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My village wife💍
💞My pretty lunatic👝

Ɓƴ: Victoria Peter 💕📚
A Nigerian story…
💗Episode 12💗

❣️ Fred’s Pov❣️
I woke up hearing an unfamiliar sound very close to my ears making me to force my eyes open with full force.

I was surprised to see beauty with an alarm sitting very close to me with an evil smirk on her beautiful face.

“Good morning baby boy time to get prepared for work it monday morning.”
She said with a smile an evil one at that.

“Please love am still feeling sleepy alow me sleep for just 45 minutes more.”
I replied turning over to the other side of the bed and covered my head with a pillow.

“Hey mister get your lazy ass up from that bed and go to the bathroom while i prepare your things.”
She said pulling off the pillow from my head and pushed me down the bed and i landed on the bare floor.
I winced in pain and chased after her but she was quick to run even before i could stand up from the floor.
“Don’t worry i will get you!”
I yelled from the door but all i heard was laughter.

I smiled and went into the bathroom did my morning business and took my bath.

After that i walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my waist.

And saw all my things properly arrange on the bed making a smile appear on my face.

I feel so blessed having a lovely mother and father plus a beautiful life partner like beauty see her alone brightens up my mood.

After getting dress i looked at my handsome face one more time on mirror before going downstairs with my briefcase.

When i got to the living room i saw only beauty setting the table.

I tiptoed towards her and wrapped my hands around her waist making her flinch.

“Oh my God Fred you fritened me are you done preparing for work already?”
She asked and i nodded kissing her neck.

“Yeah i am done preparing for work milady.”
I said and she bursted into hilarious laughter making me smile too.

“Okay then come and eat before you go late to work.”
She said and i sat down and started eating.

“Ulinma were is evangelist comfort i haven’t seen her this morning?”
I asked and she bursted into hilarious laughter but stopped immediately looking at my back.

I was about to turn to see what she was looking at when i felt a hard knock on my head.

I winced in pain holding my head.

“Now you have received the annoiting of the holy ghost useless boy.”
Mama said.

“Good morning mama how was your night?”
I asked with a smile.

“Morning nwokoma I hope you slept well too.”
She said and i nodded.

Few minutes later………💋💋
I was done eating so beauty help me with my briefcase while we walked out to the garage.

“Fred have you called the stylist already?”
She asked.

“Yes love i have called her she will be here in no time.”
I replied and she nodded.

I kissed her goodbye went into my car and drove off to the company.

💔Natasha’s Pov💔
My parents has been trying my line but i choose not to pick there call.

Why because i don’t have time for there blabbing it makes me sick.

Once in my life my parents aren’t in support of me and my decision and that alone makes me wonna strangle Fred’s beautiful wife to death.

How dare her take my man away from me i guess chioma was right when she said the girl might me using charm on Fred.

I am not a person that believes in charms but the Fred i know is a playboy and he can never resist me.
I think anything i have to do i have to do it fast before anyone notice me.

I was still wallowing in my thoughts when my phone rang.

At first i didn’t want to pick up but immediately i saw it was the spy i sent to stay in front of Fred’s house i picked immediately.
📱…Hello ma’am I think there is a problem…📱
He said making me stand immediately.

📱…And what might the problem be?”…📱
I asked with a worried expression.

📱…Ma’am after Mr Fredric uchemba left for work some aimed bodyguard came to his house and to my surprise they asked me to leave there…📱
He said and immediately i started fuming in anger.

📱…Okay but do you have any other way we can get information…📱
I asked him.

📱… I will just keep going around the area immediately i sight his wife going out i will alert you so we can carry out the oppression…📱
He replied.

📱…Okay but don’t kill her instead kidnapp her and bring her to the warehouse i think i have a better plan…📱
I replied with an evil smile.

📱…Okay ma’am…📱
He said and ended the call.

I think this is the perfect plan.




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