toward unknown destination although they were running away from the air benders before they could recover.

They begin to feel gush of wind behind them meaning the air benders is on them .the air benders have succeed in releasing their frozen fellow from the ice using wind storms.

“Hey where are we going” Damien asked still running as fast as he legs can carry him ,same goes to Flynn.

“We have to look for a way to escape from them ” Flynn yelled making Damien rolled his eyes, he stop to catch his breath, promptly her to do the same.

The air benders were still afar which can buy them time to plan their escape .”i don’t know weather it will work but let me give it a try ”

“Hey you try your best and be fast while I slow them” Flynn replied sharply.
Damien shut the world around him, letting his emotions and freeing his mind .

He begin to feel the earth beneath his feet ,he can feel it breath, it movement around all living things on top on them.
“Be fast ,they are getting closer” Flynn snapped impatiently.

She rushed to a nearby river ,thankful they is at least water to bend using as weapons.
She willed the water on her control ,become one with it ,letting her chi flow around the water ,it became mixed with it .

She pulled the water from it position forming a wave ,one of them air bender shoot an air bomb toward Damien so he can lose his balance but Flynn provide a water shield stopping the air bomb from reaching Damien.

She begin to shoot water bullet making them to use an air swipe to dodge and rolled avoiding it at all cost.

Damien visualized himself inside a cave made from earth as his own chi already mixed with the earth .
“Be fast ,am getting weak !!!” Flynn voice echoed around him, he want to look but that will break his concentration

The earth open it mouth forming a portal at the edge, the interior view is that of a room bit it has a tunnel opening for one person at a time.

“Come closer and enter now!!” Damien speak hitting one if them with a rock ,Flynn ran and jump in inside instantly follows by Damien, dodging an air ball throws at him, the portal close the moment him entered.

Next day

Sapphire (Freya) did her morning duties quickly having a premonition that something good may happen which she can’t wait .she take her bath and wear a nice set of cloth just to impress the boy she can’t wait to see ,the image of zuko filled her mind all through the night.

She walked to the same pathway she saw him yesterday ,following her instinct as it guide her to the direction of the fire bender tribe.

Luckily, the day were a free day for each tribes, thus opened for every one to pass without being interrogate by gate guards, people keep on walking their way ,some were with load they brought from the general market meant for every walk of life.
She squeezed herself through the crowd around her ,walking inside the fire tribe, some part of it were large flame glowing gravitationally.

Freya sudden feel a connection among the people around her ,her instinct told her zuko maybe close by so she begin to search for him ,not long she sight a figures on cloak walking together, she tightens her pace toward them while squeezing herself forward.

“Hey, wait zuko!!” She shouted halting the figures that turn around.

“Oh sorry, I mistake you for someone else” Freya apologized noticing it wasn’t him .

“You have the star like us on your forehead” one of the figure exclaimed.

Holy shit ,you are one of the ultimate benders !!”Freya shrieked loudly attracting stare from others citizens, the female covered her mouth immediately dragging her to a quiet place .

“Stop shouting like someone surprise”

Please this isn’t typical war,werewolves story,it base on elements stuff which is totally different from what you would ever imagined
In got my inspiration from the movie titles Aang the last air bender and legend of korra ,it not in anyway similar to avatar movie.

🌹to be continue🌹

©ikechukwu Henry

®All right reserved,Do not plagiarized this story or copy without the writer permission
Any role or name dead or alive is totally the writer imagination or mere coincidence


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