June 19, 2021

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THE SPELL … Episode 3

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( The mystery land)

Theme: Fantasy Magic

Written by : Authoress Ricky

💦 THREE(3)💦


I yawned as I open my eye slowly only find a stranger staring at me with a smile on her face and I jolt up only to realize I was in a strange place.

“Breanne, Tomika”I yelled and the stranger kept staring at me beaming and sincere she is really cute and we hardly find girls like her in the human world.

Omg!!!! I turn around only to find Tomika approaching giggling and Breanne doesn’t look different from her.
“Where are we and why is she staring at me like that?”I asks taking a glance at her.

“You can’t remember anything do you?”Breanne asks.
“What are you talking about?”
“We are in Claventus”She said and I gasped but Tomika use her hand to cover my mouth.

“Le____t me go”I remove her hand off my mouth.
“Who is she?”I asked staring at the strange girl smiling cheapily at me.

“I like your friend”she tells Breanne.
“Everyone likes her”Breanne Replied.
“Are you guys for real”
“I’m Zanga, the princess maid”she replied.

“There is a princess here?”
“How did you guys even get here?”she asked and I exchange glance with my friends.
“The book?”I asks.
“I think we lost it”Breanne gasped and Tomika eye widened.

“Follow me the princess is welcoming, she might be of an help”She said and we exchange glance again.
“Sure”Breanne shrugged and I gave her an eye roll.

We follow Zanga though a bushy path and we gasped when we saw an hawk fly in the air.
“What? you are scaring it away”she said and we all kept mute holding each other tight.

“Hey they are new don’t scare them away”she said to the hawk and it flew away.
“Did you just command a bird?”Tomika asks adjusting her lense again.

“Yeah? One of my special gift in the land is communicating with any type of animals”She said and we just stare at her and she turn and started walking away.

“Don’t worry when you meet the princess you know what I’m talking about”She said and we keep following her.

“Are we really here”Tomika whispered.
“This is f**king crazy”I whispered yelled at them.
“There is something you guys should know”Breanne whispered and we keep following Zanga, it crazy how I keep recollecting her name because it takes time before I know people names.

“In our land no matter where you are from once you enter here. You aren’t yourself again because you are in your subconscious and that means you get something fresh and that why you can recollect my name no matter how hard it is for you”she said and my eye widened.

“Where you reading my mind?”I asks and she turn and started walking again using a stick to push some leave aside.
“You seems to be unique so I had to do that”she said and I exchange glance with my friends.

“Unique?”I repeated.
“What your friends actually wants seems to be common but you are different you wishes are incredible”She said and I still don’t understand what she meant by that.

“What wishes?”I asks.
“You should know”She replied short and I just let it go.
“Now this is the gate to Claventus no matter what you see don’t laugh or talk unless I asks you to do because the land isn’t save for now”She said and we stare at a olden gate covered in leaves.

“The land isn’t save?”I asks.
“Especially you”she pointed at me…”Your Aura are too strong”She added.
“Wait why is Lisa the only one you are talking about”Breanne cut in.

“Just do as I say”She said and the gate squeak and it open itself making us gasped but she gave a warning look and we kept mute.

We follow us silently and I almost gasped at the beauty of the place.
The that girl just turn a bird to an human?.This is unbelievable but what are we doing in this land.

Mom will be seriously worried about me. We reach a place and the girl gave us a sign to come it.

it kinda different from the rest of the building in the kingdom and one special thing is the fact it really beautiful and_

“My princess”the girl bowed and the rest of my friends did the same but I just stare at what they do strangely and that caught the young beautiful lady they are bowing to like she is gods?.

“I can see your Auras are strong lady”she said and friends kept pinching me to kneel but I stood to my foot.

“I can see you lost your way into this kingdom it been years since anyone visited us here since our great enemy HERMAN started sacrificing our visitor for his selfish act”

“How can we get back home”I asks confidently.
“I love your courage”she said and my friends finally stood up immediately she stood from her throne I guess.

“I’m red the only princess of Claventus and you seems to be such an interesting girl”She said and started walking towards me but I stood to my feet.

“All I want is to go back home”I said and she smiled.
“Where did you find them”She faces Zanga.
“Outskirt of the land”
“That means Hitler must have smell you”She said.

“Who is Hitler?”Tomika asks.
“The great evil magician of the town and I guess in two nights time you will be sacrificed”She said and I started sweating profusely.

“What can we do”
“Red”Someone bashed into the room and immediately he saw his he stare at us in surprise.

“Omg he is cute”Breanne giggled happily.
Wait he is the prince in the book? He is f**king hot than he look in the book and that bird.

He is right in his hand…”Who are they? and why do I feel connected to her”he pointed to me and my eye widened.

Me again?!!!
✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️
To be continued…


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