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My village wife💍
💞My pretty lunatic👝

Ɓƴ: Victoria Peter 💕📚
A Nigerian story…

💗Episode 21💗

Next morning……🌥️
👵Mama comfort’s Pov👵
Last night i was watching my son and his wife.

Oh my ulinma.

I never knew my stupid son has good taste of women.

That boy has really made me proud and i am super excited about it.

He has really prove to me that he is really a man and not a boy.

Ever since ulinma left her twins cousins has really turned a good live and i am happy about it.

Nneka is a very good girl because she really did a good job in trying to change her siblings.

But i am now more close to nnenna, the girl has a very good heart and now i know she’s the one who took after there late mother.

You people knows that mama comfort is getting old and can’t do everything on her own abi.

Nnenna has been my helping hand for some weeks now.

For that there useless elder sister god should save her because if she doesn’t get successful before coming to this our village again, she will have to commit suicide.

Maybe that stupid girl thinks people in this village don’t have television and radio to see and listen to news.

I was so ashamed when i chioma with that old man on TV, i felt like it was my own daughter that was displaying such ill manner.

Me am even beginning to pity mbakwe because he can’t just live his house without people tell him about his daughter.

Sometimes i wonder if that girl has no shame at all.

Being ashawo at age 25 don’t she know she’s no longer getting younger.

That’s what i tell youths at church especially females.

We women are like flowers we are fresh and beautiful in the morning but in the night we shrink and get old.

Just like i told nneka and nnenna yesterday there was a time Mama comfort was fresh.

Back then when i was young m neti eti nah(I was balling nah) i wear different types of sexy dress.

But look at me now and already an old woman and can’t were sexy dresses anymore.

Nneka and nnenna said they are not coming to visit me today because they are going to the farm to uproot cassava because there garri is getting low.

I am so happy because those two children are trying there best and i am sure god is going to bless them with good husbands.

I was cooking in the kitchen while my husband was sweeping, don’t be surprised that how we do it division of labor.

while i was cooking an idea came into my head if i don’t pressure Fred and ulinma they won’t know i want immediate grandchildren.

So i took my phone and dialed ulinma’s number but it wasn’t reachable so i dialed my son’s line.

After few rings the idiot picked up.

📱”Nne good morning…” he greeted i think i just woke him up but who cares anything for my grandchildren.

📱“Morning how are you and my wife doing?…” i said trying to look for his trouble as usual.

📱“Ehhh nne you have started looking for my trouble again it my wife not your wife…” he replied and i burst into laughter.

📱“Anyway how are you people doing?…”

📱“We are fine nne, you and papa nko?…” he asked.

📱“We are fine but i called you because of the issues at hand is ulinma pregnant?…”

📱“Ahhhgg mama! noooo she’s not i haven’t even touched her…” he said laughing.

Is like this boy things am joking. i thought.

📱“Then what is holding you or are you not man enough to get her pregnant so i carry my grandchildren ehh?…”

📱“Jesus Christ of Nazareth mama of course am man enough…”

📱“Then do something, if you have to keep your legs on the wall to do it then my friend do it, next time i call i want to hear good news…” I didn’t wait for him to reply me and i hang up.

I smiled victoriously.
So they think i was joking when i told them i need grandchildren.

Fred should better do it oo before i cut off his manhood roast it and eat it since he doesn’t want to make use of it.

I laughed at my thoughts and continued cooking.

❤️ Nneka’s Pov❤️
My twin sister papa and i went to the farm to uproot cassava.

I never knew papa was this hardworking he didn’t allow us to uproot we just gather and carry them out to the junction.

And then come back to carry another one and in few hours we were done and looking for a bike to help us carry it home.

We told papa to go home take his bath and rest so that when we come back we cook.

Yes i no longer get angry when nnenna gives papa food because he has already learnt his lessons.

I just wish my stupid sister chioma understood what i was doing back then and change.

But no she prefer going to Lagos and start doing prostitution.

A graduate who should start looking for a good decent job to help her.

Last night papa me and nnenna was watching a video when Papa said he wants to learning to the news.

And i saw ulinma and her husband, they were guest at the occasion.

I also saw Fred’s friends obinna, Ola and Tosin but i didn’t see Tobi.

When I saw my sister chioma i felt so ashamed of myself.

chioma was with an old man even older than mama wear a skimpy dress while everybody was on long sexy outfit.

She’s a true definition of an ashawo but at least i used my dear cousin to comfort myself.

Enough about stupid chioma.
Guess what guys.

Tobi replied my message and we have been chatting since then, he asked me who i am and i told him i was ulinma’s cousin.

And that was why we started chatting very well.

Last night we did a video call and he told me I don’t look photogenic and i look pretty in reality.

I blushed at the thought of that and nnenna cleared her throat.

“Someone is blushing again because of he celebrity lover…” she said laughing.

“Nnenna you are such a kill joy…” I replied and she laughed the more making me slap her hand playfully.

“Ehh nnenna what about that your boyfriend the one you normally go to meet?…” I asked and she scoffed.

“I have broke up with him since two weeks ago…” she replied making me gasp in shock.

“But why?…”

“You see nneka i am trying to turn a good live here and face my studies too so i don’t want distraction, for now I don’t want any guy to occupy my mind…”

“Wow my sister is now a changed person our future news broadcaster nnenna mbakwe…”

“You can say that again…” she replied and we burst into laughter.

Few hours later……🥞🥞
I and nnenna are at the kitchen preparing food while papa was sleeping at the living room.

papa told us last night he was the one that caused the death of his sister ulinma’s mom.

I really cried because my father is really a heartless man but at least he is willing to change.

After cooking we served papa’s food and went outside to go peel the cassava.

it gonna be long day.

🖤Chioma’s Pov🖤
I woke up this morning by the sound of my phone and i checked the caller and it was Papa.

So i happily picked it up because i have really missed papa and to say i didn’t even tell him before traveling.

📱“Hello papa good morning…” I greeted him.

📱“Chioma hold your greetings to yourself so you have decided to bring disgrace to me ehh…”

📱“Papa i don’t understand what you are saying is anything the matter?…” I asked a bit confused.

📱“So this is how you want to pay me back after struggling to train you in the university okwaya…”

📱“Papa am confused…”

📱“So you have decided to go to Lagos and become an ashawo abi to the extent that i saw you on TV with an old man?…”

Oh my god i didn’t know the occasion was going to me covered on camera.

Before papa could start more of his blabbing i ended the call.

He called again so i switched my phone off.

I think i have to go with simi’s plan.



what can the plan be🤔🤔
chioma don’t have sense oo🤣🤣


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