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Episode 10 (Last Episode).

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I soon unraveled the mystery behind my call to who I though was Tatiana. My wife had manipulated me.She deleted Tatiana’s number and saved her name on my phone as Tatiana’s. She then changed her voice to sound like hers.
With that , she impersonated Tatiana and fooled me into believing I was talking to my boss since she saved her number as Tatiana. But why would she do that?
I thought for a few minutes and then I knew why. She was trying to find out If I was having an affair with my Boss. I remembered she asked me two months ago if I was still going out with my Boss and I told her I was not. She said then that “we will see about that.”
Now I got the picture very clear. I rechecked the number. No doubt, it was my wife’s number. She was the one who said she was pregnant for me in order to assess my reaction.
When I answered I have never had sex with Tatiana before,she became happy. That was why she was smiling yesterday.

Now, because of her actions, I lost my job. Anger welled in me. I would kill that devil tonight.
That evening , I went home. My wife was surprised to see me home already. She asked,” When did you close from work? I used to come home before you.”
“I came home around 8:30 a.m.” I said.
She asked ,”why that soon?”
My adrenaline level was rising. I said,I was fired!”
“Why ?” She asked.
“Because you prevented me from going to work yesterday by drugging my drink and saving your number on my phone under my boss’s name like it’s my boss’ number. She got angry and sacked me for absenting myself without permission.”

“I’m very so_____”

“Sorry?” I cut in.

You are a devil. I rushed on her and gave her a big slap. She fell to the ground. ….

*****{Narration from Dorah’s POV}*****

My husband became very aggressive. He said, “You are a devil.” He rushed on me and gave me a big slap.I fell to the ground. ….
He pounced on me, took my phone and smashed it against the wall. My eyes turned red seeing my phone scattered on the ground. I didn’t say a word.
He began to shout at the top of his voice. You are a devil in the form of a woman. First,you lured me into pre-marital sex and the church sanctioned us. I lost my honourable position in the church. Then you try to poison me and fell. Now my only source of livelihood,you have succeeded in making me lost it too. You deserve to die so that I would start life free as a single person again.
Afterall,you don’t even have a child for me. I will send your dead body back to your father’s house today.!”
He slapped me again and again.
When I could no longer endure his slaps , I tried to moved away. He gripped me violently and threw me on the floor again.
I hit my chest on the floor. Painfully I stood up and began fighting furiously with him. In the process I broke the glass tables and louvers. I even smashed his LG TV hanging on the wall.
Seeing that,the beast in him manifested. He smacked me to the ground again like a WWE Superstar.
He dragged me by my left arm. I tried to snatch my arm from his grip and in the process my hand hit him on his face.
By the time I realised what happened, my husband had beaten me to a pulp.I laid down there and wept. Still he was not satisfied. He took a knife and moved towards me. I could see it in his eyes he was going to stab me to death. Surely,I can’t go down without a fight.
With all the energy in me, I stood up and tried to yank the knife from his hands but he held it firmly. Still I persisted. The knife cut through my palm. I screamed loudly in pain. Still I held onto the knife. Rudolph realised I was determined to hold onto the knife and pushed me against the wall. My head collided with the wall. The last thing I saw were twinkle twinkle little stars appearing on my eyes followed by a big darkness.

Dorah was rushed to the hospital in Coma. It took divine intervention and series of prayers from pastors to bring her back to normalcy.
Rudolph was arrested by the police’s Domestic violence and Victim Support Unit and charged with assault and wife battering. He was later released because his wife had refused to press charges against him.
The church counselling Committee called them and advised them to stop dragging the name of the church in the mud. They were given mandatory counselling for Three months. In the counselling session they were admonished to stop the “blame game.”
Rudolph apologise to Dorah for abusing her physically and verbally.
Dorah also apologize to Rudolph for all the pain her actions had caused him. She even explained why Rudolph was absent from work that day to The CEO Tatiana and
begged her to take her husband back. Out of compassion,Rudolph was taken back. He became more famous than previously. A Few years later,he won the best TV presenter of the year award.

*****[Rudolph Point of view]*****

I nearly have up on Dorah but a sermon from Pastor Andrews really helped me. He was talking about marriage life. He said;
There is a thin line between love and hatred. To be within the boundaries of love and not cross to hatred is simply an issue of showing mutual respect,trust and understanding to each.
“Never give up on your partner !!!! Love means believing in someone even when they struggle to believe in themselves.
Do this noble thing for your wife. Bring out the best in her. Build her up through your words, your actions and your respect. Let her know that your commitment to her and your love for her is unconditional and unshakable. That will give her the confidence to take on the world knowing you always have her back!


The church reinstated Rudolph and Dora to their formal status in the Church.
Rudolph and Dorah are now one of the best couples in Ghana. They serve as role models to young wedded couples.
They have two children. Maria Nart and Phillip Nart. Maria is in Legon School of Medicine and Phillip Nart became an ICT consultant in M-vision.
The love between Rudolph and Dora continued to grow day by day.
❤—THE END—-❤

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