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🌹Ultimate Benders 🌹
[Battle for power]
Written by ikechukwu henry


..🌹rising of the ultimate benders 🌹

Chapter two (2)
.’Your need for acceptance can make you invisible in this world. Don’t let anything stand in the way of the light that shines through this form. Risk being seen in all of your glory. Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.’

⚡ previously on the last chapter ⚡
“What!, you are one of the ultimate bender”

“Who are the ultimate bender ” Freya asked confused.


A walking figure accompany by two young guards on a yellow attire entered inside the throne room that enuminated flame of fire at the far end of the large spacious room .

The two young guards bowed to the glowing fire and left, leaving the figure alone with the unseen being that seem to be the flame .

“What brought you here lord Alex? ” the voice from the flame asked in a serious tone.

“I brought you good news supreme Lord ”


What good news is that ?”

.”I think my son is one of the ultimate benders! “Lord Alex revealed .

” how did you know and what made you want to sell out your son ?”supreme lord asked in a surprise voice.

“There is a moment I got glimpse of a star on his feet and I did just to show how loyal I am to you my lord “he responded unaware of the danger he bring upon himself.

A snap were heard and suddenly Lord Alex freeze with an ice surrounding him .

” guards send for lord Alex son right now !!!”supreme lord commanded .


Zuko sighed thinking that Freya will at least get an idea of whom the ultimate benders is .
He dragged her to a quiet and comfortable place, he motion for her sit on a smooth rock they found while he stand .

“I don’t have much time but you can ask your parents about it when you get home ”

Ultimate benders are the prophecy forth coming of teen from each tribes for the purpose of balancing the world and wiping evil out from existence “he explained briefly.

” how will you know them if i see one “Freya enquired after moment of silence between them .
Zuko smile noticing the beautiful features of girl facing him ,he feel like he knew her from somewhere which he can’t pin point no matter how he try .

Nevertheless, he showed Freya the Star on his arm that seem to be glowing but it’s wasn’t if look closer.

” this is the only sign my father showed me and each has a traits that differentiate us from others ”

“It your eyes glowing ” Freya muttered the question bumbling on her mind .
Zuko eyes were sheet of deep crimson like that of the vampires.
“Nope ,it part of the why we’re called ultimate benders, yours are blue”

Earth Bender tribes

A young lad stood at an open Field, no sight of a living things which got him wondering how he get there.
He begin to walk absent minded with no destination or particularly direction on how to get out from the creepy place


A. voice called, he stopped looking for the direction of the unknown voice.

“Who are you”

silence greeted him as reply
“Show your self this minutes” he snapped earning a chuckles.

“Your impious behavior toward living being get you nowhere Damien or you’ll end up like my brother” the voice speak calmly.

Damien growls angrily, he impetuously storm his feet causing an earth waves to spring around him,he thought the owner of the voice maybe invisible close to him thus trying to rumble the earth.

“Try to be pertinent Damien and don’t follow them to palace of the supreme Lord” the voice warned before he saw himself fading away from the dreamland.

“My Prince, I have been tapping on you to wake up “a maid said after noticing the young Prince is awake fully.

” what did you want !!”Damien snapped angrily scaring the maid.

Try to be pertinent Damien and don’t follow them to the supreme Lord palace ”

The voice ring on his head repeatedly

“My Prince, your mother request for your presence” the maid bowed and leave immediately.
He stood up and wear his cloth in a minutes leaving the room,sudden the voice speak again which made him agitated .

“Don’t follow them to the palace of supreme Lord and find the rest of your team”

He growl feeling narked ,he walked to the small earth benders tribe palace.
His mother smiles at him ushering him forward, he noticed five men with her in turn get him to reminisce the unknown voice words.

“Mother why are they here ?” He asked looking at men on raava regalia.

“Son your father send for you at the supreme Lord palace!”

Water Bender tribe

The tribe is located in an island full of water body, water bender tribe was always cold and chilled due to the water wall that surround it keeping away external attack and danger from others.

Although most of the houses built there were made from mud looking ancestry, the floor were ice and under the ice was a large deep ocean .their wall were bended by special groups of people whose have an expand knowledge of water bending.

Inside a large mud house sat two figures on a strong iroko made cushion, a young girl emerged carrying a small backpack.

“An ready to leave” she muttered standing in front of them.

“Oh Flynn wish you well on your journey, it going to be perilous journey out there”

“I don’t know where to start father” Flynn mumbled.

“Don’t worry your instinct will lead you to them deliberately or unintentionally, remembered once you all are complete find the rare stroll of cryo,pyro,geo and aero”

They conjoined their hands together creating a water tunnel and Flynn look at them last time before entering into it .

“I hope she forgive us when she finds out later”.

🌹 to be continue 🌹


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