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Which one killed it??


My eyes are so focused on you like I’m carrying out an operation. Your love runs through my veins even without an injection. My love for you is HIV, I can only prevent it, but I can’t cure it. A thousand
Vitamin C can not give me the sweetness that comes with your love. Hope you can hear the sound of my heartbeat even without using a stethoscope, I can’t stop thinking about you. .


My heart has been found guilty of beating for you On a daily basis. I know my love for you is not in the constitution but please can I lie my way into your heart? Our love will I defend even when the judge
overrules. I will quote subsection of any written lie I can find just to get you out on bail.


In your heart I have planted the seed of growth and happiness. Even without manure it grows steadily and without delay. I have tilled my heart to the ground and no soil compares to you. Like loamy soil you are fertile for planting and harvesting. Be with me and let me feed you with love that tastes better than a new yam.


” My love for you is like bribe, it can never stop.. Just like a thief in the cell, I won’t let u leave my heart without bail.. I will protect u with my gun even though the bullet is rusty, don’t worry I will use baton.
Baby eh, I will always stand at attention so your mind can be at ease ”


I Proclaim with my lips for thou has worn my heart. Like David looked on to God in psalm 121, so will my love go up and never come down. Like the red sea, you have parted away sadness from my life and enveloped me with a covenant too strong to be broken my an ordinary man..

Your love gives me hope like Odeshi,even when people try to hurt me I don’t feel it. You
have charmed me with your juju that even the gods cannot compete with a mammy water like you because you are stronger. Take me darling, take me to the
underworld and initiate me into your kingdom of love. .


I promise never to break your heart baby.
I will change your life, your wardrobe and even your future. See eh, because of you I will build a new road in your village and name it after you. I will even build a borehole in your compound. You will have steady power supply for the rest of your live.Just vote for my heart to win this election to your heart and I will fulfil all these promises.

My love for you is like my salary, it may delay, but it will always come. As the principal of my heart, I promise to teach you the rudiment of home economics
and biology . Baby, you have given my heart an assignment to beat for you on a daily basis and not even ASUU strike can stop it.

Oya comment quickly ..
which one do u think is the best..

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  1. Orobo says:

    Native doctor own o

  2. Anonymous says:

    Famer own is the best

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