June 14, 2021

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THE SPELL … Episode 2

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( The mystery land)

Theme: Fantasy Magic

Written by : Authoress Ricky

TWO (2)


“Please don’t freak me out okay”I warned them as we settled in the deepest part of the library avoiding any suspicious notice from anyone.

“I’m so gonna freak out”Tomika said and I roll my eye before placing my bag on the table and brought out the book.

They all gasped at the sight of the book. It look old but still new and no part is turn apart.
I place the book on the table but Lisa and Tomika flew making me scoff.

“You are creating a scene girls”I put my bag aside and the took their seat back.
“The question is what are we going to do with the book?”I asks.

“Throw it away”
“Take it back to the library”They said at the same time and I gave them a ‘ Are you guys okay look’.

“Breanne we can’t keep this book, remember what Mrs. Rose said”Tomika yelled more like a whisper.

“Lisa”I called her because she seems lost.
“Lisa”Tomika tap her and she flinched.
“What are you thinking?”I roll my eye.
“I think I have an idea”she said and I exchange glance with Tomika before I turn my attention back to her.

“So what your so called idea?”
“Since Mrs. Rose know about it why don’t we just tell her about it or just go with my first plan return it to the library”She said and I sigh deeply.

“There is no way we are telling Mrs. Rose okay?”Tomika adjusted her lenses.
“Okay what”I shrug.
“The library”She whisper and we all just stare at each other.

“Count me out”Lisa finally break the contact.
“I can’t go back there alone”I said with the look of helplessness.
“This is so good, what about we return to the library make some research”

“What?”Lisa and I said at the same time.
“Chill girls, we have always wanted something magical and here it is. Are we just going to give up again?”She said and I sigh deeply.

She is right!!!!.
“6:00pm at the park”She said and I exchange glance with Lisa this time.
“Sure”I said defeated.

“Fine!! but I hope we don’t get in trouble”She roll her eye.
“Yes”Tomika giggled.
“So what are we going to do?”

“Read the book”She replied fast.
“Right now?”Lisa questioned.
“Yeah”Tomika nod.
I look around before I open the first page of the book and my eye blink at the beauty of the land.

“Wow”Tomika said and Lisa stretch to take a look.
“Keep going”Tomika said and I open the next page revealing a picture of the king family.

“Wow the prince is cute”I giggled excitedly and Lisa stretch again and I notice her eye widened as she stare.
“Someone is crushing”I teased.

“No! Can you see that?”She asks and I stare at the book but I still see nothing.
“Right there”She pointed to the picture of the bed flying in the picture.

“It eye”She said and I stare deeply but couldn’t see anything.
“Omg”I gasped and I quickly close the book.
“Was it just staring at us”I said in fear.

“I wasn’t hallucinating right”Tomika added.
“The bed blinked in the book just now and it eye is evil”Lisa added.
“What the hell is that?”
The bell rang and it a sign we have a new class.

“We have a separate class now”
“The park 6:00pm, we need to find out what just happened”Tomika and we nod in agreement before separating.


I was having dinner with my mom and brother when my phone beeped and I quickly grab it to check if things are fine.

“I don’t like you using your phone during dinner”Mom said and I gave her a pleading before texting Breanne I will be there in five minutes.

“Yes”She replied cutting a part of the chicken into my brother plates.
“Actually we have a sleepover at Breanne place today and I need to go right now”I said and she pause a while.

“A sleepover?”She asks and I nod.
“But Breanne mom didn’t tell_”
“We plan it secretly Mom”I replied.
“Oh okay but it late already so get me my car keys I can drive you_”

“I can go alone just keep feeding John”I mention his name and he stick out his tongue out making me roll my eyes.

“I will just go upstairs and pack my stuffs then leave”I said and quickly ran up the stairs before she would stay something that will stuck me in the house again.


“What did she say”I asks Breanne.
“She will be here in five minutes”She said and I groaned.
“Like seriously, She should just tell us she isn’t going since she is scared a beast might strike her dead”I scoff.

“Chill girl”She said walking to and fro.
“I’m sorry guys”Lisa ran in panting heavily.
“You took forever girl”I roll my eye.
“What up with the bag”Breanne asks.

“I told her I’m having a sleepover at your place or I won’t be here”she replied and I scoff.
“Let go”I said.
“You don’t even know the place”Breanne said and I scoff.

“Are you with the book”
“Yeah my bag pack”Breanne replied and started going to the library.


They arrive the library but something was off the library was disorganized than the way Breanne met it the last time.

“Are you sure someone came here before us?”Lisa asks as she on her touch and kept looking around sometime flinch if she see anything weird.

“Guys”Tomika who is a bit far away from them call them and went to join us.
“The book”Tomika demand for it and Breanne quickly pass it to her.

They sit on the floor as they flip the page open even though Lisa seems to be the only one scared of what might happen to them.

“The dark magic is poured out from the vessel of_”they where interrupted by a loud wind and they all flinched.

“No! I can do this again”Lisa jolted up but the wind die down immediately she stood up.
“Lisa relax we are gonna be a magician if we find out what really happened to the library”Tomika assure and Breanne agreed.

She settled back even though her heart are on a race already.
“No interruption again”Tomika said and they both agree.

“The dark magic is poured of the vessel of a great magician casted into_”the wind was getting strong the more she read until a bright light struck them and they scream.
儭 Authoress Ricky 儭

To be continued…
Hmm…What happen to them?


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