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🌹Ultimate Benders🌹

Battle for power

Written by ikechukwu Henry

⚡Rising of the ultimate benders ⚡

Chapter 3

‘True happiness is to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future, not to amuse ourselves with either hopes or fears but to rest satisfied with what we have, which is sufficient, for he that is so wants nothing. The greatest blessings of mankind are within us and within our reach. A wise man is content with his lot, whatever it may be, without wishing for what he has not. Forget yesterday – it has already forgotten you. Don’t sweat tomorrow – you haven’t even met. Instead, open your eyes and your heart to a truly precious gift – today.’

⚡previously on the last chapter⚡

They conjoined their hands together creating a water tunnel and Flynn looked at them last time before entering into it

“I hope she forgive us when she finds out”

Supreme Lord palace

The large palace of the supreme Lord were filled with guards ,maids and different attendances with each assigned for special purposes.
Benders of four elements were placed at different direction and posts, five men walked inside the gate looking cadaverous and dirty that one may thought they died and resurrected.

They walked sluggishly to a particular room only to see a water like figure facing them ,they frozen on their track trembling and shivering in fear.

“What happened to you all earth benders ”
The water like figure asked sitting comfy on the nearby cushion made from earth.

“We…w..e” one of them stammered while the rest of them start shedding tears .

“I said what happened to you all ” the water like figure snapped angrily.

‘We most get one of the ultimate benders but another interfered by saving our target ”

One of them boldly speaks earning a chuckling from the figure.

“Interesting, it seem they are teaming up faster than expected” the latter hummed .

The earth opened is mouth and swallow them all immediately not giving them chance to explained further.

“Useless peoples and let me see his they will get the rare strolls of aero, pyro ,geo,and cyro ”
The water like figure smirked dispensing into nothing less mysteriously.

Air bender tribe

Freya stood akimbo watching her grandma try to find an excuse to the question she asked.
Her grandma kept her face sideway avoiding the curious gaze Freya was giving her .

“How did you know that words Freya?” She asked after moment of silence between them.

“That didn’t answer my question!!”

“Sit, i think you are ready to accept your responsibility as an ultimate benders!”

Long time ago, the four tribes of sumari were ruled and protected by two brothers named Lucifero and Aegeus .
They were highly respected among each tribes but people love Aegeus for his reputable nature. Lucifero went rebel all of sudden, he undergo a mean to kill his brother and mysterious weld the forbidden sword called sword of Avin ,with that he killed his brother but .

Aegeus told him before he die that
Ultimate Bender
Air and
Will always be your doom

Freya grandma concluded.

“How did this story related with me?” Freya asked .

“You are one of the ultimate benders Freya but who told you that words ultimate benders ?”

Freya cheek redden remembering the features of the red hair boy she saved which earn a suspicious look from her grandma.
“I saved a fire bender named zuko from the earth benders chasing him “.
She answered bending her head down, her grandma unexpected hit her in her stomach to reveals a hidden chain floating ,she take it unto her palm ignoring the angrily look from her.

” you almost kill me ,what did removed from me ?”

“Removed the chain I placed on you to hide your fully power ”

Earth benders tribe

Damien heart begin to beat in an abnormal way , reminiscing the words of the unknown voice telling him not to follows them to the supreme Lord palace.
He want to asks why but the five men beckon him forward to the exist door not giving him chance to calculated and planned his escape which he’s sure he will do if chanced.

He follows them outside their palace obediently huffing in annoyance for not coming up with a good backup plan.
The men join their hands together and motion for him to do the same which he hesitate before compliance.
A mini tornado surround them forming an air flight that move them forward gravitationally.

The air flight move toward the supreme Lord palace with their feet not touching the ground, one disadvantage of being an earth bender is that they can’t fight if away from earth (ground).
Damien lose his hand from them unexpectedly as he begin to fall off from their control.

“He’s escaping now !!!” One of them shrieked stretching his hands toward him .he stop falling and begin to floats towards them.

Damien wriggled trying to force him from the latter bending the air to pull him forward. The flight kept them afloat (one advantage of being an air bender )

The star on Damien feet glow bright and earth towel raises toward him but the remaining four men blow it off using an Air blast. Damien
growls angrily for losing the only weapon of escaping from them .

“Let pull him forward now ” they yelled stretching their hands bending the wind to do their command.
Water bullet were shoot at them strangely, so they lose a bit focus over the air which promptly Damien to continue falling off .

“We have to get him now or we are going to lose our head ” they screamed at each other, they form an air tunnel immediately and one of them jump in moving in a faster speed.
Water bullet shoot at them one inside the air tunnel and he freeze instance.

Water bed form in immediately which protect Damien from crashing on the hard floor, he stand upright and turned around revealing Flynn unknown to him.

🌹to be continue🌹

©ikechukwu Henry

NB:there isn’t creatures like vampire, werewolves, etc.


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