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My village wife💍
💞My pretty lunatic👝

Ɓƴ: Victoria Peter 💕📚
A Nigerian story…

💗Episode 07💗

🖤Chioma’s Pov🖤
Who does she think she is huh?
Just because i volunteered to help her she thinks she can speak to me as she please.

I will just have to keep on taking her nonsense because i have a plan and without her that plan can’t be accomplished.

Ever since Simi left things has been so hard for me.

Now i know that every client i get its actually through her connection.

The remaining four hundred thousand naira she told me was the balance of my money i have already used it for shopping.

I bought lot of beautiful outfit and bags plus human hairs.

But right now i am so broke i really need to dress up and heat the club to see if i am gonna see some rich client today.

And for Natasha that Americana idiot let her go and received her insult and come back.

I just can’t wait to hear the news of ulinma’s death so i quickly go and report her to the police.

And when Fred is all mine i will pay her a visit in the prison and mock her.

I undressed and went to the bathroom to take my bath after that i was about dressing up when one of the girls named Suzanne walked up to me.

“Hey chioma what’s up?”
she asked.

“I am fine just broke and i need to heat the club.”
I replied appling my body lotion.

“Ehh there is this my sugar daddy that wants a threesome and i was hoping if you will go with me.”
she said.

“How much is involved?”
I asked.

“Four hundred thousand naira.”
she replied.

“You mean like four hundred thousand naira for the two of us to share.”
I asked.

“Nooo not at all four hundred thousand naira each my sugar daddy knows how to spend as long as you give him what he wants.”
she replied and i smiled.

Four hundred thousand naira is actually big money i thought and it can even buy me more things.

“I am in.”
I replied.

“Okay i will be waiting.”
she said and left.

Luck has shine on me not more stress.

🎀Ulinma’s Pov🎀
After the delicious meal mama prepared for us we all went to the living room to watch a movie.

Mama was sitting at the single couch in the living room while Fred and i was sitting at the three sitter couch.

I was sitting in between his legs with my head of his chest.

The three of us were ingrust in the movie when we heard the door bell ring.

“Who is there? come in.”
Fred said and the door opened and Daniel the security came in.

“Oh Daniel it’s you what’s the matter?”
Fred asked.

“No Oga but there is a lady outside i mean the same lady you asked me to throw out the other day she said she wants to see mama.”

“Just ignore her and go back to you dirty post.”
Fred replied.

Daniel was about living when mama stopped him.

“Wait Daniel she said she wants to see me right?”
mama asked.

“Yes mama.”
Daniel replied.

“Then let her in.”
Mama said and Daniel nodded and left.

I noticed Fred was fuming in anger so i had to smile at him.

Minutes later……💓💓
We heard the door bell ring and i guess it was the Natasha girl.

I wonder why girls won’t leave my husband alone why does girls now fancy going after married men huh?

I stood up to answer the door but Mama signalled me to sit down and i did.

She stood up and opened the door and immediately the girl walked in my mouth dropped.

what the fvck is she wearing?

“Excuss me young lady how may i help you? because the security said you are looking for me.”
mama asked with a fake smile.

“Oh ma’am my name is Natasha Donald and i just wanted to come see my future mother in-law so we will get to know each other.”
she said extending her hand for a handshake and i chuckled on the pop corn i was eating and she shot me a glance.

“I don’t understand young lady because i actually have only one son and his already married maybe you came to a wrong location.”
Mama replied.

“Come on ma’am or wouldn’t you like to have me as a daughter in-law huh?”
she asked pouting.

“No i don’t, moreover who will like to have a prostitute as a daughter in-law.”
mama said shocking us and immediately Fred smiled.

she asked shocked.

“Yes ashawo ka ibụ (a prostitute that’s what you are) take a look at what you are wearing.

the short you are wearing is showing part of your ass something that should be covered.

and the top you are wearing just stopped just below your br̃ǝåst and it is even transparent.

please what else are you if not a prostitute.”
mama said and Fred bursted into laughter.

“Are you in anyway insulting me?”
she asked fuming in anger.

“Oh were you expecting me to shake your hand with this satanic mami water fingers you put in your fingers ehh?

now i know you daughter of Jezebel daughter of the devil i have something for you.”
mama said and went into her room and the idiot girl stood there throwing daggers at me.

In a short while mama came out with a big bottle of holy water and olive oil.

OMG Mama can be dramatic at times even Fred and Natasha had a confused expression on there faces.

And she immediately started praying.

“Oh God that lives in heaven, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, holy Mary mother of Christ i think all of you have to join forces for the child that has gone astray.

she is an ascendant of Jezebel infact she’s the first daughter of Satan oh father come down and cleanse my son home.”
she said and started sprinkling the holy water in all corners of the house.

“I bound every spirit of ashawo inside your life any spirit of prostitution, any spirit that won’t let that thing in between your legs to stay one place.

My the power giving to me as the child of light i decree out in the name of Jesus Christ.”
mama said and started sprinkling bot the holy water and and the olive oil at the same time on her face.
Natasha shouted.

“How dare you stupid woman ruin my makeup huh?”
she yelled and Fred’s eyes darken in anger.

“Natasha did you just call my mom stupid?”
Fred asked going close to her mama at the other hand was busy praying.

“Any spirit of anger in my son’s life caught fire and die.” mama said sprinkling holy water at Fred’s face.

I used the opportunity that Fred was busy trying to escape from mama’s deliverance series to walk up the the stupid girl that insulted my mother in-law.

“Who gave you the effrontery the authority to come into my matrimonial home to insult my mother in-law?”
I fired fuming in anger.

To my surprise a slap landed on my face making my eyes go red in anger.

I chased towards her and landed three hot slaps on her face.

I didn’t give her a breathing space and i immediately banged her head on the door making a loud sound and that cut short mama’s deliverance series.

she cried out in tears.

I mourned on top of her and started giving her the beating of her life she was very close to pass out when Fred pulled me off her body.

“Fred let go of me let me panel bit her face the more.”
I said struggling to escape his grip.

“That’s enough love.”
he said and called Daniel to carry the crying Natasha out.

Daniel was about carrying her out when mama stopped him.

she said and sprinkled more holy water and olive oil on her bruised face making her yell in pain.

“You are healed.”
mama said before instructing Daniel to take her out.

Immediately they left mama turned to me.

“So i was removing the spirit of anger from Fred and i didn’t know you have the spirit of panel biting people face ehh.”

She used her holy water and olive oil and chased towards our direction and we ran into our room and locked the door.

“Open this door let me conclude my deliverance on the two of you.”
she shouted at the door.

“We are in deep shit you see what you have caused mehnnn beauty are you sure you wonna go to law school or boxing school.”
he said and i shot him a glance.

“Are you Anthony Joshua in a female form.”
he added and i heat him with a pillow making him burst into laughter.

💔Natasha’s Pov💔
I succeeded in getting to the hotel through the help of the guy that spys at Fred.

I couldn’t even move a muscle of my body.

he also helped me get to my hotel room people where all staring at me, some where laughing at me while some where looking at me with pity.

Is my face that bad?
immediately we got to my room he left and i tried to get to the dressing mirror.
I shouted immediately i saw my face.

I had bruises all over my face plus the oil Fred’s mother used to fvck my face up.

I promise to make them pay for ruining my pretty face.

i took my phone and dialed Chioma’s number and it wasn’t reachable.

if i had listened to her all this things wouldn’t have happened to me.



Mama comfort oo🤣🤣 infact this woman don tire me😂😂

Which actress can be used to impersonate mama comfort if not mama G❗️👌


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