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My village wife💍
💞My pretty lunatic👝

Ɓƴ: Victoria Peter 💕📚
A Nigerian story…

💗Episode 22💗

❣️ Fred’s Pov❣️
After answering the call with mama i burst into laughter.

That woman is something Else, how can she ask me if am not man enough to impregnate ulinma.

Of course i want to do it but am scared to hurt her and forget i am laughing about mama’s call but i know she’s damn serious.

Speaking of my wife were is she, i woke up and she wasn’t with me on the bed.

Fucking shit!

Today is Wednesday and am still in bed and it late already, i mean it’s already 8 o’clock.

I rushed into the bathroom and did my morning routine before taking my bath after that i dried my body and walked out of the bathroom.

When i came out of the bathroom to my surprise i saw my outfit for today well ironed and arranged on the bed.

Making me smile and was wondering what i was gonna wear to work today since i am late without knowing my pretty angel has everything planned.

I applied my body lotion and started dressing up in few minutes i was done so i grabbed my briefcase and went downstairs.

When i got to the living room a mouth watering aroma heat my nose making my stomach to grumble.

so i dropped my briefcase at the center table and walked into the kitchen.

And i saw ulinma wearing a black sport pant and a matching black crop top of which her flat tommy was open.

She packed her bone straight human hair up in a ponytail with a white hair band.

Or did she see the gym house.

“Hey love good morning…” i greeted after wrapping my hands around her waist.

“Oh morning come have breakfast so you can go to work you know you are late…” she said with a smile.

“Can i eat here in the kitchen please?…” i asked with a puppy eyes and she laughed.

“Okay now eat up…” she ordered and i immediately started devouring my food.

After eating i kissed her good bye and walked out got into my car but the security didn’t come out immediately.

“That’s so unlike him…” i thought.

I pressed the car horn and he ran out of his quarters and opened the gate but i noticed he was sweating but i didn’t take it serious.

when he opened the gate i drove off to the office.

Few minutes later……💧💧
After few minutes time i drove into my company’s premises and packed the car at the garage.

I gave the security my bag and walked in. my employees kept greeting me and i just nodded.

When i got to my office i removed my suit jacket and sat down on my office chair and started working on something important files.

And immediately i heard a light knock at the door and i muttered a come in.

The door opened and Linda walked in with a cup of coffee WEAR a skimpy outfits.

“Sir here is your coffee…” she said with a smile and i nodded with my eye fixed at the laptop.

“Linda are you done with those files i gave you two days ago?…” I asked.

“Ehhh no sir but i am almost done with it…”

“Now get out of my office and complete the files i want it in 45 minutes time…” I said and she left my office in a hurry.

🖤Chioma’s Pov🖤
I think i will have to go with simi’s plan.

You guys maybe wondering what the plan is so i will tell you.

At first when she brought up the idea i said no to it because it’s a very stupid act.

But to eliminate ulinma i need to know the things going on around Fred’s house and all that.

She asked me to seduce the security and if he falls for it then i will tell him i will be allowing him to have sex with me if he helps me spy on Fred and his wife.

At first when she told me i refused, how can i allow an ordinary security to sleep with me.

But after the call from papa i think i will have to do it.

I Am sure everyone in my village now knows be as a prostitute so i have to come back home with something tangible.

And it’s Fred of course after ulinma’s death because she will die.

Even if it means for me to double my hustle.

So i dressed up and told Simi that am already going to Fred’s house.

I ordered for my ride and the driver drove me to Fred mansion and i got out and paid him.

So Fred is this rich.
I knocked at the large gate and the security opened the door.

He looks very young sha.

“Excuse me miss how may i help you?…” he asked and i smiled seductively.

“You can help me in many ways handsome…” I replied and he looked at me in surprise.

“Ehh miss i don’t understand?…”

“Then take me to your quarters if you really want to understand…” i said and grabbed his d*ck with my hand making him moan.

He smiled and looked at me and said.

“Are you sure about this huh?…”

“Of course i am…” I replied and he opened the gate and dragged me into his quarters.

Without any warning he pulled me to the bed and started removing my clothes i tried to stop him at least tell him first but he didn’t even listen.

Fast forward……💨💨
The security of which i later found out that his name is Daniel.

Nearly disfigured my legs.
you know how guys do when you give them free pu**y.

“Hello handsome hope you enjoyed it?…” I asked.

“Of course i did…” he replied.

“If you want to be having me anytime you want it all you have to do is tell me everything about your boss and his wife, where they go and when they go…” I said.

“Is that all then consider it done…” he replied making me smile.

Step one accomplished.

🤎Simi’s Pov🤎
Immediately chioma left i let out an evil smile.

At first i wanted her to just be a friend i can confide in, but immediately i saw she had eye on Fred i decided to use her as a scapegoat.

And immediately she succeed in killing Fred’s wife i will hand her over to the police and that will make Fred become mine.

Chioma thinks she’s wise but what she doesn’t know is that am always a badass Lagos girl.

She thinks she can come from no were and steal the spotlight, that’s a fucking lie.

I just pray the security gives her the banging of a lifetime.

And to say she has the heart to kill her own cousin is what baffles me the most..

Fred is mine and no one can take him away from me and if i can’t get him then i let the poor girl enjoy her marriage.

Because after everything chioma told me i understood the girl in question suffered in there hand.

Chioma get ready to play.



Hmmm mm…😲😲
Chioma sha need deliverance..🙊🙊


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