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🌀 Ultimate Benders 🌀

Battle for power

Written by ikechukwu Henry

#Chapter 10

💧 the training 💧

⚡Perviously on the last chapter⚡

“But we have to eat something to be able to learn”

“Here are the stroll ,I will be back shortly”


“I need you all to mediate a little before I start” Barinadaa speak each holding the stroll while looking at the strange moves and techniques of bending.

Zuko ,Flynn, Freya, and Damien close their eyes still holding the stroll, they sit cross legs shutting every single sounds and world a round them, opening their inner mind .

(In one voice) “you can open your eyes ,the purpose of this training is to unblock your inner gifts and power to face a greater challenge and war coming soon ”

“Where are the others?” They asks together on noticing each of them were alone in different and strange realm.

“I am in their front and yours at the same time so it can be fast”

“Delay is dangerous”

Zuko part

Zuko find himself inside a burning large flame of lava, he discover the flame wasn’t burning him, the stroll or Barinadaa whom transform into a young man.

Fire is one off the four elements of nature ,it representation of aggression and fierce, in other words, ferocious.
It can’t be control fully or else you become one with it.

“But I know how to bend fire basically” Zuko complaints.

“I know buy can you control this flame of lava without getting weak in the end ?” He asks, Zuko narrow his eyes on him.

“Now the purpose of the three days mediation was to expand your chi to enable you to bend large flame without breaking a sweat ,look around you and become one with it .

Suddenly, the flame become hot on Zuko body ,he feels uncomfortable and become afraid thinking his body will burn from the intense hotness of the fire .

” remove whatever you are thinking now ,let go of your emotions bring out your inner peace; fire isn’t destructive as people thought instead it’s important among the four elements “Zuko blood were hot as the lava as he feels some kind of sensation flowing freely on every part of his body ,the burning sensation begin to leave his body and becoming one with the unquenchable fire around him .

He snap his eyes open breathing heavily, tangle of sweat were flowing profusely due to the hotness and the amount of chi used to become one with it.

” good now ,am going to teach you techniques of fire bending and sub bending “Barinadaa said with a smile taking the stroll.

Flynn part

Flynn open her eyes to discover she’s alone with Barinadaa with an ocean facing her ,flows freely. She notice Barinadaa isn’t on his old man form making her chuckle.

Water is the only element that pose on defensive form unlike fire that is offensive in nature.
You can bend any liquid as long it flow but you may be devastate one you master water bending fully.

” Flynn can you control this ocean “he asks ,Flynn shake her head in disapproval.

” it to much ,i can’t bend it “Flynn complaints dryly.

“Water bending is the hydrokenetic ability to control ,bend and manipulate water of various form ;water is the element of change ”

See this ocean coming, I want you to become one with it “the water flow in a rush toward Flynn, she gasp standing up in panic ,she turn backward to run but surprise,hemp of water were approaching her .

” become one with it or else you will be suffocate by it “she hear the old man screams as he water swallow her completely.

The feeling of fear and panic rush in to her system as she begins to swim to the surface, all thanks to her swimming ability .she is losing her consciousness which seem the surface isn’t anyway closer.

Just as she was about to lose it ,a voice begin to sing in a melodious voice to her hearing until it speak in a familiar voice: Flynn you forgot what your name means ;you are the daughter of the sea ,the daughter of the highest water spirit; cease your fear and face the world .

You are water and water is you ,go back now and help them ,tell him why I sent you now ” the voice begin to fade slowly.

Flynn open her eye as it flows blue, to bright that it may over shadow the blue colour of the sea ,she emerge out from the water smiling at the shocks face of Barinadaa.

“Very well ,the training start now”

Freya part

She discover they were floating on the cloud ,more like it but strangely, the cloud is clear ,only strong wave of air blows around them.

Air bending is the ability to control and manipulate gaseous states like oxygen, nitrogen etc. It the notable for being almost purely defensive as well as the most dynamic of the four elements act .
Air bending maybe the most complex one but it’s not.

“Sapphire can you become one with the air around you ” Barinadaa instructs taking the stroll from her.

Damien part

Damien saw himself in an open field filled with earth and rock looking like its destroyed mountain and coast from a war .

“Where are we ” he asks looking around the young feature of Barinadaa.

“A realms, my own earth bending realm but it was destroyed during the fight between me and my brother ” Barinadaa answered.

Earth bending is the geokinetic ability to control and manipulate earth particles such as rock,sand,coal etc.
It is the mex of tiger and crane animals style, this style used deep low stance such as hose stance and strong hand techniques .

It is one of the most external style buy also practice internal movement, emphasis is put on having firm solid stance .the more connect an earth bender is ,the more power they will have .

Hung garis an earth benders best weapons meaning stand firm and fire with integrity.

“Now let get to make some techniques from the stroll”

Rate my intelligent on elements bending😁😁😁😁😊😊
and am sure you are grasping some fact and information from this chapter.

💧 to be continues 💧


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