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(Practical Love)
Episode 11 & 12
Written by author Nath.
Heading: Clash of Sense.
She stood beside a beach with hands folded. Nothing came to her sight except the blue sea. Her hair wavered backward according to the movement of each tide made by the sea that got her feet wet and sandy. Her gown moved in the same manner like an Indian woman at lovely mood. Behind her was a wooden building with a thatched roof, while the rest of the vicinity was populated by shrubs and trees. It was a typical view of an island.

She had a brown skin, pointed nose and undeniable attraction of dimples. Her posture was like a passenger waiting for a bus. The colour of her eyeballs sparkles white like a possessed marine goddess, but unfortunately and sadly, she was using them to shed tears. Suddenly, a hand dragged her gown from behind. She didn’t turn immediately coz she knew it must be her teenage daughter whom she wouldn’t like to see her tears. Therefore she began to dry them with her palms as she turned to her.

“Erika, you shouldn’t be here. It’s cold!” She held her by the hand.

“Why are you crying, mother?” Erika’s voice always shows confidence and intelligence.

“No, no, baby girl. I’m not crying; the wind has a direct contact to my eyes. That’s why?” Monica, the mother, smiled unintended.

Erika stared at the sea too as the wind dances her own gown around also. “You’re crying because of my father, Nwachukwu, whom you told me about, isn’t it?” she looked up at her. “Why can’t we go see him. I wanna see him!”

“No, Erika.” the mother sniffed in emotionally.

Ferociously, Erika withdrew her hand from hers. “Mother, I wanna leave this place! We’ve been living here for years!”

“Erika..” the mother tried to hold her again but she stepped away from her.

“I want to go!!” she shouted, running towards the sea.

Already, Monica couldn’t hide the tears anymore as she ran after her daughter. “Erika, no! You won’t understand! Come back! You gonna drown!” she kept shrieking.

Truly the young girl was about to drown, carried by the tides of the sea, but the mother rescured her and both became wet.
The interior of the thatch house had a living room with chairs and a table. However, Monica had changed up likewise her daughter whom she sat down to clarify. She walked around before her with few fingers covering her mouth. Erika patiently waited for her to say something.

“Erika,” she began by taking a seat before her daughter. “I heard your father is turning Kali city around. He’s turning the whole country upside down, causing pandemonium with a device he stole from the government house. I can’t allow you go there.” She explained hoping it sounded convincing.

Erika stared at her. The look from her face could tell the mother that she hadn’t said what the girl wanted to hear. So she bent her head down with a heavy exhalation.

“Mother, why are we all alone in an island?” the young girl asked again.

The mother neither raised her head up nor replied.

“You’re telling me that it’s a dangerous time to see my father. What about the past peaceful years?” Erika added.

Monica raised her head up with dimming tears of the eyes. “I can’t be with him, Erika. I can’t be with any man!”

“I don’t understand.”

Monica stood up, turning her back on her. “I was cursed by my own father, Erika. I must not be with a man otherwise die.” She waited for the daughter’s response, but heard her cracking chair which means she had surprisingly stood up.

“Your father laid such a curse on you? Why?!”

“It was an ugly and embarrassing experience; my father was a titled man and secrede to traditional activities. One night, I came back home drunk to stupor and found him sleeping half naked.. and.. and…” She swallowed hard. “I was later banished after the curse.”

Erika became speechless. She gradually sat back to her chair. “You can’t be with a man. Then how did you give birth to me? Or did I fall from the sky?”

Monica turned to her. “That’s not the point. My days with your father could be numbered. He didn’t know when I left and I never told him why till date. He doesn’t even know where I am neither does he know that he has a child.” She concluded.

“That’s wickedness, mother. Let me go see him!”

“We both will see him when the revolution ends, please, Erika.” she pleaded as both stared at each other.

Months later, Erika and her mother set to travel out of the island to Kali city to see teacher Nwachukwu. It was the happiest day in the life of the young girl. Already, there was a mini-ship at the shore waiting for them. The sailor was a family friend called Idika.

Erika stood on the ship-top to see Idika and her mother through a window discussing something she couldn’t hear while she waited for them.

Monica handed a paper to Idika. “Give it to Erika to give Nwachukwu when you get to Kali” she said.

“Why?” the young man asked. “I thought we all are going together.”

“I won’t cross the sea.” She walked to the window where her eyes caught with her daughter’s who waved at her. She waved back with a smile then turned to Idika. “I’m not living life to the fullness. So why am I alive? Nwachukwu will take care of Erika.” She elaborated a bit.

Idika understood that she was talking about suicide by jumping inside the sea. “Ma’am, your daughter needs you. Don’t do this to her.”

“She needs her father, freedom and a normal life the more.” The woman concluded.

Nevertheless, they sailed out from the island to the middle of the sea where Monica stood on the roof of the ship about to jump, but Erika came out, standing at a distance.

“Mother, what are you doing there? Come down, it’s dangerous!” she yelled.

The mother turned to her with tears. “I’m so sorry, Erika. I love you so much.” She bitterly said.

“What are you say…” the girl saw her mother jumped into the sea. “Mother!!” she ran after her but the woman was long drown. Idika came out and held Erika down on the ship as she cried. The young man felt her pains. In addition to the pains, the night they got to Kali city, was the night Nwachukwu died according to the news they heard from a hotel room. Erika cried like a child throughout the night in the arms of Idika.

The following morning, Idika woke up to see her making a drawing on a large paper as if sketching a building plan like an architecture.

“What are you doing, Erika?” he asked her.

The girl kept quiet.

“I think we should look for a way to explain to president Murphy, one of your father’s orphan students.” he added.

Erika looked up at him from the edge of the bed. “I have no explanation to anybody. The orphans have my father’s properties, and I must take them one after the other, starting with the presidential seat.” she seriously said.

“But I heard the president is very smart. How can you do this?”

“You gonna see.” She concluded.

Idika exhaled, stretching a paper to her. “Your mother wanted you to give this to your father.”

Erika collected it……


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