June 14, 2021

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THE SPELL … Episode 4

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( The mystery land)

Theme: Fantasy Magic

Written by : Authoress Ricky

💦 FOUR (4)💦


I was talking to the king which is my father and we were busy having some brief discussion about the dark magic that the evil man Herman had been using on us for quite a while.

The land isn’t save anymore, Herman is really at it this time. I wish I had the power to kill that bastard but it is said that the prince doesn’t fight a battle because it is the land future.

Using dark magic might endanger the life of the land and Claventus is already facing something else already.

“My king”Kalgan, the cheif guard walk in and went on his kneel and bow immediately.
“Speak”My father order.

“Herman had been sighted in the mirror of life approaching Claventus again and his auras are strong and I don’t know if there is any that can overrule him this time”he said and my dad stood up angrily and I went to my kneels too.

“What do he want again”I asks.
“He seems to be using his powers again after he he healed from the injure he got”he said with his head still down.

“Gather the army and insure all the villagers are save”My dad ordered.
“Yes my kind”he stood up and March out immediately.

“Son”he is a called
“Father”I responded.
“Get your sister and make some alert with Nick”Nick is my best friend and one of the great spell breaker in the land.

“Go to your mother chamber and stay safe till I send for you”
“But father I want to fight a battle with you dad”
“Heinrich leave”he shouted and I ran out of his chamber and my guard follow me.

I was getting close to my sister chamber when Nick approach me.
“Herman?”he asks.
“Yeah and dad said we should move to the queen chamber for safety”I replied.

“Not again”
We were so close to my sister chamber when we I felt a sharp pain in my chest.
“Are you okay my prince”Vin, my guard said but I let out a groaned but the pain subsidy so quick.

What the hell just happened?.
“Are you okay Heinrich?”Nick asks and I nod my head confused a bit.
We were so close when I heard an unfamiliar voice and we bashed in scared if she had been attacked before we reach.

“Omg he is cute”a girl giggled happily but my eye went to the girl I could read her mind so clear.
Wait he is the prince in the book? He is f**king hot than he look in the book and that bird.

Why can I read her mind.
She was also staring deeply at me with surprised too and her auras are so strong.

It was the one that affected me just now?.
“Who are they and why is she connected to me”I pointed to the strange lady staring deeply at me like can read me with just her eye and sincerely she is beautiful.

“She is the one prince”My bird said and my eye widened.
One of the special talent in the land is the fact we can talk to animals but I’m the only one that hear my bird whenever it communicate with me.

“Why can I hear your bird?”She said and I was shocked.
“Why are you here brother”Red, my sister asks breaking the awkward moment between us.

“Herman will be here soon and we need to leave”I said.
“Omg!!”she start to panic.
“What happening Breanne”the strange girl ask her friends.

“I don’t know”she replied and her voice is something I will want to hear everyday.

Why am I so connected to her. a
“Who are they”I asks red.
“Can we talk about this later but first let leave”She said and the girls panicked except from her.

She kept staring at me awkwardly but her mind is blank because I can’t read anything.

✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️

We arrive my mom place and she welcome us joyful. Mom doesn’t stay with us because she had separated from dad a long time ago but her place is the safest whenever there is war so Dad send us here.

“Young lady have it”she gave the strange girl a cup of water and she accept in and shug it at once.
“Gosh I’m hungry”I heard her say actually I was reading her mind.

“So where did this faces come from?”Mom asks.
“I think they are the one that break the spell and that why Herman is attacking us so fast again”Red said.

“What do you mean my daughter”
“They found the book”She said and my eye widened.
That where I saw her. They are the three girls going though the book in the mirror but how did they end up here because they plan on returning it.

“Is there anyway we can return to our land?”another girl asks as she adjust her lenses again.
“What that”my mother ask as she stare at the girl glass.

“Mom it meant for those that have eye defect”I explained. I’m a little bit enlighten about all this because I attend a school far from this land but I came here because of the misuse of dark magic in Claventus.

“I can heal you my daughter”My mom Said and the reaction on the strange girl face had effect on me as I spill out the water I was drinking.

“Heinrich”Red called and I just shrug.
“Yes”I heard her say.
“Come with me”My mom went in with the girl leaving us all in the room.

“Breanne I really want to go home if that works”she tightened her friend hands
“There is one person that know how to get you home”Red said and that got their attention.

“Who is that?”
“Do you have the book with you?”She asks and the other girl search through a bag have never seen the type before.

“It gone Lisa”She said to the strange girl. So her name is Lisa, nice name. I couldn’t take my eye off her for no reason and the bird said she is the one so we are sacrificing her?.

“I can’t find the book”
“What do you mean by you can’t find the book?”
“I’m serious Lisa”
“Breanne that isn’t possible”
“Is there any other way out”She face my sister.

“The book is important or unfortunately you are stuck here forever”she said and her eye widened.
I really wish she stay here forever but she has her home and I know the definition of home.

“We are lost”
✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️
To be continued…
Who do you think take the book? And did I just hear sacrifice?.


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