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“This very person will not only be charged for assault by challenging me, the president, she will also be charged for attempting murder and thuggery! She thinks she had won but I was always ahead of her plans, decoding her next movement and destination.” The young teacher paused again unabashedly. Just then, all the ten men who were believed to be dead came into the room too in a straight line accompanied by a policeman.

Sheriff shamefully observed them then turned to Murphy.

“How did you sit at a place to know the plans of your enemy?” she asked amazingly.

“Time is relatively proportional to event. Therefore, for you to know time of event of your enemy, you get to spend time too to reset your camera. For the enemy comes to kill and destroy but I came for you may have life and knowledge to the fullness.” He turned to his fellow teenagers. “Why did I come?” she asked them.

All began to smile coz that question did not only remind them of teacher Nwachukwu, it also reminded them of his first desirable lesson. One of his statement came like a sound wave in their minds after he would flip his fingers: “… wake up before you drown in your own initiatives..!”

“Why did I come?” Murphy repeated.

“Because you love us” they replied in unison.

“Love!” Murphy turned to sheriff with a finger prostrating forward like a teacher. “Love is the key to peace coz you don’t kill who you love, you don’t hurt the person, you don’t set their buildings ablaze, you don’t plan evil against them. Love is what we need in our relationships, our families and our country at large.” he concluded.

Just then, Erika and the carbinate members were pushed inside on handcuffs. Her eyes caught with Murphy who smiled mockingly at her. He silently walked to her, deep his hand inside his pocket, brought out the pendant and handed it to her before going back to his initial position. When Erika saw her mother’s image there, she began to shed tears. She also understood that Murphy knows who she is.

“These are the enemies, sheriff” Murphy continued. “And the small one is the one who set me up. Now uncuff me to go show my people practical love” he concluded stretching his hands forward.

Everywhere remained calmed. They could hear people from nearby homes shouting, “Release him! Release him!!” the shout extended to other far away homes and outside the station.

Sheriff shamefully uncuffed him. “I’m very sorry, Mr president, my teacher.” she apologized.

As usual, Obi became the first to hug him tightly. “I love you, man” he said.

Murphy smiled, patting his back like a titled man. Others followed suite.

Stepping out from the police station, crowd of people as populated as the sand on the ground was discovered, shouting and hailing teacher Murphy. Some fainted trying to touch him while many shed tears at the sight of him.

“Teacher Murphy!!”

“I love you, teacher Murphy!!”

“Teacher, come let’s spend time to know time, please!!”

They were all shouting as Murphy and his siblings were being guided
towards Nwachukwu’s limousine until they entered and zoomed off to the white house.

The orphans assembled round a a table in the white house as Murphy directed. It has been a surprising day for them all, waiting for who would break the silence for them. Suddenly, they saw their teacher shedding tears and began to look at one another, wondering what was wrong with him.

“Murphy, what?” Cynthia asked him.

“Teacher never stayed alive to see his child. What a pity?” he replied bitterly.

“You mean teacher Nwachukwu?” Daniella asked. “And what child?”

“Erika, the one I handed the pendant to. She’s his daughter.” he sniffed, drying his tears.

“I for say! She had his resemblance!” Judith wondered.

“But the question is, is she aware? If truly she’s a seed from teacher, she doesn’t deserve to be in jail” Dave substantiated.

Murphy stood up while they stared at him to take a decision. He walked behind his table, directed his eyes to Vivian who bent down her head.

“Why did you run out from my room seven days ago, Vivian?” He asked her.

She raised up her head. “I resigned. You didn’t here it?”

“I was in a deep thought that I couldn’t hear you. Why?”

All remained quiet, waiting for Vivian to reply, but the table was as cold as ice.

“Is okay.” Murphy flipped his fingers then a guard brought a bunch of money to him. He walked to Vivian and stretched it to her saying, “You really helped me to figure out many things. This is my small appreciation”

She glanced at the money. “You’re welcome, but I’m not taking that. Thank you.” she rejected the money.

“Let me keep it for her. She’s money-phobic now” Obi grabbed the money from his hand while others smiled.

Murphy walked back behind his seat where he could see every person’s face. “Truly, no other persons can run this country with me than you all. Join me to make this world a better place.” He announced.

“Like your carbinate members?” Obi asked.

“Sure” he smiled.

“That will be cool!” Dave concured.

“I’ll make the news public soon then we commence. As for now, go home and rest except Obi”

Obi turned. “No rest for me?” he asked.

Murphy smiled.

All left except Obi who the president sat closely with like a father about to advice his son. The close range even got Obi surprise wondering about its outcome.

“Murphy, is everything okay?” he suspiciously asked him.

“Yeah, just wanna tell you something.” He learned forward with a lower voice. “Teacher made me promise to find all our parents except yours.”

“Why?” Obi pookad his face.

Murphy took a deep breath saying, “Because your parents were murdered by arm robbers a few months after you were born. But you found favour in his eyes.”

Hearing that, tears circulated in the eyes of the young boy.

Murphy felt his pains. “I’m sorry, man.” he consoled and embraced him where the tears began to drop on his shoulder as Obi cried silently like a man.

“Is okay, man. We will always love you.” Murphy concluded.
Days later, like a kungfu pounder, the door of Vivian’s room was pushed open by Dave. The young girl jumped on her feet, wearing a knicker and a crop-top.

“Dave, what has come over you? When did you lose your manners?!” She shrieked.

Dave widened his eyes like a chief priest, detecting the presence of an evil spirit. “Haven’t you heard?” he said.

“Heard what?”

“That Murphy is in the hospital at the point of death! He had a drastic accident!”

Vivian gasped with hands covering her mouth. Dave ran out instantly followed by Vivian without minding her dressing.

“Dave, wait for me!” She shouted, running like a woman, flapping her breats and quirming her buttocks.

Dave handled the steering wheel until they entered into the hospital. One could see them running up a staircase where they met a female receptionist.

“Where is the ward our president is admitted?!” Dave asked the lady who swiftly stood up.

“This way.” she pointed at a direction.

Stepping into the ward, they slowed down when they saw it dark and lonely like a creepy residential evil. Vivian located Dave’s presence.

“What’s going on Dave?” she whispered.

Instantly, a dim colourful light shone all over the room and artificial flowers raining down from the roof like rain. Yet, they saw nobody. Vivian held Dave tightly coz it became more creepy. Suddenly, Murphy came out in a black suit, knelt at a distant and brought out a sparkling diamond ring.

“Oh my God!” Vivian exclaimed, unconsciously throwing her phone on the floor and holding Dave tightly.

“I’ll be stupid to see the future plans of my enemies without seeing your heart.” Murphy began. “I come to you as a common man not as a president, asking you to marry me, Uche Vivian. Please, be the mother of my children let us grow old together.”

Already, Vivian had started shedding tears without letting go Dave’s arm.

“Go on, dear.” he whispered into her ears.

Gradually, she released his arms walking towards teacher Murphy until she stood before him with tears.

“Yes, I’ll marry you.” she stretched forth her fingers where Murphy placed the ring. A bright light which subdued the colourful one shone inside the room and people from nowhere began to clap. Vivian looked around to see Ella and others there, even doctors and nurses who witness the romantic event. She turned to Murphy and hugged him tightly which he reciprocated.

“Wait, where did you get the surname, ‘Uche?” Vivian asked him.

Like a stopping rain, the clapping hands gradually died down. Murphy stepped away for Vivian who saw a man and a woman.

“His name is Uche and he’s your father. The woman beside her is your mother. For behold you were dumped but found favour in the eyes of teacher Nwachukwu.” he explained.

The joy in Vivian’s heart couldn’t be measured at the moment so her legs became weak to carry her. She saw herself falling down but caught by Murphy who pulled her up again. When the parents approached closer, she embraced them, crying seriously on their shoulders. The emotionally feeling circulated the room like a contagious disease thereby making everyone to shed tears.

Cynthia hurried out of the place. When Ella saw her, she ran after her.

“Cynthia,” she met her at the staircase. “Where are you going? What’s the problem?” she asked, standing few steps away from her.

“I’m going home, Ella and… and… I’m done. You know what I mean.” Cynthia wanted to rush down but Ella grabbed her back.

“But why, Cynthia.”

“I need a man, Ella!”

“But we can still get married!”

“Are you insane, Ella! Let me go!!” she forcefully withdrew her hand from hers, running out of the hospital.

Daniella became sad, shedding tears on the staircase.
The Sun had gone down, the wind swept from the east, and the weather became cool.

However, Murphy had released Erika who became part of the big family. Both could be seen climbing an uncompleted upstairs in a hurry that evening. Getting to the top, they saw Daniella about to commit suicide by jumping down from the building with tears in her eyes.

“Ella, don’t do it! You have several reasons to be alive.” Murphy spoke up.

“Look around you and see what the world have in stock for you. Does it worth leaving behind?” Erika added as both were gradually moving forward, but Ella never looked back. Though the two teachers never hesitated to inspire her respectively.

“Ella, be the driver of your own life!”

“You are the pilot of your own plan!”

“All you need do is to set the car in the right direction. Do not expect anybody to drive you coz only you know your way!”

“The sky is a large place to fly a plan. It becomes all yours when you fly and you determine who flies with you or not. All you need do is to push up the handy-thing for the plan to take off!”

“Be the master of your own mind, Ella!”

“Do not allow anybody to control it for you. Reshape it!!” Erika flipped her fingers.

“Your destiny is in your own hands, and this is not it. Come, my dear.” Murphy slowly touched her shoulder. With heavy tears, she turned immediately and hugged him tightly crying like a baby on his shoulder.

“You’re save with me now.” Murphy began to pat her back gently to see Erika smiling happily. So he smiled back at her.

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