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My village wife💍
💞My pretty lunatic👝

Ɓƴ: Victoria Peter 💕📚
A Nigerian story…

💗Episode 04💗

🖤Chioma’s Pov🖤
After waiting for a while i stood up from the bed and went to the bathroom to take my bath.

Since my stupid ex best friend yes you heard me ex best friend because if she was truly my friend she will support me in every decision i make.

How dare her advice me on how to live my life when her’s isn’t better than mine.

In fact i am one hundred percent better than her at least i have a father and two useless sisters and a husband snatcher cousin.

But what does she have that she had the guts to advise me on how to live my life huh?

Even if i go broke that i can’t pay my bills i can just go back to the village and my dad will accept me with open arms.

But we’re will she go to if the gets broke of course under the bridge with her fellow homeless people.

I might still see her at the club house today.

Wait a sec did she just tell me she’s no longer in the business again.

That’s her fvcking business for me i have grown to love this business and i don’t fricking care what anyone says.

I went to the bathroom to take my bath because i still need more money.

Actually the clothes i have been wearing all this while is simi’s clothes although she left some for me.

I still need more clothes shoes and bags expensive bags because if i have to get Fred’s ex girlfriend’s truth i have to look classic.

I was taking my bath in the bathroom when one of the girls said my phone was ringing.

When i came out to see who was calling immediately i saw the caller i hissed.

why the fvck is nneka calling me or those she want to mock me again huh?

I am in a good mood today so i don’t want anyone to spoil it for me.

After a while of contemplating whether to accept the call or not i finally picked up the call.

📱…Ehhh nneka why are you calling my line huh?…📱
I asked rudely.

📱…Actually chioma i called you to tell you school is resuming soon…📱
she said and i hissed she better didn’t call me because she needs money because i have plans for my money.

📱…And how does that involve me nah is it my fvcking business if your school will be resuming soon…📱
I asked rudely.

📱… I was hoping if you will help us with some money Papa is kinda broke…📱
she said and i laughed mockingly.

📱…See who is begging me for money almighty nneka, anyway i actually don’t have money to spend on useless things…📱

I was expecting her to beg but instead they bursted into hilarious laughter i said they because i heard two voices.

📱…Chioma do you even think i will ever come to beg you for money huh? hahaha so funny stay in Lagos and be doing prostitution…📱

📱…Bia nneka are you in anyway insulting me…📱
I asked fuming in anger.

📱…Why won’t i insult you when ulinma that Papa maltreated so much sends us two hundred thousand naira every month for up keeping while you that Papa spent money to train in the university is busy sleeping with different men huh?…📱
that made me so jealous.

📱…Anyway i called you to advise you to continue with what you are doing moreover the Bible said if you are doing good continue and if you are doing bad continue also…📱
Nneka said.

📱…And one more thing you will still be there doing prostitution while we get married…📱
Nnenna said.

📱…Osi get married?…📱
I laughed and hissed.

📱…Yes chioma to bust your bobbles nnenna is dating one Fred’s cousin brother that base abroad and if you want to see my boyfriend just type Tobi on IG…📱
she said and hang up.

Why is my life this way huh?
I groaned angrily.

They don’t know they even made me more desperate to get Fred.

Few hours later……💦💦
I am already at the club but everywhere is just so dry.

All those simi’s sugar daddies are no were to be found and it’s so unlike them.

I was feeling so disappointing but i saw someone and my heart lit up in joy.

I think God decided to Favour me today.

so i left my position and started walking towards were she was sitting at the bar area.

🎀Ulinma’s Pov🎀
It was already late at night actually it was around ten to eleven in the night.

Fred and i was watching a new movie on Netflix name Alice in bounderland and i most say it was damn scary.

My mind is telling me he played his movie on propose to make me scared.

“Baby i don’t like this movie it’s scary..”
I pouted like a baby.

“Come on beauty it’s almost getting finished just find something to keep you busy..”
he said and placed a kiss on my lips.

Immediately my vibrated and i picked it up and it was a message from nneka.

HaHaHa this girl will not kill me.

💬…Hey nma guess what?…💬
she sent.

💬… You fell from a tree again abi?…💬
I sent back.

💬… You’re mad noo🤣…💬
she replied.

💬…So what happened gist me nah…💬
I sent back.

💬…You know i am dating that your husband’s friend right?…💬
she replied

💬…Yes Fred told me about it…💬
I sent back.

💬…Do you know nnenna is now dating your husband’s cousin mama introduce them to each other…💬

I just read it and dropped my phone without replying Fred was already done with his movie.

“Fred i think i am feeling sleepy lets go inside..”
I yawned.

“Okay love let’s go in..”
he stood up and helped me get up.

We were about going inside when his phone rang he looked at the call smiled and ignored the call.

“Baby who is calling?..”
I asked

“It’s mama and please switch off your phone if you are not ready for her grandchildren sermon this night..”
he said and i laughed and immediately switch off my phone.

💔Natasha’s Pov💔
I was so fvcking angry the whole day, I was just imagining another woman with my Fred.

And what got me so angry is that my parents for the first time in my life are against my decision.

To the extent that my dad had to lock our mansion in Nigeria and now i have to be sleeping in a hotel.

I must get Fred and that’s final, if i could kill three bitches because of dandy then what’s a bitch that i can’t kill.

I shot dandy’s first girlfriend or will i say fiancee because i killed her the night of her engagement.

And i stabbed his resent girlfriend with a knife for twenty fvcking time.

Everything that happened was just making me go crazy and i fvcking think i need to get layed.

I borded a taxi and told him to take me to any popular stripe club.

Few minutes later……💨💨
I was sitting on the bar area drinking from a bottle of whiskey when i noticed a lady coming my way.

With the way she’s dressed you will know she’s a whore.

“Hey dear it’s like you’re new here anyway my name is chioma..”
she said extending her hand for a handshake and i scoffed.

“Natasha bitch and yeah i am new here i came back from America for my boyfriend or will i say ex and another bitch has already occupied my fricking space..”
I said drinking from my bottle.

“Oh that’s so bad and what the name of your boyfriend if i may asked?”
she said making me look at her suspiciously.

“Why ask bitch?”

“I might be able to help you out you know..”
she said with a smile.

“Actually his name is Fred..”
I replied.

“What you mean Fred uchemba?”
she asked in shock.

“Yeah you know him?”
I asked sharply.

“Yes i know him his actually married to my cousin and i hate the sight of her you know what anything your plans are if it includes hurting her i am so in..”
she said making me smile.

I think i have found a partner.

👵Mama comfort Pov👵
So both Fred and nma has refused to pick there phone or reply my message on WhatsApp.

Maybe they think i am playing when i said i want grandchildren.

Let them wait for me because wether they like it or not they must give me grandchildren.

First thing tomorrow morning i am going down to Lagos to pay them a surprise visit.

I want to hear ulinma moaning under Fred so i will be satisfied that my grandchildren are on the way.

Enough of the long talk my grandchildren, tomorrow i am going to hasten your coming infact let me go and start packing my bag.



Who else is happy that mama is coming to Lagos💃💃


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