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My village wife💍
💞My pretty lunatic👝

Ɓƴ: Victoria Peter 💕📚
A Nigerian story…

💗Episode 06💗

👵Mama comfort’s Pov👵
Maybe this children thinks i am playing with them abi.

Okay ooo
we shall see who will get tired today.

If they think i am going today or tomorrow ashi(lie).

We die here is either they give me grandchildren or i will turn this house upside down.

I took a key and lock them inside the room.

“Oh you people are laughing okwaya? I have already locked you two inside the room i will only open this door when you two are done making babies.”
I said and i immediately heard ulinma shout.

nne don’t do like this nah just open the door we will make babies in the night Biko zie(please nah).”

“I laugh in Spanish infact i laugh in China so you people think you can trick me okwaya? it’s not going to work.”
I said humming a song.

“Nne please nah the sun it’s to hot for someone to start having sex nah abi you want someone to die.”
Fred said.

“This boy thinks i am playing Bia this boy if the two of you want to die then die the only thing important to me right now is my grandchildren.”
I replied.

“Nne is me oo is your ulinma oo please open the door let me go and prepare something for you to eat bikonu.”
nma said and i laughed.

“Ulinwanma mu you see the Bible even said it man shall not live by bead alone so the two of you should make babies.”
I replied.

“Oh God!”
Fred shouted as if i care.

“I am going to the living room right now i will be inspecting you two everything five minutes and until i hear moans coming out from this room i will not open this door.”
I said living the room ignoring there pleads.

That one is there business me i have said my own.

❣️ Fred’s Pov❣️
So mama is actually serious about this making babies to the extent of locking us inside.

This woman will really do well in acting movies, you mean to say that all in the name of grandchildren that’s why Mama locked us inside.

And to say mama came all the from the village to Lagos with a cane that she was gonna use to flog us was what baffled me the more.

Mama came really be dramatic sometimes i swear down and couldn’t stop myself from laughing same with beauty.

Since we didn’t hear from mama again we got tired of standing at the door and went to sit down on the bed.

“Fred i never knew mama was being serious ooo.”
beauty said and i laughed.

“Same here i never knew she was serious about making babies too.”
I replied.

She yawned and i smiled maybe she’s feeling sleepy.

Why won’t she feel tired when she did lot of house choirs today including washing my clothes.

Including office outfits.

“Beauty do you wonna sleep huh?”
I asked.

“Yes i am feeling so fricking tired.”
she replied streching.

“Don’t you think you clothes are too heavy for the weather.”
I asked.

“Yeah let to undress.”
she said and i nodded.

I also removed the ripper Jean i was wearing living me in just my boxer and singlet.

Ulinma also changed into a handless crop top with her bum short.

She came over to the bed while i on the air condition and we entered the duvet and she placed her head on my chest and in few minutes time we both traveled to dreamland.

Hours later……💓💓
Someone tapped me on the shoulder forcing me to open my eyes.

I saw mama standing beside the bed with a smile on her face this woman will not seeze to amuse me.

I hummed .

“Wake ulinma up so the two of you should come and eat i prepared oha soup.”
she said.

“Okay mama we will be down in few minutes time.”
I replied and said left.

Thank God the make babies spirit is gone for now.

I tapped beauty on the shoulder and she muttered some words and continued sleeping.

Her sleeping position was so funny that i had to take my phone and snap her.

I immediately use the picture as my screen saver and dropped my phone on top of the side drawer.

“Beauty wake up let’s go and eat before mama starts again.”
I said tapping on her shoulder and is forced her eye open.

she asked with making her look so pretty.

“Mama said we should come and eat it’s like she prepared oha soup.”
I said giving her a kiss.

“Okay let’s go and take a quick shower because for me i am damn sweating.”
she said and a mischievous smile appeared on my face.

she asked looking at me suspiciously.

“Are you sure you want to bath with me because i don’t think our last one went well.”
I said and she laughed.

“Come on don’t be ridiculous come let hurry before mama’s spirit of making babies return.”
she said making me laugh.

The two of us took our bath together and after that we dressed up and went downstairs.

When we got to the living room mama was setting up the table.

“Mama good evening.”
beauty greeted.

Wait is it evening already i thought and looked at the wall clock and it was 4 o’clock already.

Mehnnn how time flies so fast.

“Evening my darling how was your nap?”
mama asked.

“Fine nne what did u cook?”
beauty asked.

“Oha soup your favorite.”
mama replied.

i never knew oha soup was ulinma’s favorite food.

“Then what are we waiting for let’s dig in.”
I said and sat down while mama dished out the food for us.
I moaned because the food was delicious.

“Nne did is so so delicious.”
beauty complemented and mama smiled.

“Oya the two of you should eat up its not good talking while eating.”
she said and we faced our food.

💔Natasha’s Pov💔
I was with chioma at my hotel room and we were just planning on how to execute our plan.

I have already paid a guy who dresses like a beggar to monitor Fred and his wife.

He called me this afternoon and said an old woman who looks exactly like Fred came.

And i guess that’s his mom.
and then an idea came into my head.

Why not i go to his house for a proper introduction to my future mother in-law maybe she might even like me.

I discussed it with chioma and she advised me not to go with the excuse that Fred’s mother is so much in love with his wife.

She said Fred getting married to her cousin was all his mother’s idea.

But guess what i didn’t buy to it.
my mind was made up that i wanna go see my future mother in-law and know how she looks like.

Chioma continued warning me and that got me pissed off.

“Hey bitch i am the boss here and my word is law get that into your thick skull.”
I yelled.

“Okay there is no issue at all but if she gives you the insult of your life don’t say i didn’t warn you.”
she replied and picked up her bags and left.

“Bloody bitch.”
I caused under my breathe.

How dare her tell me what to do.
my phone started ringing and i checked the caller and it was Dad.

I wasn’t in the mood for there blabbing so i declined the call.

He called again and i did the same thing.

I went to the bathroom and started preparing for my visit.

I went into the classic bathroom and took my bath after that i came out of the bathroom with a towel.

I walked to the big dressing table and sat down and looked at my reflection on the mirror.

I took my body lotion and applied it gently all over my body.

After that i packed my expensive hair in a ponytail then went to the wardrobe to pick a dress to wear.

I really wanna impress Fred’s mother today.

After a while of searching i settled for a black bum short and a white crop top with a white canvas.

After dressing up i applied my makeup and looked at myself in the mirror.

when i was satisfied with the way i look i picked up my expensive Dior handbag took my car keys and exited the hotel suite.

“Future mother in-law here i came.”


Mama comfort in action🤣🤣


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