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(Criminal Love)
Episode 8
Written by author Nath.
Heading: Close Contact
At night fall, after being called evil and wicked, teacher began to walk around his room with a glass of wine in his hand, thinking deep and strategizing. His head became filled up, his eyes changed from normal colour to abnormal like a weed smoker. Suddenly, he shouted in a loud voice and smashed the glass on the wall. That act attracted his two guards to his room. They looked around to know why their master was shouting but didn’t see anything.

“Sir, are you okay?” One of them asked him.

Teacher didn’t respond rather gestured for the door to be closed. He faced the wall of the room while the guards waited for him to speak.

“Sir?” they called him again.

Teacher slowly turned. His eyes had become wetter and more red. “I act like a teacher to those kids but deep down inside me, I love them like a father.” he said.

The two guards looked at each other and back to their master.

“Sir, is that why you smashed your glass of cup and shouted?” One of them asked him.

“No” he stepped forward. “Why I reacted is because I know that I’m sending them to a mission that could take some of their lives.” he closely faced the guards. “I’m just wondering how I’ll bear it if I should lose any of them because I love them so much. However, they must embark on that mission. Those that called themselves government played me and I won’t stop until I see all of them crawling on the ground, begging me to deep my finger inside a body of water just to quench their thirst, even the president.

The guards didn’t know what to say for some minutes. Teacher turned back to the wall.

“Sir, we know you love the kids. Nothing will happen to them.” Another guard said.

“I just hope so” he replied without looking at them. The guards had no choice but to leave the room.
Judith wore only her pant, preparing to sleep. She could be viewed from behind standing at her wardrobe and pulling out her night gown. While Vivian came out from the bathroom half naked just to see a paper that was flung into the room through the base of the door. She glanced at Judith who didn’t notice.

“Judith,” she called her.

The girl turned from the wardrobe. Her breast wasn’t the only thing that looked at Vivian even her eyes. Her nipples were yet to totally formed.

“Someone dropped a note.” Vivian added. Just then, Judith’s eyes went to the door. Before she got there to pick it, Vivian had already done that. So she watched her unfold the paper and read thus: “Meet me at first kiss.. Dave.”

Vivian folded the paper to see Judith smiling. “At first kiss? Where is that?”

“It’s just after the basketball court, along the sloppy land.”

“Don’t tell me you’re going to meet him.” Vivian walked towards the bed, while Judith stood at a spot, contemplating on her statement.

“You’re not meeting him.” Vivian added. Yet Judith said nothing as she stared at her. She wasn’t smiling again.

Vivian began to smile. “Kidding!” She exclaimed. “I know you love him and want to meet him. Who am I to tell you no?”

Judith smiled, hurried to the wardrobe, dressed up in a tight gown and rushed to the window. “Vivian?” she turned to her, “I don’t want to reason your matter now until I come back.” She jokingly added.

“As I’m looking through your heart, young girl, i don’t think you’ll come back with all your body intact.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Your oestrogen has activated; body don dey sweet you. You know what I mean.”

Both stared and chuckled before Judith finally left through the window.

Bright light shone from the building bulbs and limited at the basketball court. Judith didn’t want to follow the path where the light shone, she headed through a dark path like an amateur thief until she stopped at the edge of the slope. She narrowed her vision to see Dave sanding at its base.

“Dave?” She called with a very low voice.

The young boy looked up from the base. Reflection of light rays from energy bulbs that shone from the house couldn’t let him see his love properly. The rays made Judith appear like an angel in the eyes of the boy, so he supported his vision with her hand.

“Judith?” he called back.

The girl gradually walked down the slope, leaving the ray of light and becoming more visible to Dave until she stood before him, both smiling as if they won a lottery.

“What are you doing…”

Judith was interrupted by Dave who kissed her immediately, holding her two cheeks.

“I’m here to hunt.” he replied.

“Hunt?” Judith smiled.

“Yes,” Dave picked up a rabbit he had killed to Judith’s surprise. The girl screamed a little and fled to a distant.

“Dave, when did you become a hunter?” she asked from there.

Dave looked at the rabbit then turned to her. “Wait, are you scared of this?”


“You mean this.” he threw the animal at her. The young girl screamed again and ran away, while Dave laughed. He ran to her then hugged her tightly.

“I’m sorry” he began to cares her hair. Meanwhile, Judith’s hands had rounded his waist, staring into his eyes. “I actually miss you.” he added, feeling her breast on his chest.

“Me too.” She replied with a bedroom voice. “Do you think teacher knows about us?” she added.

“I don’t care. All I care about is you.”

Both began to kiss but Judith quit.

“I don’t want to lose you in anyway, Dave?”

The boy rolled his eyes obnoxiously. “Why say that?”

“This mission teacher is sending us to, don’t you think it will take some of our lives?”

Dave thought for a while. “I trust teacher.”

“Teacher is not God.”

“Hey,” he placed a finger across her lips. “Nothing gonna happen to me. We all will be safe, okay?”

The girl nodded. They resumed the kiss that got them taking off their clothes and underwears. Judith’s heart accelerated when Dave was gradually putting her down naked. So she held him tightly as both reached the ground full naked like Adam and Eve…
Vivian heard a rusty noise from the window then sat up from the bed. She could see Judith trying to jump in. Generously, she went to give her a hand. Immediately, Judith entered, she stared at her suspiciously.

“What?” Judith asked her.

“I told you that you’d not come back intact.” Vivian folded her hands.

Judith ignored her as she walks towards the bathroom with a smile.

“Judith” Vivian stepped closer to her. “Did you do it?”

“Why are you asking me?” she returned the question.

Vivian didn’t say any other thing likewise her. They were just looking at each other until Judith nodded her head.

“Yes” she whispered snugly.

Vivian smiled. “Go freshen up then come and gist me on how it feels”

Judith giggled. “Amebo!” she entered into the bathroom..

Things you need to understand about the author of this story; he’s in his final year in the higher institution and currently writing his project, so he has a lot in his head and mostly busy. Yet, he squeezes 5 hours of his time, making sure he update you daily. So please, stop complaining and enjoy the story.

A story has a spirit, if you are not in that spirit, you won’t be able to deliver. Writing a story is seeing yourself in a different world. Is not something you do casually. Also, is not as if the author has a place he stored the story. No, each episode comes directly from his mind to you. So, please, bear with him and encourage him.
Thank you for your understanding.

In a milky caftan, his steps paved around the house as he was coming down from a staircase. He wore a black sunshed and covered himself like an Arab citizen. His beards gave him the appearance of a terrorist like Osama Bin Laden. That was teacher Nwachukwu.

He went to the boys’ room, knocked and opened instantly. Seeing him, Obi shouted, “Please, don’t kill me!”

“Obi, is me, teacher” teacher removed the eyeglasses.

“Aah, teacher, you look like a terrorist. A monkey terrorist.”

Teacher smiled likewise Murphy and Dave. Only Stephen didn’t look up from the bed where he laid face down.

“Dress up. We’re going to the main city for shopping and having fun at the beach.” Teacher instructed.

Joyfully, the boys rejoiced. Even Stephen sat up from the bed. Obi hugged his teacher tightly.

“Teacher, you’re the best! I can’t wait!” he rejoiced while teacher kept smiling.

Stephen wanted to rush into the bathroom but stopped by teacher who said, “You won’t be going with us, Stephen.”

“But why?” the poor boy asked.

Teacher kept quiet.

Suddenly, they heard the joyful noise of the girls too from their rooms whom the guards had informed also.

“We’re shopping today!!!” Ada’s voice came from their room.

When teacher left, Stephen secretly handed a piece of paper to Murphy.

“That’s my mom’s number. Use a public phone-boot to call her. Just tell her that I’m still alive.” he said.

“Sorry, I can’t do that.” Murphy rejected.

“Okay, let me give you Stephanie’s, please” he persisted.

Subsequently, the sound of an helicopter paved above the building and landed on the basketball court. The students ran out well dressed except Stephen who watched them through a window. Just then, Ada walked in thereby breaking Stephen’s concentration from the window.

“Where is Murphy? Why are you not dressed?” Ada asked him.

“Teacher excluded me.” Stephen walked to her. “I want you to help me…”

Surprisingly, Ada interrupted him by kissing him, leaving him dumbfounded too.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get you something.” She wanted to walk out but Stephen called her back.

“Help me call this number when you get to the city. Tell her that I’m still alive.” he gave her the paper.

Ada glanced at the paper. “Who is she?”

“She’s my.. my… my sister, please.”

The girl didn’t say anything. She smiled at him and left.
The two body guards remained at home with Stephen while teacher followed the kids. First, they went to a large boutique where different kinds of cloths could be found. Teacher sat down at a place, watching television and drinking while the kids were testing and selecting different kinds of clothes, supervised by an agent.

Cynthia and Daniela shared a different path where they kept changing clothes to see the one that fits them most. There is a curtain that demarcated the change-room from outside where clothes are selected.

The two girls were inside dressing up. Cynthia went partially nude to put on another cloth while Daniela had already dressed, admiring the girls body. She looked at her own gown.

“Hope this is fine.” She called Cynthia’s attention.

“Yes, you look beautiful!” she complimented.

“Thanks” Daniela smiled. She could see how Cynthia struggled with hers. “Let me help you.” She faced her, pulling the gown from down to up. Getting to the chest region, she slowed down, staring at her breast under her bra. Even Cynthia became surprised.

“Daniela, what’s it?” she asked her.

The girl didn’t reply, rather looked up at her with lovely romantic eyes. She brought her face closer to her then began kissing her, while Cynthia seemed to be hypnotized as Daniela soared her lips.

Dave was passing through that path when an agent, flung the curtain open without the girls’ knowledge. The female agent wasn’t the only one that saw them, even Dave. She slowly closed the curtain back, while Dave left too.

Briskly, he met Judith and Vivain.

“I wanna have a talk with you privately.” he held Judith by the hand, almost like dragging her to a private place.

“Dave, what’s it? You’re hurting my arm!” Judith withdrew her arm.

“You told me Daniela isn’t a lesbian, didn’t you.” Dave’s angry voice sounded.

“I did”

“Then you lied to me coz I just caught her kissing Cynthia”

“Someone’s sexuality is non of your business, Dave.” She said as an afterthought.

“And who said is my business?! I’m only reacting because that may be the act that made you not to sleep in that room that night. That means she’s the cause of your punishment! True or false?”

Judith kept quiet.

Dave angrily wanted to walk out but she pulled him back.

“Where are you going now?” she asked him.

“I promised her that I’ll break one of her bones if I find out.” he finally walked out.

“Dave!” Judith ran after him. She caught him on the way again…

On the other hand, a young girl just walked inside the boutique too. She has no handbag, she looks like one in search of somebody. In her palm was only her cell phone. She stood beside Ada as she was stretching her neck.

Ada met a female worker at the moment. “Please, can you help me with your cell? Wanna call someone.”

The worker handed a phone to her.

“Thank you” After secretly typing the number, she dialled it. To her greatest surprise, the phone of the girl beside her rang! She turned to see the girl picking the call.

“Hello” the girl said.

Ada heard her voice through the phone then hung up the call swiftly, staring at her. “I guess she’s Stephen’s sister.” She thought. But truly, that was Stephenie in a close contact with the people that has her boyfriend…….


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