June 18, 2021

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My village wife💍
💞My pretty lunatic👝

Ɓƴ: Victoria Peter 💕📚
A Nigerian story…

💗Episode 20💗

❣️ Fred’s Pov❣️

I saw the two slut and that’s why i made ulinma sit on laps.

And to think that she was with a man three times older than her father was what disgusted me the more.

I guess she didn’t notice it was ulinma and i they were coming to meet last, but immediately she saw me the shock on her face was very visible.

She smiled at me and i shot her a disgusting look.

Fucking whore

“Goodday Mr&Mrs Fred uchemba i guess you guys are enjoying yourselves lovebirds…” senator yemi said with a smile.

“As you can see senator we are…” I replied with a fake smile.

My wife immediately turned as her mouth dropped same with the whore but my beauty my quick to replace her surprise look with a smile.

“Goodday Mr?…”
“Yemi my dear…” the old fool replied immediately.

“And?…” she asked the other fool what’s that his name again.

“I am senator Bello dear…”
“Goodday Mr yemi and Mr Bello…” she finally greeted with a smile.

“What a lovely wife you have here Mr Fred…” the old fool said and i smiled and thought of something to make her cousin sister hang herself.

So i kissed my wife on the lips and she responded immediately.

“So lovely, anyway Mrs Fred my wife owns a modeling companies and i will love to invite you…” senator Bello said.

but ulinma’s reply took me off guards.

“You mean the young lady beside or the one beside senator yemi huh?…” she asked and i burst into hilarious laughter.

“What’s so funny babe?…” she asked with a little frown.

“Nothing cherry…” I replied and i could see the two bitches fuming in anger.

“No not at all come on child we are old men and our wives should be old too don’t you think…”

“They two ladies you see are just call girls…” senator Bello concluded.

“Prostitutes you mean?…” she asked making me wanna laugh the more, ulinma will really do well if she goes into acting.

“Exactly…” he two old men said in union and my wife nodded making Simi and chioma turn red in embracement.

“So what will you say about my invitation…” senator Bello asked but before beauty can reply i cut in.

“Sorry to disappoint you sir but my wife isn’t going into modeling she’s studying law…” i said.

“That’s lovely, have a good day Mr&Mrs uchemba enjoy the party…”

And they disappeared with there bitches.

My wife continued feeding me while the two bitches kept throwing daggers at us but who cares anyway.

Few hours later……💧💧
I was driving home from the party and ulinma was already sound at sleep in the car.

What she did today really baffled me because i didn’t know she could have the boldness to talk that way.

I intend on employing a home teacher for her so getting into the university won’t be a problem.

After a long drive the car came to a hint at my house and the security opened the gate for me and i got in.

I opened the car door and came down before opening the passenger seat beside be and carried my sleeping wife inside.

Today was really a great day and i enjoyed it.

💘Tosin’s Pov💘

The party was really fun not because of the activities but because of Jenny.

I think this girl is finally making me go crazy and i love it.

She was looking stunning and i couldn’t take my sinful eyes off her.

After the whole fun at the party she ended up getting drunk so i had to take her home.

And when we got home i carried her bridal style into her room.

and started undressing her because she doesn’t feel comfortable with her dress.

I closed my eyes and pulled the dress off with my eyes closed although a little bit open.

After that i took up a nightwear at her wardrobe and wore on her.

I kissed her forehead and disappeared from the room to mine.

🖤Simi’s Pov🖤
After the party when we got into the house chioma was fuming in anger and that made me to wonder.

I couldn’t take it anymore so i had to ask because no one will stand in my way of getting Fred not even her.

“Chioma do you know Fred uchemba from anywhere?…” I asked.

“Yes i don’t only know him alone but his wife is my cousin sister and she stole him away from me…” she replied.

Hmmm this is getting more interesting. I thought.

“So what really happened?…” I asked and she told me.

After telling me the whole story i almost laughed.

“And Simi you know what I want her dead…”

“WHAT!…” I shouted

“Come on chioma it hasn’t gotten to that…” I said.

“Yes Simi it has because she’s the only obstacle between me and Fred…”

I was about replying her when an idea came into my mind and i let out an evil smile.



Hmm mm…🤔🤔
What can the idea be?😒😒 it’s like our dear ulinma is in trouble🥺🥺.


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