June 19, 2021

Naija Sweet



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My heart skipped greatly. I prayed she should not die.Quickly, I called 911. An ambulance was brought and she was sent to hospital by the paramedics.
I was asked what happened and I lied she skipped off the staircase.I was told she suffered from severe brain concussion and was hospitalised for three months.
During her three months of absence in the house, I had another visitor- My boss. She would come around to check on me during my wife’s absence. It wasn’t long before her harmless visits became another story. I didn’t fail to realise she had the correct body size my wife was once having.
Though Initially I tried to shed off her sensual advances,the absence of my wife in the house made it much more plausible for me to accept her companionship in the house.
I started developing feelings for her.I never imagined this would happen to me. I tried everything by the book to remain focused , but I felt in love with Tatiana.
As expected she reciprocated my love in equal measures.She would Intentionally wear mini-skirt and Topless blouse that explicitly accentuated her Smooth Curves. She will wear stretchy trousers and transparent tops that leave virtually nothing to imagination.
I know it would just be a matter of time before I would taste the ” sweetness from her honeypot ”
Somehow, I was saved from my boss’ tempting situation by my wife’s quick recuperation . Dorah made a miraculous recovery and came back home.
She accidentally had access to my phone, while it was unlocked, and read a few of the love messages exchanged between Tantiana and I. One of the favourite messages Tatiana sent me read:
Anytime you come closer to me
I always feel the whole world was within my grasp.
I always feel the entire world belongs to me
Because you are my world
I don’t think I can adequately describe how I feel in your presence.
Maybe I feel like the queen of love
And cupid arrows had hit the right spot in my heart
Anytime you hold me tight
You always make me feel the whole world has stopped for me
I don’t think I will ever have any joyous and lovely moment apart from the way you use to hold me tight and closer to you
I will forever nestle in your arms
you take both my soul and heart in me far away from me and as I mount your wings of love to the land of ecstasy
I realised I don’t need a heart or soul
Because you are my heart and soul
I pray we have live long on earth
Not even eternity can break this bond of love
For been in your arms is even more than eternity
As you hold me tight.

And my response to her ;❤

When you come into my life , I thought I was dreaming
Because to me, you are an angel
An angel that I never knew I will encounter
Your wish will forever be my command
My love for you is endless
I will hold you tight
But with care
Because you are like a precious glass
That can break if I hold you too tight
You are the air I breath
Without you I am breathless
And dead
Babe, you brought sunshine into my darkness
Joy into my sadness
You gave me hope when I’m hopeless
You are priceless
And I promise to hold you tight
But with care


My wife was very furious when she read this love message. She confronted me and I confessed the truth to her.She was pissed initially, but with time, she came along. I know, for a fact, that unseemly habits, although they may seem innocuous, can easily become hard, or even impossible, to break and because of that I ended my amorous relationship with Tatiana amicably(or so I thought)

–Three months later–

My boss Tatiana became ill and words got to me about it. I went to check on her – as a friend and an employee. She was elated when she saw me. That one time check became habitual until she recuperated. Still , I checked on her, except that this time, for a different reason.
As expected,One thing led to another .We kissed passionately and I fondled her. Soon we were engaged in romantic play and was about to have sex when I remembered the vow I took at the Altar to remain faithful to my wife.
A voice within me ridiculed me ,saying, “but you were not faithful 30 minutes to your wedding. What difference does it make now? Sex is sex.”
As I was contemplating on whether to partake in the ” devil’s table set before me” or go home,
I caught a glimpse of something from the bedroom window of Tatiana’s house. I thought I saw my wife’s car parked in the neighborhood.
I got really scared, because any slight provocation now days made her behave like an insane person. Probably such behaviour could be link to her brain concussion.
I dressed up quickly to go out and check things for myself. The car was gone when I reached the main gate of the house.I called my wife’s Office line and she answered the phone: she was at work, and I thought that was strange – because it definitely was her car I saw parked outside from a distance.
“Sorry Tatiana, I don’t want to do this anymore. I’m going home.”
Tatiana looked at me. She was very disappointed. Then she asked me, “are you sure you have never cheated on your wife?”
“Never,” I answered confidently.
She looked at me quite surprised. Then she said, ” I thought all men are the same.
“No,we are not,” I said proudly.
I left her ,drove my car and went home
Dorah ,my wife was all chatty, friendly and normal with me throughout that evening. We even made love like never before,like the hot sizzling sex we had thirty minutes to our wedding. I felt the old love I used to have for Dorah began surfacing.
She said,” Darling,I love the way you give it to me, Goosh, you are such a sexy beast. No wonder “bees” are chasing you everywhere you go.”
I didn’t know if what she said was a compliment or an accusation.
“Come and eat for me,Darling,You need to regain your strength.”
I was a bit uncomfortable with my wife’s behaviour. I couldn’t remember the last time she behaved like a sweet wife to me. It was always fight,fight,fight!
Now,what has changed?

To be continued…


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