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My village wife💍
💞My pretty lunatic👝

Ɓƴ: Victoria Peter 💕📚
A Nigerian story…

💗Episode 10💗

❣️ Fred’s Pov❣️
After some minutes i stopped hearing evangelist comfort’s prayer.

I never knew my mom was this troublesome maybe it’s because i wasn’t trained at home.

This woman is really a pain in the ass, i called dad yesterday and he told me he traveled to UK to visit his junior brother.

That only means one thing mama is not going back home anytime soon.

Imagine her asking me if i was a virgin when i married ulinma.

I mean how can that even be possible huh? can a guy keep his virginity till marriage.

That woman is such a drama queen.

She even said she was gonna cut my ɗïçƙ if not for her grandchildren.

If only she knows i have been making love to beauty with protection because i don’t wonna get her pregnant.

And then i remembered i didn’t use protection this morning.

I guess mama’s plan of coming is gonna work moreover she always gets what she wants.

I went towards the bed and collapsed on it.

immediately my back was on the bed i started getting worried again.

I was wondering who exactly wants my beauty dead and what did she do to offend him or her.

And who was the unknown caller the truth is her voice sounds familiar but i just can’t recall were i heard it.

The person should better get ready because i can be a blood sucking monster if you mess with my property.

Few minutes later……❤️❤️
A knock at the door woke me up and when i opened my eyes it was already dark.

I can’t believe i slept in the afternoon for the first time simply because i wanted to escape mama’s deliverance series.

I stood up and opened the door and beauty came in.

“Sorry babe if i woke you up i am done with my classes with ma’am Anna.”
beauty said.

“Oh sorry i slept off while trying to escape evangelist comfort’s deliverance series.”
I said and she burst into laughter.

“That’s not something you should apologize for huni.”
she replied and sat on my laps.

“So beauty how was your class with ma’am Anna?”
i asked.

“It was fun she very funny while teaching she even said i am a fast learner and don’t distract me much i have assignments to do.”
she said keeping a mean face.

“I rest my case as long as you are gonna give me my right i don’t have a problem.”
I said and she frowned.

“And what might this your right be because i don’t know about it.”
she said.

“Why not i show up instead.”
I said and took my hand to her exposed laps traveling to her thighs.

“Agent of child abuse i have lots of assignment to do let’s live it for to night.”
she replied and winkled at me.

“Mehhhn who is spoiling you behind my back huh?”
I asked playfully.

“You really wonna know the person spoiling me huh?”
she said with a seductively smirk on her face.

Is this one of the things Mrs Anna thought her today? I thought.

“Yeah i wonna know.”
I said.

“Okay since you insist his name is Mr Fredric uchemba the only Igbo man who doesn’t have an Igbo name.”
she replied and laughed at me mockingly.

“Wtf!! i do have an Igbo name hmm mama do call me nwokoma sometimes.”
I replied and she laughed.

“Mama calls every guy nwokoma it’s a work she loves calling guys with good character.”
she replied pinching my cheek.

“What about you do you have an English name huh?”
I said with a smirk on my face.

“Of course i do beauty or Pearl.”
she said and my face changed immediately.

Making her burst into hilarious laughter she has actually tricked me again.

“Okay Okay you win.”
I said raising my hands up.

she shouted jumping around while I burst into laughter.

I don’t think i can love any other women the way i love ulinma.

No i don’t think so.

“Ehhh babe i will like to go to the salon tomorrow to make my hair.”
she said and my heart skipped.

And i immediately remembered what the unknown caller told me and i am going to work tomorrow.

“Beauty can i call a stylist to come do it here?”
I said and her face changed.

“Babe you know i don’t know anywhere around i wanted to go myself or is there something you’re not telling me?”
she asked.
I sighed tiredly then made her sit on my laps.

“You see love i think your life is in danger.”
I said and i saw fear in her eyes.

she asked her voice barely a whisper.

“You see i received a call from an unknown number today and she said we should be careful that your life is at risk.”
I said and she smiled out tears.

“Come on beauty don’t cry you know i hate to see you cry i promise to protect you okay.”
I said and she nodded and hugged me tight.

“Fredric! ulinma! the two of you should come and eat!”
mama yelled from the living room.

I think immediately ulinma sleeps tonight i will tell mama about it because she the only one that can protect ulinma while she’s at home.

“Babe come let’s go before evangelist comfort start another deliverance series or even a crusade this time.”
she said and we bursted into hilarious laughter.

she yelled.

“Mama we are coming.”
we said in union and started running to the the living room.

💋Simi’s Pov💋
Living the girls room and staying on my own has really thought me lot of things.

I think living in a room filled with girls makes you feel jealous because everyone has different lucks.

What works for Peter may not work for Paul and that’s the true fact.

I was jealous of Stella but maybe that’s how her own blessings is.

Mine took time in coming but it’s here now.

With the money senator Bello gave me i was able to buy a house it’s actually a four room apartment and a big parlour and a modern kitchen.

The house was fenced round with a big back gate and a garage.

I can proudly say that i am now one of the Lagos landladies all thanks to God for using senator Bello to change my life.

And for senator Bello i later found out he now based at America with his family.

I also opened a big supermarket at first i wanted to open a fashion store but Stella’s fashion store is just opposite mine.

So she’s my friend and i don’t want competition that’s why i opened a very big supermarket.

And now through the help of Stella i now have lots of workers.

I bought a new Benz yesterday and i am happy for my progress.

I also followed Fred’s wife on Instagram and she followed me back.

She’s so simple and that’s why i will be willing to help them.

Yes i am the one that called Fred to warn him.

I just pray chioma change her ways before it’s too late.

I have been calling her but she hasn’t been picking my call.

I was in office at my supermarket when one of my sales girl came to be saying there is an old man and woman who wants to buy somethings.

But are demanding to see the owner of the supermarket.

“Okay darling tell them i will be there soon.”
I replied.

“Okay ma’am.”
she said and left.

I was wearing a purple palazzo trouser with a cream colour singlet and a purple matching jacket.

with a baby pink hand bag and a pair of transparent heels with my bob human hair.

I quickly finished arranging some orders made by my online customers and went out to the my visitors.

When i got outside what i saw almost made me loose balance.

After all this years we meet again my uncle and his heartless wife.

immediately a smile appeared on my face and my conscience told me something behave normally.

“Angella are they the ones that wants to see me huh?”
I asked her with a smile.

“Yes ma’am.”
she replied.

immediately my uncle and his wife turn they nearly fell down.

“Good evening Mr and Mrs welcome to simi’s supermarket how may i help you.”
I said with a smile.

“Simi is this really you?”
she said.

“Aunty ajoke were you expecting me to be a homeless street girl ehh”
I asked.

“Simi you mean you own this big supermarket?”
my uncle asked.

“Didn’t you see the name before getting in huh, uncle you guys wanted my father’s properties and you people can have it, this is my hard work.”
I said.

“And one more thing you guys should better buy what you want to buy and get the hell out of my property.”
I added and walked out with a victorious smile.


My prayers for all the hustlers may your enemy see you when you are successful.👌

One word for Simi.


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