June 14, 2021

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My village wife💍
💞My pretty lunatic👝

Ɓƴ: Victoria Peter 💕📚
A Nigerian story…

💗Episode 08💗

💝Jenny’s Pov 💝
This pass weeks has really been a blessing in my life.

Tosin and i has really been very close lately he was even stopped his regular clubbing habit.

All thanks to friend Fred.
Because if he still stayed single i would have till been that lady he never noticed.

I have always loved him and that the reason why anytime he brings girls in i always feel hurt.

But what do i do.
I am just a maid and i had no right to interfere in his personal life.

And i am so happy everything has changed now.

He told me yesterday that he wants to take me out on a date and that’s what i am preparing for.

I haven’t seen him today he only dropped a note saying i should be ready for the date with a box of expensive long red dress.

It was so beautiful that i don’t feel like wearing it but if i don’t i know his gonna get angry with me.

I went to the bathroom and took my bath after that i wrapped myself up in a short white towel and stepped out.

I applied my body lotion and dress up in the dress making me look so beautiful.

I applied light makeup and wore my transparent heels with a matching bag.

When i got outside i didn’t see Tosin instead i saw his driver waiting for me outside the house.

“Good morning sir.”
I greeted the elderly man.

“Morning dear Tosin asked me to come pick you up.”

“Okay sir.”
I replied and he nodded then open the door and helped me get in.

He also got into the driver’s seat and ignited the car and drove off to god knows where.

Minutes later……🎄🎄
After few minutes of driving the car finally came to a hint at a very beautiful restaurant.

The driver opened the door for me and i came out with my eyes fixed at the beautiful restaurant.

This has always been my dream to own no restaurant matter how small it is.

I felt someone hold me from behind making me flinch.

“Hey love can’t you at least share a little of your thoughts huh?”
Tosin said with his hands wrapped around my waist and his head on my shoulder.

“Nothing much.”
I said and he bit my neck.

I yelled and you bursted into hilarious laughter.

“So go ahead tell me what’s on your mind love.”
he said.
I sighed.

“Actually it has always been my dream to own a restaurant.”
I said and he brought out a key and gave it to me.

I asked looking at him confused.

“Check the name of the restaurant.”
he said and my eye immediately went here.

And to my surprise it was written boldly“JENNY’S DISHES.”

I didn’t know when a drop of tears escaped from my eye.

I was busy admiring the restaurant thinking it was for someone else without knowing it was mine.

I shouted and jumped on Tosin’s body and he flinged me around.

“I have a restaurant! I have a restaurant!” i kept shouting running around the place.

🖤Chioma’s Pov🖤
I can never forget what happened yesterday in my life.

When we got to Suzanne’s sugar daddy’s estate the maids opened the door for us and we got in.

At first i was hoping to see one zaddy but instead i saw three I looked at Suzanne but she showed no surprise expression.

I wasn’t bothered i can do anything as long as money is involved including anal sex.

But to my surprise they took us to there inner chamber and asked us to strip and we obey.

But guess what happened next instead of them having sex with us they brought out there dïçƙ and started to pee all over our body including our face.

I was just confused.
it was like the three zaddies drank a drum of water.

All of a sudden they stopped and said it was time to drink the urine and that was the height of it.

So i refused and they gave me 700 thousand naira and i left since Suzanne wanted to do it.

I was deep in thought when my phone rang and i checked the caller and it was Natasha.
I hissed before picking the call.

📱…Hello Natasha how are you doing?”…📱
I asked.

📱…I am not fine can you please come over to the hotel i was beaten by your stupid cousin…📱
she said shocking me.

📱…What? ulinma did what? like she beat you up and her mother in-law let her…📱
I asked mockingly.

📱…Let’s not even talk about that stupid woman can you imagine she called me the daughter of Jezebel…📱
she said.

📱…Oh my god not to worry i am on my way…📱
I said and bursted into hilarious laughter.

I think i need to start going so i will see how she looks and the beating will really fasten our oppression.

Because i really want to get rid of ulinma so Fred will be all mine.

Few minutes later………🎄🎄
I ordered a cab and drove down to her hotel and went inside.

She must be from a very rich family because she has been staying in a very expensive hotel for four weeks now.

when i got to her room i know and i head her week voice reply.

Was she that badly injured and thought and when i opened the door i grasped and she chuckled.

Her face was in a mess with bruises all over her body.

“So ulinma has straight to beat someone like this” I thought.


I think i need a boo like Fred and his friends don’t you think😊👌


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