February 27, 2021

Naija Sweet


Them Send You Go Buy Fuel 1K

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1. Dem send you go buy fuel 1K, you use 200 buy suya for junction. Now, you don reach fuel station , fuel no dey . See your life now !
2. She returned my ring today after 12 years of engagement. Don’t trust women .
3. Please, if you invest 5K and get 100K in an hour , continue to invest till you overtake Bill-Gate . Stop disturbing my life; I’m not interested
4. When your husband cooks and washes the dishes , he’s romantic . But when your brother does the same to his wife , he is bewitched . Nah juju! But aunty, what’s the colour of ya problem ?
HER: Dude, did you CUM in me?
HIM: Yeah… The government said we shouldn’t come outside. …
6. The way I’m broke now, I wouldn’t mind marrying a 60years old billionaire. If you like, call me a gold digger . Nah gold I dig, I no dig grave.
7. You broke up with someone in your street and then date another person in that same street and you say you’ve moved on . See, you’re just moving around .
8. I introduced my girlfriend to my mummy
and she was very happy . Tomorrow, I’m bringing another one . I want to make my mom happy always.
9. Some people are just funny on this facebook. How can you upload a photo of you and your mother and be tagging me ? Do I look like your step father ?
10. Seriously, I’m tired of hiding my identity . Today, I want to confess . Guys , I am Donald Trump

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