June 14, 2021

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THE SPELL … Episode 1

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( The mystery land)

Theme: Fantasy Magic

Written by : Authoress Ricky

ONE (1)


“Get up Lisa”Breanne jump on my bed giggled already dressed up while Tomika is busy giving some Coco pops the right judgement as she adjust her lenses.

“Stop”I yawned as I use the duvet to cover up Myself properly.
“We are getting late for school and you know I hate Missing Mrs.Rose class”Tomika added.

“Why do you guys come into my room without knocking”I whined.
“Do we need a pass code to enter our best friend room come on get up”Breanne off my body and I sit up with a huff.

“Seriously”I exchange glance with them and Tomika shrug.
“Is that my breakfast you are eating Tomika?”I gave her a deadly glare.

“I can’t help it”Tomika ran out my room and I roll my eye.
“You are the worst”I shouted.
“Get up I’m giving you five minutes or you might have to walk to school this morning”Breanne gave me a thumbs up before leaving.

“Gosh”I screamed.
“Five minutes”Breanne shouted and I drag myself off the bed to get prepared for school.
I’m not the type that really do girls thing or apply my makeup and I can’t even remember the last time I wash my hair.

“Good morning Mom”I said as I walk down the stairs and my mom is serving my younger brother while my friend are busy talking about magic as usual.

My mom sometimes freak out anytime we girl talk about magic and our plan to visit a magic land. Even though we annoy her anytime we talk about Magic she love the friendship bond between we three.

We are inseparable according to what Tomika we say whenever we have a little argument and that will make us laugh and forget any issue that created the misunderstanding.

“Morning dear”My mom said and I turn to see Breanne approaching.
“You took forever”She eyed me.
“It just 7:30am duh”I roll my eye.

“You should go now before you miss the bus”Mom said and I nod.
“Bye mom”I wave and walk to John my little brother and pat his hair roughly.

“You are the worst”he cuss.
“I love you too”I shouted and my friend laugh.
“You should stop doing that”Tomika said as we walk to the bustop to catch up with the school bus.

“Guess what I find when I was going home yesterday”Breanne said and I know Tomika is going to freak out about it.

“An abandoned library filled with magical book”She whispered and I gasped.
“Really?”I asks.
“We should go check it out after school”

“There is actually a warning saying,No entry but I was so desperate to find what was on”Breanne added.
“Are you for real”Tomika Replied.

“I found something interesting though”She said and we all stop at the bus station where other student are waiting for the arrival of the bus.

“Good morning Tomika”Fred greet as he walk pass us.
“It funny he only sees you when I’ve been crushing over him forever”Breanne pouted.
“It okay, maybe you aren’t just meant for each other”I emphasized.

“Just shut up”
“We are inseparable”Tomika joked and we all laugh and not too long the bus arrive and we head to school.

“So what did you say you find”I whispered still curious about the strange library filled with magical book.
“I stole a book”She whispered and that earn a gasped from Tomika and I and it attracted some student so we lay it down.

“What?”Breanne shrug.
“I read a book recently saying if you still a magic book all the curse in the book will be upon the person”Tomika adjusted her lenses.

“That just a book it isn’t real bunny”Breanne roll her eye.
“She is right it just an illusion”I nod and the we arrive the school compound not too long.

“Can we talk about this after Mrs. Rose class”Breanne said and we nod.
“I’m so excited, she is going to tell us something new during history class”Tomika giggled.

“Stop”We alighted one after each other and headed to the class.
We settled down and wait patiently for Mrs. Rose to arrive.

I sat at the middle while Tomika and Breanne sit beside me.
“Good day class”Mrs rose walk in.
“Good morning ma’am” We chorused excitedly.

Everyone hate history because it sounds boring to them but we love it because Mrs. Rose never forget to say something magical after every class.

“Let start the day”She open her textbook and half of the lesson was actually boring and I started feeling sleepy until I heard an abandoned library and my sleep travel far and eye widened.

“There is this Mystery land people talk about in the history, it said to exist but we actually doubt it”
“Many century has pass but one things is this Land never dry, there are great magician and those that made research about it said dark magic exist in that land”

“But where is it ma’am”Tomika asks and I nod in agreement.
“Great question, no one knows where it located in the world and some says it only a fantasy but historian believe it exist and people kept trying to find it”

“Years back when a college student went into this library where alot of magic book exist, she found a book about this Mystery land and became so curious about it. She started flipping the pages reading them aloud and mistakenly say the wrong magical world destroying everything that existed then”

“The library was abandoned and no one was allowed in”
“Do you probably know where the library is?”Hannah, a class mate asks.

“No one has ever come across it and we don’t know where it is so there is no way anyone could have found it because it dangerous”Mrs Rose said and We exchange glance.

Breanne found it!!
How is that possible?.
The Bell rings and I wish it never did.
“I get we will continue next class”She pack and load and left the class.

“What happening”Breanne said still trying to recover from the shock.
“I find the library and even took the book and it was about the f**king mystery land”She whispered.

“You are with the book?”
“We are doom”Breanne said and I was getting scared.
儭 Authoress Ricky 儭

To be continued…


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