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(Practical Love)
Final Episode (13 & 14)
Written by author Nath.
Heading: Clash of Sense (II)
He smiled.

Crowd of reporters and journalist clustered the police vehicle Murphy entered, trying to get the biggest news in town, but policemen kept pushing them away.

The car gradually set in motion. On a handcuff, Murphy seated in between sheriff and another officer at the back seat. More police vehicles followed them from behind. Getting to the station, Murphy sighted through the car glass to see another crowd of journalist already waiting for them. He smiled for the second time coz even at a bad record he was still wanted to be heard from as a teacher. Therefore immediately he stepped out on cuff with men holding him like a criminal, one of the journalist stretched his mic.

“Teacher, what do you have to say about your arrest?” he asked.

“Move back!!” Policemen pushed the poor reporter away from the way, struggling to pass through with the suspected murderer. Yet, they remained stubborn.

Another stretched her mic too. “Teacher, you were caught smiling on a camera. What’s behind your smile?”

“Teacher, is it true you’re responsible for the death of ten men?!” Another asked.

Lastly, a young beautiful lady, stretched her own mic more than others. “Teacher, you remained indoors for seven days. Why?”

“I said move back!!” a police man pushed the poor lady on the ground then released two bullets in the air which did not only scare some away but also reduced the noise.

Murphy stopped. With his two hands on cuff, he bent down to help the lady up. Of course flash light from different cameras captured it as the lady grabbed his hand then stood on her feet. She couldn’t believe the act thereby rendering her speechless. She found the opportunity she had been struggling for to ask him a question, but suddenly became dumb.

Murphy stared into her eyes. “I remained indoors for seven days coz i was using time to know time.” he replied the lady with a smile. Peacefully, he passed her and others who never stopped asking questions until he found himself in an interrogating room.

In the empty room, Murphy sat before a metal table. He could feel what his late teacher felt when he set him up. Remembering that, he sadly bent his head down. Sooner did sheriff entered with an envelope, flapped it on the metal table and sat opposite the president. Murphy raised his head up. Their eyes caught like the intersection of two ray of light passing through a pathway.

Sheriff opened the envelope as he began with each picture he brought out.

“This is Christopher, robbed and murdered by burning. Your finger print was found on a gas cylinder at the crime scene.” she brought out another picture. “This is Ayomide and many more, died through the same process and your print discovered in all. With all due respect, teacher Murphy, why did you do this?”

Murphy kept staring at her.

“Teacher Murphy?” she called again.

The young boy cleared his throat. “I’ll only speak in two conditions.” he said.

“I’m not even granting you one.”

“Then I’m not saying anything.”

“Okay,” she stood up. “Call your lawyer coz we shall see in court.” she began to go away.

“What if I tell you that these men are not dead?” Murphy’s voice interrupted her. She surprisingly turned in a slow movement.

“What are you talking about?” she asked.

“Do you want to know? Then my two conditions remains.”

Sheriff exhaled, “Fine, shoot.” she sat back down.

“The mass needs to be tutored.” Murphy began like his late teacher. “They need to have the knowledge on how to tackle issues. They need to be exposed to the ways of the brain for it’s the master key of life and death.”

Sheriff rolled her eyes. “You’re beating around the bush, Mr president. Are you saying i should get the mass for you?”

“I’m saying you should get a journalist here to broadcast what I’m gonna say live to every home. Secondly, I need my brothers and sisters present here.”

Hearing that, sheriff remembered teacher Nwachukwu who made same request when he was captured. So she wondered what binds all of them together. Notwithstanding, she made a call. Within a twinkle of an eye, Murphy’s request was granted.

Ella first entered into the room, followed by Dave before Vivian whose eyes caught with Murphy’s. Her heart began to beat like a drum. Already, camera has been mounted as if a movie was to be acted.

“Okay, Mr president, may we proceed?” Sheriff broke the silence.

Murphy stood up still on cuff. He glanced through the people he called siblings to see them staring at him as if he was a magician. He turned to the camera boldly, his eyes fierce like a predictor and his voice confiscated like that of a military commander.

“I am teacher Murphy, I may not know my descendants but I know only one man who made me who I am today. I may not have his blood but his knowledge flushes in me. I am not only innocent for the act I am allegedly arrested for, I’m also the saviour of the innocent because those who you think that died throughout the days are not dead but alive, saved by me…”
It was a time ghosts operate, a weary and scary night when two armed robbers berged into the house of a family man, Christopher. After robbing, the old man was taken out on a ride, toasted out in a nearby bush.

“Please, don’t kill me!” he pleaded.

One of the men aimed his gun at him while another brought down a gas cylinder and a litre of fuel. Suddenly, another four men appeared from behind, aiming their guns at them.

“Do not look back, slowly put your guns down.” One of the four men instructed.

The two men did as they said. They were tied and taken into a different car. However, Mr Christopher had been rescured, stripped off, but also taken away. They gathered part of his clothes, poured fuel on it then made a lighter lit…

“Boom!” Murphy flipped his fingers as he kept narrating. “Empty clothes were set ablaze. That’s why, you, sheriff, was so stupid to discover my finger print on the cylinder but never discovered the bones of the claimed burnt man. You think!!.” he flipped his fingers again as he continued..
The four men got to a point, released the two men at gun point again saying, “You’ll go back to your boss, tell her that your operation was successful. If you dare go contrary to this, you and your families are gone!”

The two men frighteningly concured, running for their dear lives.

In the same manner, the four men turned to Christopher saying, “Though you’ll be alive but you’ll be announced dead and burnt for the mean time”

“Who are you people?” the old man asked them.

“We’re the hidden camera.” They replied.
“This same process applied in all the ten persons who you think are dead. They are not dead, but alive.” Murphy paused as all listened at every home in the city and the country entirely.

His statement shut everyone up except Bolaji who shouted with hands on his head. “Heeeeyy! I told you this boy is a wizard!!” he pointed at Erika as they were still at the round table watching Murphy on the television.

Amandi looked at Erika. “Are you aware of this, young girl?!” he asked her fearfully.

Erika never uttered a word, watching and listening to Murphy.

Back to the station, Obi had started smiling at Murphy’s intelligence while sheriff stood up from her seat saying, “Then how come your finger print was discovered there?”

“Because I was set up.” Murphy replied.

“How? By who?”

“By the same person who sent the two men to carry out the operations. But never to worry, she has been apprehended like a rabbit caught in its hole. Boom!” he flipped his fingers again.

Before Erika and her men comprehended Murphy’s last statement, the door of their hiding place broke open by gunmen.

“Put your hands up in the air!!” one of them shouted.

“Eeeewwwwuuu!! I said it oh!!” Bolaji shrieked with hands up thereby giving his agbada the resemblance of a flying bird.

Erika never hesitated to raise her hands too , still listening to Murphy.


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