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πŸŒ€ Ultimate Bender’s πŸŒ€
Battle for power

Written by ikechukwu Henry

#Chapter 19

πŸ’§twins sword of avin (part 5) πŸ’§

‘Battle is the most magnificent
competition in which a human being can indulge. It brings out all that is best; it
removes all that is base. All men are
afraid in battle. The coward is the one
who lets his fear overcome his sense of
duty. Duty is the essence of manhood.
Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness, of hatred, of
jealousy, and, most easily of all, the gate
of fear. When the Sun and the Storm
refused to yield. Each celebrating power
that they wield. Their stubbornness and
strength are revealed. And they combine to grow the crops in every field


Allison halt on her track after running for what seems like minutes, the sight before her wasn’t welcoming because houses were incomplete in a destroyed and ruined form .

“So it true after all ” she mumbled to her herself looking around of the shadow bender .

“Hey where are you Noel?” Said Allison, a chuckle squeak beside her, stepping out from her shadow is Noel.

“Right here beside you !” Noel replies.

“Here look old and ruin ,how can we possible find a sword here ” she complaints.

“We look for……
A loud rumbling interrupts Noel, they looks up to sight the sky turning into darkness faster .

‘This isn’t a good sign, something is happening” Allison grunts .

We search now!!

They march’s forward removing some destroyed things from their way as they moves.
It going to be tiring, we have to summons our guardian spirit.

“Look at the this building!!” Noel points out a building, it stand alone and untouched, beside it were destroyed houses but the building wasn’t touch at all.

“Look closer, it a temple” Allison squeals spring toward it ,noel quick his pace to catch up with her ,they stand at the gate contemplating whether to enter .

“You can come in child!!” A voice from inside speak, they shuddered looking strangled, not expecting it .

“Odd and creepy” Allison huffs walking inside as the gate open itself follows by Noel.

Above the seven walking step are two floating spirit as they moves around, they march on the step slowly looking around while noticing pattern of different images drawn on the wall .

“Your home were destroyed by the people you intend helping” the spirits speak at the same time.

“You are the guardian spirit!!” They asks together.

“No ,the guarding spirits of this temple, we are instructed to give you the sword as soon as you arrive;the battle already started” they said.

We have to leave now with the sword “the energetic benders replies sharply.

Here is it !!” The front door open to reveals along yellow glowing sword, it floats toward them.

“The sword can’t activate on your hands, only the hand of it’s creator”

Earth tribe

“Malady , I don’t think it a good idea going to a battle in this weather condition ” Marcus speak worrying, they were assembled on the quest to fight the supreme Lord but the Change in weather made them halt.

“I know Marcus; we can still use it as an advantages ,let forward this” murmurs rise amongst the earth warriors at the lady inability to detect danger close by .

“No mother, it bad idea leaving this environment ” Damien voice out, he comes out from the earth with his green cloak ,a screeching sound becomes audible to them.
Many flying monsters were seen flying toward their gate made from the rock.

“Close the gate now!!!” Rosa and her son shouts ,the guards quickly bend the rock ,large earth conjoined together closing the space used as a gate .

“Old and infant should be inside now ,let the warrior ready to bend and fight ” Damien ordered as the monster begins to use their wing’s to bang the rock for it to break..

The monster succeeded on destroying the rock and they swoops in ,those on feet bolt in hasten but a large fire bird (Phoenix) breath in huge fire from above, it burn them to ash ;the bird continues to breath out more fire as they screech in pain .

The Phoenix fly down and change into Zuko on his red cloak approaching them.

“Thanks bro ” Damien appreciated hugging him.”it nothing, i need to see the other tribes ”
He ran transforming into Phoenix and flew away breathing fire yo the oncoming ones .

Air tribe

Just like every other tribe, the air bender warriors were also out in their warrior regalia as lord Lucas gave out order ,
The monster find their way in but the warrior try as much to use wind in different ways to pulled them back; they swooping in afterwards making it hard for them.

Freya surface on the air in her grey cloak with a fork trident glowing brightly:”release your hold on it “she speak levitating herself higher, they obeyed after a nods from Lucas.
She bend the wind around her spinning her hands in circular pattern as the air form a large whirlwind and vortex surrounding the demons and monster which couldn’t stay afloat on the air due to it’s strong spinning pattern.

With one strike from her trident, an orange orb shoot as it land on their midst burning them up instantly. the creatures shriek loudly in pain as they were being burned by the sudden appearance of the Phoenix swooping around in circle.

” hurry up the water benders may need help “Freya told the Phoenix as it fly away burning more demons as it’s went thus,reducing the number.

Fire tribe

The rushing water stop flowing in the moment a figure on blue cloak stamps her hand on the floor ,the water begin to rise upwards due to it inability to flow inside.
Flynn strengthen up facing the fire warriors.

” who are you young lad ?”William asks, Flynn narrows her eyes .

“Is that a thanks or an order ?” She replies gazing at him.

How can I say thanks when i don’t know who you are “William haunted .

I see why your heart is full of jealousy because you thought you can do this alone but……

You closer at this rising water !! Flynn point out.

Inside the water are moving creatures as they swim to and fro .

It not just a water but inside it is full of water monsters ready to devour everyone here ,now look !!!.

She stretch her hands toward it suddenly, the water begin to boil as loud rumbling erupt inside it probably those monster screaming in pain.

” ready to bend now ,the flying ones is close by!! ”

Location: unknown

Anubis squeeze his eyes shut as he saw his creatures beings burn to ash and killed which agitate him more .

“I underestimated them thinking they may not able to killed my creatures” he shakes his head in pity.

It time to bring out warrior of underworld “he enchanted as large space open, coming out from it were skeleton, scary looking horn creatures and different underworld spirits.

” go and assist the other kill everything and everyone on sight!!! ”

He vanished and appears inside Orlando room he shake his head as he saw him lay motionless on the bed without his body moving ;”am sorry to say it but you I have to kill you Lucifero ” he rise his blue sword to strike Lucifero but a yellow glowing sword block the attack from touching him .

πŸŒ€ to be continued πŸŒ€


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