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🌀 Ultimate benders 🌀
Battle for power

Written by ikechukwu Henry

#Chapter 16

💧 the twin sword of avin (part 3) 💧

‘Your dignity can be mocked, abused,
compromised, toyed with, lowered and
even bad mouthed, but it can never be taken from you. You have the power
today to reset your boundaries, restore
your image, start fresh with renewed
values and rebuild what has happened to
you in the past.’

💧Continuation from the last chapter💧

Water mysteriously begins to form a door ,Flynn steps out from it feeling powerful than ever.
Zuko appears at the same time flame all over his body before it went off and his wings retreat back to his body.

“What now?” Flynn asks gazing at him.

“We plan on how to find him” Zuko replies sitting on a nearby chair.

{Fast forward}

They creep into lord William large compound filled with fire guards at every angles including maids inside the building.

“It not fair !” Flynn whines at Zuko suggestion ,he suggested that he will move in every direction where fire was place which can’t be see by anyone.

“It not my faults ,you are not a fire bender!*he rolled his eyes at her .

” I wish I was but I has to walk ” Flynn said wearing her ocean blue cloak, Zuko disperse into nothingness, connecting his mind on every fire benders within the surrounding just to detect the connection between them using Aegeus memory of fire bending to his advantage.

“Something seems odd ,I could feels it ?” He speak on Flynn mind ,a trick they learned from the memory.

“Lead the way and alert me of guards presence” she resorts following the lead of his ,she dogged guard at all cost almost getting caught.

“Wait what’s this handwriting” Flynn halt taking notices of the handwriting on the floor, it was boldly written ‘ looking for me, catch me if you can’.

She narrow her eyes in perplexity until she sights a figure backing her from a little distance.

“I think the shadow bender know we are looking for him”
“Saw him now ,let go !” Flynn bolt toward the figure walking out .

I will go after him this way “Zuko said using flame around him for faster mean .she quickly her pace bolting from one side to another until they came to a dead end .

” but there is no shadow or darkness here to bend !!,how come he disappear? “She sighs not noticing something strange beside her.

” it making it hard for us to find him “Zuko adds rhetorically. Flynn shadow reflecting on the floor rise up and snap her neck making her lose consciousness.

” Flynn!!! “Zuko shout trying to interfere to the shadow engulfed her and vanished from sight.


Freya and Damien stroll majestically like the world belonged to them ,they ignores constants stares they received from the air bender citizens.
They were given the name of the light bender which made it easy to locate unlike Zuko and co .

Freya step inside her grandma room to see her in bed with a teen like her attending to her .

” grandma what’s wrong!, what happened?”she exclaims rushing toward her side at once .

“She contract the disease since last three days” the teem replies.

“Oh no!!,hung on,we will find solution to this” she sighs examining her body temperature.
“But lord Lucas told use there no solution and it hopeless” Freya shares a knowing glance with Damien.

“It well, we will be back soon ” they steps out heading to lord Lucas residents.

{Fast forward}

The guards usher them to the throne room before leaving them with Lord Lucas and his wife .

“Greeting my lord and malady !!” They greeted.

“Son of lord Alex and you my citizen ?” Lucas smiles welcoming them. They glance at themselves speaking on their for who to speak up .

“We came to take one of us ” Freya begin, they look dazed at her words .

One of us?,who can that be _his wife asks speaking the mind of her husband.

“Your daughter” Damien reveals.

“How did my daughter………

She’s not an air Bender as you thought” Frey interrupts Lucas.

“What kind of bull shit is that ,honey send them off” his wife shivers in fear if she allows the secret she harbour years ago to be reveals then she’s screw .

“No ,they looked serious and am curious at the statement” Lucas replies, his wife inhale gathering the wind around her secretly and explode in anger .

“No on my watch!!!!” She bend it forming a whirlwind and shoot it towards them, Lucas didn’t expected that but Freya spin her left hand controlling the whirlwind from her,her eyes glow bright blue, she redirect the wind and it levitate Lucas wife on the air .

“Now are you going to speak!??” Freya snaps angrily, Damien watch in amusement which Lucas look shocked at the displays of power.

“The ultimate benders!!” Lucas voice out on seeing the tattoo where the pervious star was located as it glows showing vividly.

“Who is Allison Tamara!!” Lucas yelled in anger written all over his face.

It all start when am about to give birth which came unexpectedly during my tour to the nearby forest,lucky I has a midwife as a maid that followed me around in case my water breakdown anytime at anywhere” she pauses sobbing silently still on the air.

I gave birth to a baby girl but my child dies before she could see the light of the world ,we sudden heard a baby cry in the same forest after then I already gave birth to my dead child.

The midwife with me trace the baby voice and later returned with the child, fortunately, the child was a girl covered with blood, we guessed her mother died giving birth to her.
I took the living child with me and caution the midwife never to tell anyone about it which she agreed but I felt she may one day use the secret against me and expose me so I have her killed for my secret to be safety.

I noticed, something strange about Allison the day I decided to trained her,she can’t bend any elements till now which I used many excuse to cover up whenever you being the ideas of getting a tutor for her .
I don’t know which bender she is and am sorry for keeping it from you .
Freya release her slowly to avoid her falling off.

“So you are not my mother after all ” a weak voice said behind as a young girl of Freya age walk counting her step from falling down, Freya bend the wind stopping her from clashing on the floor due to the disease eating her up .

“Then what’s she is ,ultimate bender?” Lucas asks.

“She is light bender and coming with us !” Damien replied bluntly.

“I thought they are myth and forth tale!!” Tamara and Lucas exclaimed feeling flabbergasted.

To you they are but to us she is the last of her kind “air engulfed her and Allison, they vanished which Damien bursts into earth.

Location: unknown

Anubis appears at the dark open space feeling the wind blows across his face, he begins to enchanted in a strange language, dark smoke circulated and form a shadow door ,a Scarry creature step out from it bowing to him.

” you summon me my Lord “the creature said on one knee .

” yes I do ,informs the others to get ready for war ,we invade the earth soon than expect !!”he smirk evilly dissolving everything.

🌀 to be continued 🌀


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