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(Practical Love)
Episode 7 & 8
Written by author Nath
Heading: Covetous Awareness.
The whining of the rabbits, chirping of the crickets and other creepy animals from the forest at the love garden could not be heard again by teacher Nwachukwu and Murphy because of their presence inside the bedroom. Only a running sound of a drink from a bottle to a glass cup filled theirs ears.

Teacher Nwachukwu kept smiling, staring at Murphy as he was slowly pouring the drink inside the glass cup until he returned the bottle to the bar-shelf, ossibly sipping from the glass as if it was the blood of Jesus Christ consecrated into wine.

“Murphy.” Teacher called him.

The boy didn’t reply rather copiously sipped another wine from the glass cup and began to lick his lips like a flicking prong of a snake through the vomeronasal organ, staring at his teacher to continue.

Nwachukwu smiled again. “What you’re doing, Murphy, is called covetous awareness.” he stepped inside the control room.

“Covetous awareness?” Murphy repeated, taking a step forward from the bar. “Can you elaborate on that, please?” he pleaded.

Teacher ignored him from the control room where he rattled a drawer. Murphy kept stretching his neck to know what he was doing until the old man came out with a pendant. Murphy watched him, carefully dusting dirt out of it as if it was an egg.

“Are you going to elaborate on convetous awareness or tell me what’s in your hand?” He calmly asked his teacher.

“Okay.” Nwachukwu began without looking at him as he occasionally blew out dust from the pendant. “A mother of a baby first gets a food. Secondly, she makes the baby sees her with the food. And thirdly she eats the food, chewing her mouth like it’s the sweetest food on earth. What do you think the baby will do?”

“He will crave for the same food to know how sweet it is too.” Murphy replied.

“That act from the mother is called covetous awareness, and that’s what you did to me with the drink in your hand.” he blew out the last dust from the pendant then looked up at his boy. “Covetous awareness is the act of drawing attention to yourself and making someone desire what you have. It is mostly done by people who want others to either partake on what they’re doing or make them feel jealous.”

“Wow!” Murphy exclaimed. “You’re really a teacher, teacher.”

Nwachukwu remained quiet, courteously opened the pendant with a sad expression. Murphy dropped the drink on a stool beside a bed and followed his teacher to watch the content of the pendant. He saw a picture of a beautiful woman in it.

“Who is she? Is she your wife?” Murphy whispered.

“Was” Nwachukwu replied.

“I’m sorry, teacher” Murphy sadly consoled.

“We never had a child when she died. Years later, i met another lady. That was a year after I brought all of you as babies and began to train you.”

“Where is the another lady now?”

“I don’t know. She suddenly vanished from the face of the earth. I believe her parents are responsible for that coz they never wanted her around me.” Nwachukwu closed the pendant and handed it over to Murphy. “You can have it. But i want you to promise me one thing.”

Murphy looked up at him. “What?”

“Strive to find all of your biological parents except Obi.”

“Why except him?”

“Like I said before, you all origin is in the secret diary. You’ll find the answer there.” Teacher concluded…..
On the rectangular table occupied by teacher Murphy and his carbinate members, is a sealed poison in a bottle water for him to drink and die. The masterminder of the plan is unknown not only to the maid who served the water, but also to others who made sure it gets to the white house. The only person that knows the planner is the one that added the poison at the factory.

Nevertheless, Murphy saw his carbinate members opening their water one by one to drink at the same time. Only then did he remember he was thirsty too, therefore he learned forward and grabbed his own water too. He opened it and poured it into a glass cup then raised it up to drink. Just at his lips, he paused, wondering why everybody started drinking at the same time. To complicate issues, he noticed that it was from their own act that gave him the desire to drink from his own bottle. Therefore he dropped back the cup of water on the table, leaned back on his seat, watching them devoure the water like Carmels.

Bolaji glanced at his bottle like a drunkard. “Water is life!” he complimented joyfully, glanced at teacher Murphy then began to drink again.

“Who poisoned my drink?” Murphy’s voice sounded like a provoking early morning alarm.

“Jesus!” Vivian, who overheard it, rushed out to the meeting ground.

Bolaji forcefully and hilariously spat out the water in his mouth with a continuous cough, not because he thought it was poisoned too but was surprise how Murphy noticed that the drink was poisoned. “What?!” he exclaimed.

Meanwhile, others like Amandi had been murmuring in surprise.

Bolaji widened his eyes at the president. “Teacher evil…sorry…Mu-evil.. sorry again.. i mean Murphy, I thought everybody’s water was sealed.”

“Yes.” others supported in unison.

“So how come its poisoned?” Bolaji asked.

“Covetous awareness” Murphy began, standing up and placing his two hands behind him like a teacher.

Already, the heart of the maid who served the water had been beating like a village war-drum at a hidden corner.

“When you make one have the desire to partake on what you’re doing is called convetous awareness, and that’s what you all did with the water. So the question is; why were you eager to see me drink from my own water?” Murphy asked them.

Tension filled the room. Vivian watched the old men the same way Murphy watched them suspeciouly.

Amandi cleared his throat. “Teacher, we met this water here as you did. How could we possibly poison it?”

Murphy signalled his guard to bring the maid who served the water. The innocent lady who was in her early twenties shivered before everyone in the house when presented. She was neatly dressed like a waiter; black plain trouser, white longsleeve shirt and a black bowtie.

Murphy quietly handed the water to her. “Please, drink from it, madam.” he told her.

All stared at her. The young lady obviously saw her death from the cup of water, so her hand began to quiver as she took up to drink in tears. She couldn’t take it.

“Yes, is poisoned.” she confessed bitterly.

“Eewwuu!!” Bolaji exclaimed with two hands on his head.

“Who paid you to poison our teacher?!” Amandi asked the young lady.

“She can’t possibly know. The factory where this water came from must be thoroughly investigated.” Murphy signalled his guards again. “Hand her over to the police for investigation.” he instructed and sat back to his seat for the meeting to continue. Of course he knew the master planner must be from one of them there, but didn’t bother to dig further.

Vivian exhaled heavily…….


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