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Episode 25
Written by author Nath

Mr and Mrs Cliff were watching the riot live from their television when Cynthia came out with crutches. The husband had already showed and explained to the wife about the DNA result. She had no problem about it

“What’s going on?” Cynthia asked from behind.

The couple turned. “Your teacher has exposed the government.” The husband replied.

Cynthia limped to the front. She could see people distroying properties and getting hold of a particular politician who was beaten to death instantly.

“Come and sit” Mrs Cliff tapped a spot beside her.

She sat down, placing the crutches beside her. She looked at them. “Thank you for your hospitality.” she oblige.

The man of the house brought out the result and showed her.

“What’s this?” she reluctantly took it and began to read, after which she looked up at them in disbelief.

“We’ve been looking for the fruit of the womb.” Mr Cliff began. “But the moment you stepped foot into this house with your friends, my wife conceived. Something always attracted me to you so I had to run the test..” he explained everything to her.

Cynthia started shedding tears. “How was my mother like?” she asked in tears.

“You’re her replica my dear. Please, forgive me.” Mr Cliff pleaded emotionally thereby increasing the girl’s tears.

On the other hand, Ada had gone to the resident of Stephen to save him and the mother. Already the father had been killed at the white house.

“Follow me!” she had told them immediately he entered.

“I need to know if Stephanie is okay!” Stephen demanded.

“She will be, let’s go!” she dragged him by the hand.
A week later, the bad people were wiped out and a new president and other executives were needed coz it was a presidential system contrasts with a parliamentary system of government where the head of government comes to power by gaining the confidence of an elected legislature. One could see teacher and his kids sitting before legislatures on a long table to deliberate on the way forward except Murphy and Cynthia.

“I’ve groomed my kids on how to pilot the affairs of this country.” Teacher began. “Not only that, we all know the risk they took to bring this revolution. So if i must say, I can give you one of the best of them.”

“Sorry, Nwachukwu, we’ve already elected a president” the legislature said.


“Murphy Nwachukwu, one of your children too”

Just then, Murphy came out to their midst well dressed on cooperate: a well ironed senator with an Italian shoe. On his wrist was a golden watch too. He appeared rich and different with a hand inside one of his pockets.

Teacher couldn’t believe it!! Likewise other kids that stood up surprisingly when they saw him.

“Murphy?” Teacher called out.

“It’s me teacher. I’ve outsmarted you again, haven’t I?” Murphy took a step forwards to him like a motivational speaker. “How do you feel now that your brain has been used? I know you’re eager to know how I did it. I’ll tell you…” he began…
Murphy rushed into the house of the legislature with the chip after being attacked by teacher’s gunmen. He stood before the old man in his living room.

“Who are you?” the man asked him.

“The new president.” Murphy replied.

“Are you out of your mind, young boy?!” The man sat up.

“No, sir. I’m speaking in future tense. I have evidence of our problem in this country. It can brings revolution. This is it?” he showed him the chip.


“Get me a video camera, I’ll play it for you.”

The man did as he said. After watching it and explained by Murphy, he became marvelled but the sight of the content.

“Promise to elect me as the next president when I bring him down with this coz we run parliamentary system of government.”

“You have my words if you can do this.” The man concluded…
“So, I used you to do the suffering by yourself by making the broadcast while I gain the end result.” Murphy concluded.

Teacher became dumbfounded likewise others.

Murphy closely walked to him, staring into his eyes. Gradually, he knelt down before him.

“I know I’ve wrong you teacher, forgive me. I did this to prove to you that we’re smart enough to handle your plans. You don’t need to test, teach or study us anymore. I do not want to become president. It’s for you, not me, teacher.” he confessed bitterly. “I’m sorry for lying to you all.” he apologized to his fellow orphans.

Teacher looked at them to see them nodding. He turned to Murphy.

“Truly, there’s no one fitted for the seat except you.” He pulled him up. “Take care of your siblings.” he added.

Murphy hugged him. “Thank you, teacher.”

Others came and hugged him too. Of course he was told about Cynthia and her new family.
Obi and Ada got along, likewise Stephen and Stephenie even Judith and Dave. They were all living big at young age. That was teacher’s aim and he achieved that and died months later.

(Practical Love), coming soon.

This is a continuation of TEACHER NWACHKWU
(Criminal Love). Stay tuned

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