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πŸŒ€ Ultimate Bender’s πŸŒ€
Battle for power
==========β‰ ==

Written by ikechukwu Henry

#Chapter 17

πŸŒ€ the twin sword of avin ( part 3) πŸŒ€

‘When you judge someone, you are judging yourself. When you hate someone, you are hating yourself. When you love someone, you are loving yourself. Nobody will ever betray, humiliate or hurt you, if you have not first betrayed, humiliated or hurt yourself. When we recognize that our personal good coincides with the Good of everyone, our inner light is turned on: at this point, when a human being becomes a Human Angel, their light, like a beacon, shines all around. The more lights are lit, the more humanity will be enlightened in these dark times, when the world of the ego, driven to its extreme, has begun its dramatic collapse. You are never alone,
your Angels always whisper to your heart.
By silencing your mind, you can be filled with their Love. My life belongs only to me. I let go of all the expectations that others have of me. My life doesn’t belong
to anybody, except to me and to Life itself.’

⚑ Continuation from the last chapter ⚑

Flynn opened her eyes groaning in pain and the sudden blindness due to the darkness of the room she sit that has only two candle light burning to illuminate her surrounding which turn out to be a room without a window.

“You are awake pretty one ?” A voice said from the shadow, Flynn look around for Amy sights of figure.

“Don’t bother searching for me, am right here beside you” the figure steps out facing her.
His nothing like her ,no resemblance or identical to show they are twins.

His has jet black hair with a deep set of eyes that look a bit scary ,his attire pave way to his handsomeness ,Flynn rolled her eyed on the thoughts.

“Why are you people searching for me?

Flynn punch the air, ice block surround him, caging him on the spot but he turn to shadow and creep out destroying the ice.

” I will ask for the second time!!, why are you people searching for me!?”.

“Is that how to welcome your sister?”

“My sister?” He bursts into laughter holding his tummy in amusement.

“Yes she’s right” a voice Flynn recognized speak from the candle light.

“Who are you ?!,show yourself if you are not a coward!” He snaps standing upright.

“I thought you will not look for me” Flynn chuckle at the angry face of her brother, the burning fire expand in size,it shoots toward the figure but he ducks by changing into shadow.

The figure reappears at the other side of the room, he try bending the fire but surprising, he couldn’t move the flame.

It pointless trying to bend what not you true nature, you are a shadow bender not fire Bender, thus ,you used fire moves to deceive everyone Noel including lord William ”

“How did you know my name?”

The reason you choose to be lord William spy and get information for him was because of your shadow bending but all will emf now, the work need you and you are the cure to the disease affecting everyone.

Fire engulfed them all and they disappear.

Earth tribe

“Oh my God!!” Rosa scream jumping on her feet, she rush out from her room in hasten.

Oh shit!!,someone temper with my memory of fighting the supreme Lord!

Who could that be ?
She sighs checking herself still on her night pajamas .

She walk inside ,brush her teeth, take her bath and the maid served her breakfast where she ate hurriedly before stepping out to meet the head warrior.

“Prepare yourself warrior, we leave I’m three days time, this time around no stopping!!” She ordered.

“But malady what happened the first time!?” Marcus asks hoping to her answer.

“I guess someone powerful, a spirit erased my memory making me forgot my mission that moment but now I remember it ”


Location: Barinadaa residents

The breath of the shadow reside in her body which causes change I’m her ,you have to heal her then we assist you to heal the others “Zuko mumbled to Noel, they all seat around Allison laying on the floor looking pale than ever .

Everything were told to them to avoid confusion including their mission.
Surprising they decides to stay with Barinadaa of the mean time while getting prepare for everything to come.

Noel inhale and exhale, he touched Allison body to located the shadow in her using the fluid style of water bending.
He begins to spin his hand’s around Allison body and the same time smoke leaves her including the ones she cough out .

” done! “He strengthen up .

” wow!!,so master is right ,it hard to defeat you energetic, just moves of water bending and air bending “Freya smiles helping Allison up .

” who teach you the bending styles “Flynn asked smiling at him, Noel rolled his eyes.

” the spirit guardian of shadow ”

Same here with me ,the spirit guardian of light “Allison voice out weakly.

{Fast forward}

The ultimate benders circle Noel, they stand inches away from him stretching their hands forward.
On the floor were drawn head of Tiger while he stand on it .

He rise his hands slowly toward the sky, gracefully bring it down, he begin to spin it until it became faster, the trio(Freya, Zuko, Flynn, Damien and Allison) glow brightly as light emerged from their palm entering into Noel body .

Dark smoke fill the air before all emerge into the glowing tiger head and everything become normal and clear .

” it done now ,the disease is gone ,I fills drained already “Noel gasp for breath.

Location: unknown

” no !!!!,it can’t be possible, I thought they dir in the war thousands years ago !!”Anubis exclaimed when he feel what happened in the air moment ago .

They have a survivors after all ?”he smirks evilly as strange aura radiated around him, surrounding the room he stay .

“It time for war now ,tired of hiding!!!”

πŸŒ€ to be continued πŸŒ€


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