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🌀 Ultimate Bender’s 🌀
Battle for power

Written by ikechukwu Henry

#Chapter 18

💧 sword of avin (part 4) 💧

‘Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that. And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make, one day you will kiss a man you can’t breathe without and find that breath is of little

‘Stubbornness is like setting yourself on a path with your eyes closed. In other words, you are not seeing and listening for information that is available to help you make the right decisions. The primary information you are missing is information from others and information from your own internal voice. Life lives, life dies. Life laughs, life cries. Life gives up and life tries. But life looks different through everyone’s eyes.’

Continuation from the last chapter

{Next day }

Air tribe

“My Lord! ,my lord !! ”
A guard shouts sprinting inside the throne room with a deep happiness written all over his face.

“Why this uproar outside ?” Lord Lucas asks .

“The people are heal from the disease overnight!!” The guard shrieks happily.

“Over night!!??.

He flit out from the room to see for himself. Outside were peoples jubilating in joy ,some were dancing while the rest which didn’t contract the disease were examining the already healed ones in surprise.

If the people are healed ,I guess Allison will be healed to ,all thanks to the ultimate benders .

Fire tribe

Lord William paces I’m annoyance ignoring the joyful moment going on around him.

” how is that possible?he asks rhetorically.

“How dare them to obstructed my plan of meeting them alone !!!” He roars stamping his fist on the council table, fire bursts from his palm at the act which signify anger (literary).

“You should be happy not angry over something you didn’t pay for” a voice speaks beside him, coming out from the shadow is Noel.

“What are you doing here Noel?” He clenches his fist as his knuckle turn white .

“I came here to tell you a public issue shouldn’t be taken personal; you planned of meeting the ultimate benders alone didn’t work out; why are you angry over others were heal because you want the fire tribe to be the first ,which is jealousy”.

Water tribe

” oh my God!!_they finally answer our prayer “water tribe Lord beamed raising his hand in jubilating method, outside his courts were peoples rejoining over the exist of the sickness taking aton of them.

” when all hope is lose; there is a way after all ,all thanks to the god’s and nature spirits for coming to our aid ”

Location: unknown

“I think it time to go ” Allison said to Noel, they stand inches away from foggy pathway, beside it were flowing water ,the air were countless of mist making it hard for them to see through for something afar which was impossible due to the fog covering everywhere.
They were on a mission to bring back the twin sword of avin as request by Aegeus.

“I see why elements benders can’t go over there” Noel said gazing around the foggy land before them.

“Why can’t water benders bend the water and cross over?”

“Look!!, at the water closely” Noel responds pointing at the moving being inside the stagnant water .Allison did and discover inside it are water monster ready to devour anyone.

“And the air is dirty here ,which is hard for air bender to bend ;it will kill them no matter how powerful that person is” he points further.

“The guardian really made it impossible for them, even fire can’t lit up here due to the dews ”

“And no shadow to bend ,how will you cross over?” Allison smirks at him .

When a light and darkness is on a race, light can’t win because it required darkness for it to arrive ,look behind you ,your shadow is visible on the sunlight.

“It time to go then”
Allison rise her hands up toward the sun drawing it power, sunlight shine on her alone.

“I alright I brought darkness for you to bend ”

“No!!,I bend your shadow so I will be closer to you ” Noel replies, he bend her shadow conjoining it with his ,suddenly he wasn’t seen again. Allison spin her hands forward, she begin to ran faster than lightening including any flying movement.


Claps of thunder were heard ,lightening flash furiously as the sky become darker when it still noon .
Everyone were surprise and afraid at the change of weather conditions taking place.

Standing on an open place is Anubis without the bright blue sword, evil aura radiate from him, surrounding the whole horizon.

“I am Anubis, god of underworld demons and monsters ;I don’t need to bend four elements because am elements itself it time to finish what I started”

Lightening flash above him as the ground shake fiercely, clap of thunderstorms erupts around the dark sky .
He begin to enchants in a strange manner ,sudden, screeching sound becomes audible follows by howls ,flags of wings flip loudly within the environ as flying monsters and demons surface.


The ultimate benders stands outside in perplex watching the sky darken more ,they wonder the causes of it and the strange lightning being heard from afar showing no sign of good omen .

“Something is wrong ,I can feel it ” Freya said inhaling the smell of close danger .
A bird like creature fly past them in a hurry ,they turn as it perch on Barinadaa shoulder, the creature makes a hooting sounds before flying away .

“The underworld God has released his creature as we speak ” he draw their attention .

“And Allison and noel isn’t yet back ” Damien sighs.

‘I think he discovered the peoples are healed “Barinadaa replies stepping forward to them
” it time to save the world from him benders “.

Four of you will have to use your bending power to help the people while waiting for the sword to return.


” show no mercy to anyone as you go !!!”

Anubis yelled as the screeching sound becomes more louder, around him are monster spirit howling in anticipation.

It time to go ,go to the four tribes of sumari ,destroy anything you can lay your hands on go now!! “He shrieks as lightening and thunder struck loudly, all monster flew in different direction.

Fire tribe

Citizens were marching helter – skelter as the fire warrior step forward.

“All warriors to step forward face the gate !!” Williams shout giving out order .

Old and infant should be inside except the warrior now !!

They obey at once .
Warriors on red attires March forward ready for battle, some were with sword, axes and many more etc.

“Close the gate now!!!! ,whatever Screeching sound have to pass the fire ” fire were bended as enclosed space used as gate where citizens pass through become close.

Suddenly, bubbling of water close by spout In a rush and gust toward them .

“Oh my God, step back now !!!!

A weapon against fire !!” Lord William scream stepping backward as the water flow freely but something great happen at that moment.

🌀 to be continued.🌀

©Ikechukwu Henry

Did you understand or should I explain

Without the sword Allison and Noel are searching for ,they can’t defeat Anubis in a fight, remember what Aegeus said, “I couldn’t defeated my brother because he used the sword given to him by Anubis to fight me ”

With the sword they have a chance of winning the fight thus,not weaponless and hopeless

What will happen now the sword is yet to be find and Anubis already start the war??????


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