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My village wife💍
💞My pretty lunatic👝

Ɓƴ: Victoria Peter 💕📚
A Nigerian story…

💗Episode 11💗

❣️ Fred’s Pov❣️
When we got to the dinning area we sat down on the chair and mama dished out our food.

We prayed and started eating i noticed ulinma barely touched her food.

And i started regretting why i told her about the unknown caller but at second thought she should know.

I guess mama noticed her sudden coolness because ulinma is not the boring type.

“Ulinma why are you not eating or don’t you like the food.”
mama asked.

“Come on mama of course i love the food it’s just that i don’t have appetite to eat.”
she replied.

“Okay but just eat a little bit or are you pregnant huh?”
mama asked and the two of us chucked on our food.

But ulinma’s reply took me by surprise.

“Mama i don’t know sha, maybe.”
she replied making a smile form on mama’s face.

Minutes later……🍱🍱
When we finish eating ulinma went inside and brought out her assignments book.

And started doing her assignments although i helped her a little but i must say she’s a fast learner.

Especially on mathematics, chemistry and physics the only subject that gives her a though time is biology because of the big grammar.

And that’s were i helped her with.
Mama was just looking at us smiling.

She started feeling sleepy so i asked her to go and sleep but she refused saying her assignments is remaining English language.

“Come on love go to bed don’t stress your head moreover it’s just a letter of 450 words you can do it in the morning.”
I said.

“You are just saying as if 450 words is small at least let me write small now tomorrow i will finish it.”
she replied.

After a little while of persuading her she agreed and went to bed living only me and mama.

“Fredric is there anything you want to tell me huh?”
she asked.

“I guess you know me so well.”
I said and she smiled.

“Mama when we were going to church today i noticed a black van following us but i didn’t take it serious.

I never knew ulinma even noticed it and that wasn’t the end but when we were coming back we still saw the van again.

But along the line i didn’t see it again and that made me not to take it serious but after we finished eating lunch.

I received a call from an unknown number and the call warned me to be careful because ulinma’s life is in danger.

Mama that got me really scared and i am sure you noticed her change of attitude i told her and i guess she’s scared.”
I concluded.
Mama sighed softly.

“Have you contacted the police because remember she was attacked once?”
she asked.

I hissed rolling my eyes.

“Mama Nigerian police are too corrupt the attacker may just give them money and they will just close down the case.”
I replied.

she sighed again.

“Then what do you suggest we do.”
she asked.

“I have already employed a some securities and they will be here by tomorrow.”
I said and she nodded.

“Fredric make sure the security case that guy that begs in front of this house i noticed some movement the day i came.”
she said.

“Okay mama i will do just that.”
I replied yawning.

“Good now go to sleep.”
she ordered.

“Okay mom good night.”
I said and started going to our room to sleep.

When i got to the bedroom i went to the bathroom took a cold shower and dressed up on my pajamas.

Then collapsed on the bed beside my sleeping wife.

I kiss her forehead and her face formed in a small smile.

I covered the two of us with a duvet and slept off.

💘Mr Donald’s Pov💘
For three weeks now since Natasha went to Nigeria my mind haven’t been at rest.

Even my wife has been fuming in anger ever since.

Let me tell you guys something long time ago when i was still a young man i didn’t something.

I am an Igbo man from Onitsha and i schooled in Ibadan state university.

It was after i finished my university i was transferred to a village in Enugu for my services.

And that was when i saw this girl called oluchi she was so beautiful and i fell in love with her.

But she never gave me a chance all in the name that she was too small for that.

It got me angry but no evil plan came to my head until her elder brother came to and told me to rape her.

And foolishly I did.
and i immediately got a good job at Abuja and travelled but my heart wasn’t at rest.

Few years later i went back to the village only for her brother to tell me she committed suicide.

And i have been living a life of guilt knowing that i cause oluchi’s death.

Years later i saw married Felisha my secretary and we stayed for many years without a child.

And yet anytime we visit the hospital they say the two of us are physically fit.

I never hid anything from her about my past and after years of waiting without a child we adopted Natasha.

And now my only child wants to go astray.

Felisha and i took the available flight down to Nigeria and the flight landed at Abuja.

Everywhere has really changed i most say.

We took another flight to Enugu and when the flight landed we borded a taxi to oluchi’s village.

At first i didn’t want to go but my wife persuaded me and that’s the reason we are going.

Few hours later……🍱🍱
The taxi drove into oluchi’s compound and everything became fresh in my head.

Her pleads and screams of pain when i took away her dignity by force.

Her brother came out and welcomed us, and we sat at his living room.

“Brother mbakwe it’s been awhile this is my wife Felisha ”
I introduced.

“You are welcome there.”
she replied.

“We actually came to Nigeria so we decided to come greet you.”
I said.

“I am so happy you came because i have a confession to make.”
he said making me confused.

“I once told you that oluchi committed suicide but that was all a lie.”
she said with his head bowed.

“If she didn’t commit suicide then is she alive huh?”
I asked.

“No she died while giving birth to your child i am very sorry i didn’t tell you then she was just a child of two years old.”
Felicia looked at me smiling out tears.

“Then were is she?”
Felicia asked.

“She’s married i am also sorry that i married my late sisters only child out at the age of 19.”.
he said and i nearly bursted into tears but Felisha’s comforting hands touched me.

“Can we at least know who she is married to?”
I asked.

“Of course Fredric uchemba the son of one of my brother in this village but he stays in Lagos.”

we shouted in union.




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