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🌀 Ultimate Benders 🌀

Battle for power

Written by ikechukwu Henry

#Chapter 11

💧 the training 2 💧

⚡ Perviously on the last chapter ⚡

“Now let get some techniques from the stroll”


Nb: I can’t explain every thing in the stroll so I choose only one from each .

Zuko part

Unknown to him ,his eyes were glowing as he stand up facing Barinadaa.

“Your training start now”

“How?” Zuko asks but a flags of wings interrupts him,coming out from nowhere is fire dragon, it body burn with intense flame.

“To protect yourself from external attack;you need to create a fire shield ;listen attentively to my instruction on how to create one because the dragon is real ,same with the breathing fire” he orders .

“To create one, draw a circular pattern on the air, circle it at the same momentum, you right leg forward a little;your two hands will be in a lifting method at the same time without breathing for it to work “.

” now do it ,the dragon it about to burn you fire”he order ,the dragon that were flying higher sudden, swoops downward toward him with a loud roar .

Zuko breath in and out drawing the circular pattern at once, circling it but he forget to forward his right leg a bit and that moment the dragon breath out huge intense flame towards him .

Having done mistake, he scream as the flame come in contract with his skin ,the dragon fly upwards waiting for him to recover from it’s pain .

“You made a mistake in it that why it didn’t work ,now watch before the dragon returns ” Barinadaa said ,he draw it faster and spread his hands upwards, the shield emerge looking like an umbrella and a spider net .

“You can change it pattern depending on the type of attack” the fire shield change into a wall mysteriously surrounding him before it dissolve into nothingness.

Zuko inhale noticing the dragon is fast approaching, just as the fire creature breath out flame, he circle his hands faster and rise it without forwarding his leg and the shield surround him blocking the oncoming flame but something strange happen that caught Barinadaa attention to him .

His hair were on fire and the shield spread out caging the dragon like a spider net ,with one punch the dragon was lifted upwards far away from them.

“You react out of fear and it brought a new change on you but ………

Loud roars interrupted him ,six dragons surface and breath fire to unaware Zuko ,he scream as the burn and pain become serious.

The dragon continue to breath as the fire burn Zuko body to ash .Barinadaa shriek hm fear ,shock and panic, he circle his hands gathering the wind around him, he throw the air blast to the creatures and they Summersault in the air until their bodies weren’t see again.

” No !!,it not part of the training, why did you killed him ?”he scream.

The burning lava begin to decrease smaller until it form a fire bird made from the Flame, the bird transform into Zuko as he fall onto unconscious instantly.

“What he hell!!, Phoenix !”
He gasp loudly in shocks.

Flynn part

“Shall we ?” Flynn smile flitting toward him on the sea .

The fighting styles of water bending is mostly fluid and graceful, acting in concerns in the environment because your part is defensive among the four elements.

For it to work let your body ,mind and emotions flows like this sea freely.

“Try this after me” Barinadaa spread his hands gracefully bring it down slowly and rise it upwards ,a wave begin to form until it become strong that it may wreck a moving ships upside down if possible.

Flynn did after him and it becomes more stronger:you are quite a fast learner ,create a water ball ,razor ring and water wall .

Flynn nods smiling, since her chi is mixed with the water beneath her ,it easy for her to bend it .
She downward her hands ,craving the image of a real ball on the air and the water begins to spin spherically and it raise up looking like a ball .

“Now do the rest”.

Freya part

” now gather the wind around you, spin it faster without losing momentum to create a vortex ” he order at once.

Freya inhale and exhale remembering all the teaching of her grandma when she was growing up.
She dive her hands down and bring it up immediately gathering the wind with the same momentum, the spinning wind become large and it form a vortex: anyone whom dive into it will not be able to keep balance due to its spinning pattern.

“Wow!!,you seem to know much than I thought?”

“That because my grandma trained me early for this ” Freya replies releasing her hold on it but surprise, the vortex still stay .

“Your mind still hold it unlike your hands that released it ” Barinadaa smile at her shock face ,she breath picturing everything to dissolve and it happen.

Air bending is the only element that is connected to the spiritual realm ;”see!” Freya looks up to see Barinadaa dissolve into the wind I’m her eyes and return back afterwards .

“Can I perform this please?” She pled giving him pleading looks.

“Yes you can listen first ,visualize the air around you, make it become a cloak that the trick and bend the wind to move you anyway you want without being see by your opponent ; you are not to disappear out from sight”

Damien part

“Nothing much to teach you since you undergo royal training right from your childhood ,just fight this earth creatures and unblock your dream gift ”

Those scattered rock forms an earth creature made from sand and rock.
One launch at him and punch him ,Damien yelp in pain due to its firm rock claws and paws .

He gather nearby rock and form an earth launch, he throws it at the creature diving towards him and they scatter into pieces.

Earth pebbles were throw at him but he duck on time throwing an earth bomb similar to earth launch, they break into particles.

Suddenly, he fell and the earth creature surround him, they hit him giving him punch after punch ,blow after blow .he black out In the process but before he do the star on his feet’s glow bright, all creature scatter at once .

Argg!!!! am tire of writing, let stop here meanwhile ,training is over

Next theme : how it all begin
How and why they were called ultimate benders .

🌀 to be continues 🌀


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