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πŸŒ€ Ultimate Benders πŸŒ€

Battle for power

Written by ikechukwu Henry

#Chapter 12

πŸŒ€ How it all began (part 1) πŸŒ€

‘There are two basic motivating forces: fear and love. When we are afraid, we pull back from life. When we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement and acceptance, In all the world, there is no love for you like mine. Once upon a time there was a boy who loved a girl and her laughter was a question he wanted to spend his whole life answering.’

πŸ’§Perviously on the last chapter πŸ’§

Suddenly, he fell and the earth creatures surround him, they give me punch after punch, blow after blow, he black out in the process but before he do the star on his feet’s glow bright and all the earth creatures scatter at once.


Zuko groans as pain shoot all over his body, he rise his arm first blocking the ray of light on his face .
Slowly ,his eyes open to discover he’s in a room that look a bit dark due to the morning sunlight shining inside the room from the enclosed windows.

“Arrgh!!,my head !” He groans holding his head as the memory of what happened flows in the door click open and Barinadaa step inside with a herbal tea ,he place it on Zuko hand smiling.

“How did you feel now ?”he asks after Zuko drank the tea .

” a bit in pain but am dizzy “he complain.

” it will soon go ,c’mon let meet others, they are dinning already “Zuko follows him after washing his face and brush his teeth ,they patters together inside a room ,judging from it’s appearance; it a dining room ,table and chairs were place beside each other in a rectangular form with a load of food ,fruit, nuts ,meats and herbal soup .

” you are awake? “Flynn said as Zuko nods like an agama lizard .

” eat to your satisfaction because it maybe the last time you guys will be relax and eat like there’s no tomorrow “Barinadaa speak drawing their attentions to him.

” what did you mean “they ask together glancing at each other.

” with time you will understand but for now I want to tell you how all this begins ,why you are called ultimate benders ”


Rosa feels like her mind is control by unknown force, a little part of her memory erased which she’s trying to regain at all cost .

She and the earth warrior were hiding close to the gate of supreme Lord waiting for citizens to leave the place before she strick since they were running away from the riotous bloody fight between the guards and the people.

Suddenly, she straighten up frowning at everyone facing her:what are we doing here Marcus ?”she asked the head warrior scowling at his confused face with others.

“Malady I thoughts you plan on attacking supreme Lord soon ” Marcus replied at the sudden change of behaviour from Rosa.

“Attacking soon,who ate we attacking and why are the warrior with you?”

“Everyone should leave here now before I lose my mind” she shout at them,every warrior dispersed at once murmuring in confusion at the change of event .

Now she sat inside her room reminiscing the words of Marcus: “maybe he’s right but what happened to me?”

“Arrgg!!,am going crazy, husband, son and now I can’t remember something” she sighs taking a silver goblet from the nearby table, she gulp the liquid from it and rest her head before drifting to slumber.

The head warrior on the other side were still daze trying to know what happened and the sudden change of event as he was perplex at the whole thing after training hard for the unplanned war ;it went down crashing.


“Am curious already”Freya mumbles taking the last fruit on the dining table, they were able to finished the load of food given to them which wasn’t a surprise to Barinadaa due to the three days mediation and training.

” ask question when it due now listen carefully how it all began ”

Long time ago ,the gods ,the nature spirits, and benders live in peacefulness ,the elements benders was jealous of the energetic benders due to they was powerful than them in many ways …….

“Who ate they energetic benders ?” They voice out together.

“Be calm I will tell you who they are, listen to my story ”

They sorted a way to wiped them out from the surface of earth, during that time, one person was able to control and manipulate four elements like me and my brother and he was the first person to performed it his named was Ramos.

Secretly, they sorted help from the evil God called Anubis (god of underworld ,demons and monster spirit) ;the god promised to help them on a deal that he would create a sword which could kill them ; the sword was created from his blood.

That was the sword of avin and it was given to Ramos due to his ability to control four elements.

“Wait how can the energetic Bender’s be powerful than one whom can control four elements” Zuko asks thoughtfully speaking their mind .

“Good question, their bending styles was gotten from the four elements thus, they knew elements bending moves which made it had d to defeat them in a fight “.

The energetic benders didn’t know of their plan and plot against them, the sword of avin was given to Ramos and they wield a war against the unaware energetic bender, many of them were killed and the battle was won by the elements benders .

” oh that bad, did they have any survivors from the battle “Freya asks.

” in life ,it may seem all hope is lost but when there is a will, their is a way out the guardian spirit of the energetic benders were angry at the lose of their people.

Darkness may win the first fight but they don’t always win the last one .

“What happen next?” Damien asks curiously.

When bad were preparing,the good was also preparing, the elements benders forgot others gods and spirits was watching all this while,;when Anubis was busy creating the sword, his younger ones were doing the same.

The war was over ,the energetic benders spirits made their location became hard to find and impossible, no element bender can find it from that day upwards.

Unknown to the element bender, Anubis has a secret behind the creation of that evil sword “he pause taking a deep breath.

” oh my God, am curious “Flynn chuckle as they did the same.

” please continue, what secret did Anubis has behind the creation of the sword? “Damien ask.

πŸ’§ to be continues πŸ’§

Let me stop here ,so any idea of the secret??
Sorry, am not good with bed time story 😁😁😁😁
Lastly who are the energetic benders ?????

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