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THE SPELL … Episode 7

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πŸ₯€πŸ₯€πŸ₯€THE SPELLπŸ₯€πŸ₯€πŸ₯€

( The mystery land)

Theme: Fantasy Magic

Written by : Authoress Ricky

πŸ’¦ SEVEN(7)πŸ’¦


She was talking about something that actually brought them here and how she tricked her mom in having a sleepover.

I felt said when she mentioned how she missed her parent and fifteen days is to much because her parent are living today because they want the best for her.

“Can I asks you a question?”I asks.
“Sure”She shrug and face me resting her back on the wall.
“Do you have a male friend when you were in your world”I said and she laugh.

“What funny”I asks a bit embarrassed.
“I don’t know but sincerely I don’t even have time for that because Breanne is always coming with stupid ideas about magic and the only class I love is history”She replied and I smile Inwardly.

“That actually cool”
“Do you want to see one?”
“See what?”
“I will be so excited to see one”She replied and I smile at our cute she is.

“Close your eye”I ordered and she gave me a glare.
“Just do it”I replied and she shrug before closing her eye and I think my heart skipped a beat actually.

I watch her as she close her eye actually waiting for me to do something.
This is crazy but I don’t mind getting a slap for it.
I took a step close to her and my hand slip round her waist.

“What are you doing?”She asks with her eye still shut.
“Don’t be impatient”I muttered and pull her close by her waist and this time she open her eye and stare directly into my eye and we watch each other for a while.

“What are you_”I shut her up with my lips as they locked together with hers and my eye closed and I kiss her upper and lower lips but I was glad she didn’t fight back.

It was like a captive in me went lose immediate I kiss her and I don’t if she felt that too. I wrap my hand closely round her waist as I deepen the kiss but she push me off.

“WTH”she slapped me and walk away angrily.
“Lisa”I called but she didn’t instead she walk away angrily.

Wait! I thought she liked it why didn’t she push me off in the first place and she even kiss me back!.

I touch my lips and I smiled. “You can’t date her my prince”My bird said to me as he rest on my hand.

“She is going back to her land very soon and you just break a spell you shouldn’t have”it said.

“What are you saying”

“Her wish her connected to you it was better not answered before she left but now you’ve break it we need to keep her here forever because we going to be doom”

“Why should I keep her in a strange land that is unsafe?”
“She match the sacrifice quality we are looking for and I’m sure once the king sees her he won’t give it a second choice”it said and my heart skipped.

“No I can’t let them sacrifice her to that stupid evil magician”
“It either you save the land once and for all or you keep her but she remain in danger”it said and flew away.

“What am I going to do”I ran my hand into my hair frustrated as I position my crown properly.


I felt what I actually dreamed of feeling all my life when he kissed me but something strange is that why did he even kiss me in the first place.

What does he think of me or in this magical world kissing means nothing?!. he should have apologized immediately but he didn’t! Why?.

“What wrong”Breanne walk in and sit beside me on the wooden bench in the room I ran into. I don’t even know whose room is this but all I know is it painted with different artwork and great magician that have read in my history book.

“Nothing”I replied.
“You walk in angrily and_”
“I’m fine just not in the mood”
“Did the prince hurt you?”She asks.
“Breanne you are my best friend and we don’t lie to each other nothing of such happened”I replied and she smiled.

“Fine but don’t keep yourself here and come this place is amazing”She giggled and I smile.
“You guys can just stay here but I’m going home”I replied and she Chuckled.

“Yes I remember. Stay away from the prince”She warned.
“We made a bet that you can never date the prince because he isn’t your type”she said and my eye widened.

“You made a bet in a strange land? are you two crazy”I scold her.
“I’m sorry but you really need to stay away from him”
“Actually the reward to whosever win is if we win she grant us all our wish”She study my eye.

“What if we lose?”I asks.
“Lisa you I’ve to stay here forever”She said and my eye almost popped out of my socket.
“You two must be crazy it would be better if you go reverse that rubbish or I will never talk to you again in my life”I said and she tried to touch me but I shove them away.

“Lisa”She called.
“Don’t even mention my name”I said with an eye roll and she stood up and left and I sink in the bed and my hand went to my lips.

Why would they even make a promise to a magician in a strange land. Do they need want to be curse? Fifteen days is making me go nut and they added forever.

I’m still worried about my parent and they are adding more to my wounded heart. I sniff in the bedspread and_
“Why does it smell cologne”I Muttered.
“Because you are on my bed”I heard the familiar voice and I flinched up and grab a pillow using it as a weapon.

“What are you doing here Heinrich”I asks still holding the pillow out.
“You are on my bed, my room and it kinda funny you are still touching those lips”he replied and I felt kinda embarrassed.

“I’m sorry to barged into your room I will just leave”I replied and drop the pillow them jump down from the bed and tried to walk away but he pull me back by my waist and brought me close to him and my hand landed on his shirt but I remove them immediately.

“Do you know the consequences of entering a prince room?”he asks and I was curious if I haven’t landed myself in trouble again.

“What that?”
“You are the chosen one”
“What chosen one?”
“Lisa you are mine”he said.

“I’m not something anyone claim at any time you understand now let me go”I tried to let him go of me but he tightened his grip round me and I got so close to him and was feeling his_ oh no this isn’t happening.

“Do you know what that means?”he asks.
“No”I tried to look away because we are so close.

“What if I tell you”
“That would actually make sens_”he shun me off with a kiss again.
Not again!!!!
✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️
To be continued…


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