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My village wife💍
💞My pretty lunatic👝

Ɓƴ: Victoria Peter 💕📚
A Nigerian story…

💗Episode 19💗

🎀Ulinma’s Pov🎀

After few minutes of driving the car finally came to a hint at a very massive building.

People wearing all type of beautiful dresses and men wearing expensive suit were walking down the red carpet.

I felt so nervous as hell.
all my life i wasn’t opportuned to live the village and now am a public figure.

Maybe Fred noticed how nervous i was because her gave me hand a little squeeze.

“Are you nervous?…” he asked and i just nodded my head.

“Come on beauty you don’t have to feel nervous you’re with me okay…” he said making me smile.

All my life no one has ever showed me love and care except Mama comfort and Papa Levy.

And now Fred and that alone bring a smile on my face.

“Why are we still in the car?…” I asked a bit confused.

“They are calling the Top celebrities by name so until our name is called I won’t come out…” he replied.

“But some people are already out of there car waiting for there name to be called…”

I said with an eyebrow raised and he burst into laughter.

“I don’t want anyone to see you or me until our name is been called…” he said and i just smiled and looked out of the tinted glass.

And I saw his three friends obinna, Tosin and ola with there partners but I didn’t see what that his other friend’s name again?

Ehhh Tobi maybe his not coming.

After a little while our name was called by the organizer.

Immediately the name Mr&Mrs Fredric uchemba was call the whole eyes was fixed at my husband’s flashy car.

“Are you ready?…” he asked.

“Yeah…” I replied and he gave me a passionate kiss before stepping down from the car.

I guess that what i really need right now a passionate kiss from the king of my heart.

My pam was sweating badly.

Fred opened the car door for me and i stepped down from the car he locked his aim with mine while we step on the red carpet.

Camera light kept flashing at us and the i remember what nneka thought me and that was to smile and wink and give the camera my best shot.

I smiled at the camera and winkled with a sexy smile on my face.

Why should i be nervous when my husband is smoking hot.

We were about going inside the party venue when a lady walked up to us.

“Please sorry to disturb you Mr&Mrs Fredric uchemba my name is Lisa and i work with the couple’s magazine…” she introduced.

“Okay…” I said politely while my cute husband just nodded.

“I must say you two her the most beautifully dressed couples in this occasion, so i will like to take a picture of you two for our magazine cover and billboard that if you don’t mind?…”

She concluded and i glanced at Fred and he just smirked and gave my ass a light squeeze and i slapped his aim playfully.

“No problem miss…” I said with a smile.

“Okay…” he replied and called her photographer.

“Sir&Ma’am are you ready?…” the photographer asked.

While we nodded.

“Mr&Mrs Fred uchemba please i want a very romantic shot, just two anyway…” the lady said and Fred nodded.

I was confused because nneka haven’t thought me about romantic moves.

Just in a twinkle of an eye Fred place his leg on mine making me loose my balance but he cut me and please his lips on mine.

and started kissing me, I shut my eyes and placed on my hands on his chest and the other on the cheek.

Immediately i felt the flash of the camera and we unlock from kiss and i looked at the lady with a shy smile.

“That was lovely just one more shot and i will release you guys…” she said.

“Ready?…” the photographer asked and we nodded in union.

Fred turned me making my backside rest on him and he placed a kiss on my lips and the photographer flashed the camera.

“Thanks for your cooperation Mr&Mrs Fred uchemba…” she said and extended her hand for a handshake and Fred accepting it.

“It’s a pleasure…” Fred replied and she walked out.

When we got inside Fred took me to the VIP section were this three friends and there girlfriends were.

“Hey man…” he said to his friends and there engaged in a friendly hug.

“Hello everyone…” I greeted with a smile and they replied me.

After a while i started interaction with the three ladies since the men where busy with there discussion.

“Hello my name is Caroline Bash popularly known as Caro-B i’m a rapper…” obinna’s girlfriend introduced.

“Nice to meet you…” we all said.

“Are you are Nigerian?…” I asked.

“No i am not am a black American…”she replied.
“Wow that’s nice…”

“And i am Princess adebayo and am a model, although an upcoming model…” Ola’s girlfriend introduced.

“Nice meeting you…” we said in union.

“My name is Jennifer Williams…” Tosin’s girlfriend introduced remaining only me.

“My name is ulinma Fred uchemba and i am Fred’s wife, guess am the only person here without an English name…” I said dramatically and we all burst into hilarious laughter.

Fast forward……💋💋
The men later joined us at the VIP table where all kinds of food where displayed.

Some old men kept coming to our table to greet obinna, Ola, Tosin and my husband.

All of a sudden Fred made me sit on his laps although Tosin made Jenifer sit on his laps too i was damn shy.

Two very old men started coming towards our direction with two young ladies with them.

I didn’t pay much attention to them because i was feeding my husband while sitting on his laps.

They greeted the rest of Fred’s friends before getting to our table.

“Goodday Mr&Mrs Fredric uchemba i can see you guys are enjoying yourselves lovebirds…” the old man said and Fred kept a strict face.

I was forced to look up and my mouth dropped at what i saw.

💔Chioma’s Pov💔

When Simi introduced me to the zaddy that was taking me to the party i got angry.

saying he is old is a misinterpretation because the right word is he’s my grandfather or ancestors.

But i couldn’t complain because the man said he was gonna pay me ₦700.000 although we are still gonna fuck.

Immediately we got to the party and his name was called we walked inside the conference dinner party venue.

Same with Simi since the two zaddies are best friends.

The last couple that got in took every bodies eyes.

The guys wife was wearing pure diamond from head to toe.

Our zaddies decided to go greet some important personalities and as there date for the dinner table we have to go with them.

We greeted lot of them and they were all young boys and i must say we can’t stand a chance because there girlfriends or fiancee are hot.

When we got to the last table i nearly passed out at what i saw.

It was Fred i mean my Fred , he was carrying a very beautiful lady on his laps.

So ulinma doesn’t even go out with him or is that ulinma.

I looked at there dress and then i recalled that they were the couples.

I felt so ashamed of myself because i came to the dinner party with my grandfather.

He will start seeing me like a prostitute, “are you not a prostitute?” my inner man asked.

I smiled at him but he looks at me disgustingly making me wanna cry.

The pretty lady on his laps raised her face and my mouth dropped.


And immediately i started fuming in anger.

why must she have all the good thing huh?

I think is high time i eliminate her from the surface of this earth.

Now the problem is how will i be able to do that?.



Hmmm mm……😒😒
Chioma..😠 infact let me kuku close my mouth🙊

Vickie loves y’all.


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