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THE SPELL … Episode 8

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πŸ₯€πŸ₯€πŸ₯€THE SPELLπŸ₯€πŸ₯€πŸ₯€

( The mystery land)

Theme: Fantasy Magic

Written by : Authoress Ricky

πŸ’¦ EIGHT(8)πŸ’¦


“Get away from me”I push him away and slap him really hard this time before rushing out of the room.
“Pervert”I muttered as I enter the main living room but I became curious when I saw Breanne and Tomika standing in a corner and Red was crying with Zanga consoling her.

“What going on here?”I asks curiously and Breanne drag me to their side immediately.
“The king is dead”She whispered and I gasped but quickly use my hand to cover my mouth.

“How did it happen?”

“Are you dumb? They lost the war and she lost her father and no one knows what would become of the land now”Tomika whispered.
“Wait did you just say they lost the battle?”I repeated and she nod.

“Are you all crazy”I yelled out loud and all eye were on me.
“Keep it low will you”Breanne scold me but I ignore her.
“If the kind is dead them the next place he is coming to his definitely here and you all just sit and cry for the dead when death is already coming on the way for us all?”I yelled at them all.

“Shut up you crazy talker because you know nothing about my father”Red stood up and pointed her finger at me.

“Yeah I know nothing. My instinct never lies I can smell blood”I said even though I don’t even know what I’m saying.
“And what going on here”I heard his voice and my fist clenched. We exchange eye contact but I looked away instantly.

“Father is dead”Red bursted into another tears and I scoff.
“What?! where is mother? we need to leave now”
“Why?”She stood up not taking her eye away from me.

“He is in his way here. Father explain so much to me”
“How did you?”she pointed at me and his eye met mine.
“What happening”
“Everything happening is written in that book and as long as Herman have it we have no hiding place”I said and they all stare at me.

“You read the book?”Breanne glare at me.
“Believe me I don’t need what I’m saying but we need to get that book first”I replied.
“But how do you know it with him”he asks me.

“Because my instinct never lies”I said and they all kept quiet.
“Where Is mother”
“Your mom was never in the picture after this scene so I don’t think she will make it to the next chapter”I shrug.

“Are you crazy what did the hell are you saying?”
“I Definitely don’t know but everyone is panicking”
“Let get out of here now”Red Interrupted our argument and we all rush out from the house but Heinrich on going in to find her mother.

“Omg he is here”Breanne screamed and fear engulfed me. I didn’t plan to die and if I should not in this strange land.

“Let go”
But Heinrich is still in there”
“What you f**king business with him”Tomika whispered to me and sincerely I don’t know why I’m concerned about him.

“You should all leave I will go find him”
“There is no longer any save place here”
“I know a place”Breanne said.
“It kind of funny you guys know our land that us”Zanga, red maid said.
“We read the book”

“Breanne take them to the place and Tomika ensure they are save I will come join you once I find Heinrich and one more thing let red use her power to close the door with that Herman can’t break in”I said and she nod and they all go away.

I gasped at the sight of the huge man coming with his mens. he was still a bit far away from here so I get I have some time left.

I don’t know why am doing this but after Heinrich and I kissed something had been growing in me that I don’t really understand.

“Heinrich”I called as I walk into the room one after the other.
“Heinrich”I open the last door and there he was crying on his dead mother.

Wait she died!! It wasn’t actually in the book I didn’t even read but I know she wasn’t in the next picture. If I had known that comics book was what was going to happen in this strange land I would have read it to the ending but sincerely I only read it half way.

“You need to leave this place”I said as I walk close to him but the wall was breaking due to the sound echoing outside and it from Herman horse.

“No I can’t leave my mother”I don’t know guys cry too because in my world all they do is make girls she’d tears and take acknowledgement for that or boast about it with their friends and bully the girl till they commit sucide. Additional reason of why I hate guys.

“No we need to leave”I squat in the front of him and brought his face to mine.
“I can’t go without my mother”
“We need to live or you are going to die too”I said and he stare at me for a while.

“Fine!”he stood up.
“Great move”I joined but on getting outside we are too late he was already there and it strange I can smell Auras too now and it choking me because they are too evil.

“What are we going to do now”I asks Heinrich.
“I think we are connected not just for a kiss”he said and I shot him a glare.
“Oops sorry I meant we are connected because of time like this”

“What do you mean”
“The rest are gone right”he whispered.
“Yes just kiss me and imagine where they are and we can escape this because no matter how powerful you are this thing can’t be defeated expect a trained magician or a stronger auras”he explained and I nod but I don’t think I get the kissing part because I’m never going to kiss him.

“I see you got back up”the man said and alighted from his horse and approach us but when I tried to walk I realize I can’t.

“Don’t worry they are in the right place”he smiled evily.
Wait! pause! I was expecting Herman to be a old ugly man but right now I’m seeing a handsome, hot and cute guy with long hair in my front.

“Are you Herman”I asks foolishly and he walk to me and smile.
“Yes princess”he said and kiss my hand.
“Stay away from her”Heinrich said and he struggled to move to no available.

“Sure”he took a step back and walk away from me.
“I won’t harm her since she is your survivor but first where is it”
“Where is what?”
“The land book”he said and I just watch and listen to them.

“What land book”.
“Don’t play with me, that book is the key to the world underground and I need to unlock them to claim everything now where is it”

“Actually we lost it and we think it should be with you”I moved away from the spot I was and his eye widened.

“How did you”he stuttered.
“Surprise”I do a back flip and hit him on his face and his men and pointed out their sword but he signal them to stop.

“What are you doing”
“he is useless we need to leave”
“Huh?”I pull him and lock my lips with him.

“No”I heard Herman screamed but my eye shot and I felt been lifted off the ground.

What happening?
✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️
Did the really teleport or captured by Heman?. And did Lisa just call Herman handsome?.

Encourage ur writer.. πŸ™

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