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My village wife💍
💞My pretty lunatic👝

Ɓƴ: Victoria Peter 💕📚
A Nigerian story…


❣ Fred’s Pov❣
After about 30 minutes i received a text message from doctor David saying that ulinma is pregnant and i nearly fell down from my sit.

I can’t believe i will soon be a father.
A smile appeared on my face and i felt like shading tears not any other tear but tears of joy.

I tried beauty’s line but it wasn’t reachable making me confuse because no matter what happens beauty never switches her phone off.

I started having this strange feeling that something isn’t right.

Something is wrong somewhere and i had to call mama on the phone to tell her about the good news and also the matter at hand.

I picked up my phone and called the school management and they said my wife haven’t gotten to the school yet.

Making me get even more scared.
Hope nothing happens to my wife and child if not the person is gonna get it hard with me..

I was still wallowing in my thought when my office door burst open and Linda ran inside like she was being cased making me get angry.

“Linda can’t you knock huh? How dare you blarg into my office that that?”
I yelled for no reason.

“I am really sorry Mr Fred but i think you need to see this or better still go check the news feed.”
She said looking very worried making me even more confused.

Immediately she left i log into the news feed only to see the most shocking news ever.

In the picture my two bodyguard were shot dead and my beauty wasn’t there because if she was really shot then her body will be there too.

I immediately took my car keys and my phone and ran outside like a mad man and the truth was that i was already going crazy.

I yelled and she immediately ran out and followed me without question.

My employees were all looking at me with pity but i didn’t even care because the only thing in my mind right now is my beauty.

We got to the car and drove straight to the police station.

After few minutes drive we got to the station and i packed my car and we ran into the place.

“Excuess me officer but i am here to report my missing wife she has been kidnapped.”
I said and the stupid man looked at me and returned his eyes to the files in front of him.

“Ehhh Mr when did she get kidnapped?”
He asked.

“Few hours ago.”
I replied.

“I am sorry sir but you can’t file a missing report until twenty four hours.”
He said and my jaw dropped.

“Someone’s life is as stake here and you are saying we can’t file a missing report for the next twenty four hours huh?!”
Linda yelled.

“I am sorry but that’s the list we can do.”
He replied and continued with what he was doing ignoring us completely.

I was speechless.

“You know what Linda just go back to the office and take care of my work.”
I said and gave her some money for cab and drove home straight.

I called Tobi, obinna and ola and told them about it excluding Tosin his on his honeymoon and i don’t want to disturb him with my problems.

I called the inspector general of the arm force and informed him too.

When i got home I saw mama going tho and fro around the living room immediately she notice me she ran up to me.

“Nna any news about ulinma’s well about.”
She asked and i nodded negative.
Hours later………..…💨💨
The inspector and his boys are already at my house and we are waiting patiently for the person that got my wife Kidnapped to call.

After a while a call came into my phone from an unknown number and i picked up putting it on loud speaker.

I just pray god gives me the strength to hold my temper.
💔 Natasha’s Pov💔
My men has already captured Fred’s wife and she was tied up on a chair looking so beautiful.

Chioma and i was at the warehouse waiting patiently for our dear Cinderella to wake up but she wasn’t awake yet.

It is such a pity that such a beautiful young girl is gonna die so soon.

Even in her sleep she still looks super cute then why wouldn’t Fred fall in love with her.

I looked towards chioma’s direction and she was looking at Fred’s wife with so much hatred and a smile appeared on my face.

She thinks i won’t know of her devilish plans to use me in order to get Fred to marry her.

I know you guys maybe wondering how i got to know so i will give you guys a little hint.

I received a call from an unknown number telling me chioma is actually using me but at first i didn’t believe it until i cut her discusding a few things with the boys.

Guess what i did i went to the boys and offered them more money to work with me but play alone with the fool.

And that was what they did.
To her she’s going to get me killed after i finished killing Fred’s wife but unfortunately for her it’s gonna be the other way round.

I left the warehouse immediately and called my parents after few rings my dad picked up.

📱…Hello dad i didn’t call you for any discussion what so ever meet me at the Peter’s warehouse in two hours time…📱
I said and hang up.

I walked back to the warehouse only to see that Fred’s wife is awake.

“Wow so our dear Cinderella is awake already huh?”
I said with a devilish smile on my face.

“Natasha what do you want from me?”
She asked in tears.

“Come baby girl don’t cry the fun haven’t even started yet.”
I said laughing.

“Please let me go i have done nothing to you okay.”
She said and I smiled and lowered myself to get to her level.

“Do you want to know why i am doing this that’s because you took Fred away from me everything you are enjoying should be all mine bitch.”
I said and she bursted into hilarious laughter.

“You know what Natasha you are the greatest fool i have seen in my entire life Fred didn’t dump you but you did instead, you left him for another guy and now you have the gut to say i took him from you huh?”
She said and i landed a thunderous slap on her on her pretty face making blood come out through her noes.

But to my surprise she bursted into hilarious laughter making me confuse.

“You know what Natasha you really hit like a child and chioma my dear cousin are you hiding come on come out of your hiding place.”
She said with a week smile and chioma came out and gave her another slap.

I walked out of the warehouse and dialed Fred’s number and he picked up the call immediately.

📱…Hello love have you missed me…📱
I asked and laughed.

📱…Natasha if you are the one holding my wife then pleasure let her be…📱
He said and i laughed.

📱…Not that quick lover boy if you want your dear pretty wife then come and meet me at the Peter’s warehouse in few minutes with your mom and one more thing don’t involve the police if not you’re putting your wife’s life at risk…..📱
I said and ended the call.
🎀 Ulinma’s Pov🎀
Minutes Later………💨💨
I was still breathing hard due to the beaten giving to me by chioma.

I knew chioma hates me but i never knew she hates me to this extend she was about hitting me again when again when Natasha’s patent stopped her.

“Hey young lady if you dare lay your hands on her again your are gonna get it hard from me.”
He yelled and chioma flinched.

“Come on dad and mom you don’t give orders here I do.”
Natasha said pointing a gun at them.

“ Tasha you have a gun.”
Her mom asked in tears and she laughed.

She was about saying something when the door burst open and Mama comfort and my Fred came in immediately his eyes landed on me his eyes darken in anger.

And i gave him a painful smile.
I am already feeling a little pain in my abdomen.

“Natasha i am here now let my wife go.”
He said and she bursted into hilarious laughter.

“Not so fast baby boy you have to do something first my parents and your mom will be the witness for today this papers here are our marriage pappers so if you want your wife alive you have to sign it.”
She said.

everyone shouted including chioma.

“Fred please don’t do this.”
I cried and he smile painfully.

“I am sorry my love if this is what i will do to save you and my baby then i will do it.”
He said and my eyes widen in shock so i am pregnant.

Fred took the pen and signed the pappers and tears dropped from my eyes.

“Now Natasha i have done as you want can you let my wife go now.”
Fred said and she laughed like a witch.

“Do you think i was gonna let her live huh? ”
She said and shot chioma at the abdomen and screemed and ran towards her.

Even though she hates me i love her because she’s not only my cousin she my sister too.

“And now is your turn love.”
She said and pointed the gun at me.

“Please Natasha don’t do this she’s your sister.”
Her mom said confusing me the more.

“What do you mean by she’s my sister?”
She asked.

“Remember your father told us he raped a lady long time ago at a certain village this is the fruit of his act please don’t shot if not for her sake for the sake of the innocent child she’s carrying.”
Her mom said on her knees but she just laughed.

“That’s enough reason to kill her i am sorry mom.”
She said and i closed my eyes waiting for the bullet to hit me but nothing happens.

When I opened my eyes i saw Natasha on the ground wincing in pain with tear flowing freely from her eyes.

She was shot my some officers they carried Natasha and chioma into the ambulance to the hospitals.

Fred immediately ran up to me and i smiled weekly.

“You are safe now.”
Was the last thing i head before i passed out


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