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Episode 24
Written by author Nath
Heading: New President.
The tyres of her car rotated like a putter’s wheel, expertly driving like James Bond on the road. The evidence of this could be heard from the friction between the road and the tyres. That was sheriff, running home to confirm her children whom report had shown that they’ve been kidnapped. She pulled over in front of her house; a portable bungalow. She rushed out in her uniform.

“Cyndi!! Benjamin!!” she was yelling their names, running towards the door at the same time. She stumbled, nearly to fall, but strongly withheld it like a trained personnel in the force. Violently, she barged into the house, yelling their names and opening the children’s rooms. The sound of the doors when pushed were like the sound of fireworks on Christmas eve. She could see the house tattered and her maid crying on the floor of the living room. The young girl wore a native gown which stopped at the knee.

“Where are my children?!” she asked her.

“They’ve been taken, ma’am.” The girl replied in tears.

“By who? How did they look like?!”

“They look like you” she pointed at her from the floor.

The woman became confused. “Like me?”

“They were putting on your type of uniform.” The girl clarified for more confusion on sheriff’s head..
The sun had begun to rise. It reflected on the empty building where Ada and Murphy took refuge. The young boy, after showing Ada the chip, turned to a window through which the ray of the sun refracted into the building.

However, Ada, leaving her story behind; how her father tried to kill her and Stephen being her brother, all she wanted at the moment was Murphy to reconcile with teacher or get the chip back to him. She didn’t know how to convince him to do that, so she became restless, flinging her hands and tapping her feet to the hearing of Murphy who had already turned his back on her, enjoying the vitamin D the early morning sun radiated. Suddenly, Ada calmed down. She gazed, slowly walking to him. She wore a polo over a short skirt. Her hair remained intact exposing her African beauty catalized by her dimples.

She slowly put her hands round Murphy’s waist from behind and rested her head on his back as if it was a posture for pre-wedding picture. “Thank you for saving me, Murphy.” She whispered almost romantically.

The boy turned with her hands still wrapping his waist. Both stared into each other eyes, moved by the force of attraction between magnet of different poles. Therefore, they gradually began to kiss. In the process, Ada collected the chip from his pocket.

Murphy grabbed her buttocks systematically, feeling his erected dick on her skirt as the kiss went on.

Ada quit. “Murphy, I’m sorry. I didn’t know what came over me.” she said.

“Is okay, Ada” he caressed her check.

“Will you reconcile with teacher?”

Murphy kept quiet, still caressing her.

“Please, I want you to.” She added in a pleading voice. Yet, Murphy didn’t say anything. She disengaged from him and stepped back. “I’ll like to talk to them. I want to go meet them at the police station.” She concluded.

Murphy exhaled. “Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss. Do you know that, Ada?” He asked cleverly which rendered the girl speechless. “You can go with it, but be careful. Tell teacher I’m sorry.” he added and turned his back on her again.

Ada knew he caught her. So she didn’t know whether to leave or apologize. Nevertheless, she began to walk out. Just at the door, Murphy called her, “Ada”

She turned.

“Obi loves you.. so much.” he told her.

The girl didn’t say anything. She finally left briskly. Murphy smiled for a reason best known to him.
At the resident of Mr Cliff, Cynthia laid asleep on a bed in a room. On her leg was a white bandage. She did not only look sick but relaxed too as if she was at home.

Mr Cliff kept staring at her through a door like one whose child is at the point of death. The wife had left, leaving them all along in the house. Suddenly, a knock came and the doctor walked in. She was a middle aged woman with medicated eye glasses.

“Welcome, doctor.” Mr Cliff offered her a seat. “What’s the result?”

“It matched” Her voice trailed. “She has your gene.” she clarified, handing the result to him.

The man sat up after confirming it. “You mean she’s my daughter?”

“Yes, sir.”

The man finally stood up thoughtfully. “I felt it.” he murmured, going back to the door to have a good look at her again.

“How did it happen, sir?” The doctor’s sexy voice called him back, therefore he looked at her.

“It’s a long story. The mother is dead.” He began to walk back to the chair. “She got pregnant for me and I denied it. I never saw her again. A few years later, I heard she was dead but I never knew what happened to the pregnancy.” he sat down.

“If you had accepted your responsibility, I think the mother would have still be alive.” The doctor blamed him. “All the same, fate has brought her to you. Shower her with love.” she stood up and left.
Ada walked into the police station. She was granted permission to see teacher. One could see a police officer leading her to the room. Immediately she entered, they locked the door. Teacher stared at her including her fellow orphans. They were more than surprise and happy to see her especially Obi who called, “Ada?”

She looked at him, remembering Murphy’s statement but didn’t say anything. She walked to teacher and stretched the chip to him.

“Murphy said that he’s sorry.” She broke the silence. “I’m sorry too.” She looked at others. “To you all. Murphy has explained everything to me. He also saved me from my father.”

Teacher collected the chip from her. “Murphy can’t give you this easily. He has another interior motive.” he said.

Ada remained quiet.

“Where is he?” Teacher asked her. Before she replied, sheriff barged into the police station, ignoring the salute greetings of her men until she met teacher again in the presence of the kids in the room.

“Give me the devices” she ordered.

“What we have here is an empty circuit. The chip where the information is has gone!” Teacher explained.

“They have my children! Give it to me like that!”

“No, unless you set us free.” Teacher objected. The kids sensed something especially inquisitive Judith.

Sheriff leaned closer to him with a lower voice. “How do you expect me to do that? Don’t you know that I don’t run this office alone?”

“I don’t care how you do it, Magi” Teacher insisted. He looked at his children to see some like Obi and Vivian smiling coz they had an idea of what his plans was. Just then, sheriff’s personal phone ran again. Quickly, she picked it.

“You have five minutes to bring the devices here otherwise your children die.” A voice warned on the phone.

“Please, tell me the location” sheriff demanded in a hurry. After a two seconds she brought down the phone, staring at teacher the same way he did thereby generating quietness.

“Fine, follow me. All of you” she commanded.

Teacher raised his hand up for her to see the cuff which means that it needed to be unlocked first. She turned to the kids to see theirs slightly up too just like their teacher. Sheriff shook her head exhaustively then began to uncuff them one by one. She led them out of the police station to let them go with the suitcase already in her hand, but Jerry, her second in command pulled her to a corner.

“What do you think you’re doing, sheriff?”

“Taking them to the white house. It’s an order from the government.” she replied.

“Didn’t hear of such a thing.”

Sheriff didn’t know what to say again. Already, teacher and his kids had ignored reporters who clustered them for news and information then drove away on a public vehicle.

Jerry saw tears rolling down from sheriff’s ears. “They have my kids” she cried. “Please, let me go.” she rushed out. Jerry quickly understood what was going on.
The tyres of her car rotated like a putter’s wheel, expertly driving like James Bond on the road. The evidence of this could be heard from the friction between the road and the tyres. That was sheriff, running to the location given to her. She pulled over at none residential area, stepped out with the box and began to run inside a forest until she saw her children being held by two gunmen.

“Stop there!” One of them exclaimed.

Sheriff stopped. She looked back to see another two men behind her at gunpoint.

“Keep the box on the ground!” the same voice ordered.

She did as he said, stepping away from it. “Please, don’t hurt my children!” she added.

The men took the suitcase and pushed her children to her. Before she could get to hold them, the men disappeared.
However, teacher and co had transferred to their limo, stopped at a particular building where all settled in a room. Teacher made all of them to sit on a large bed including Ada. He stood before them, walking to and fro.

“Teacher, the kidnappers are not from the government, are they?” Dave asked.

Teacher stood at a spot. “I’m beginning to rejoice that you’ve started reasoning like me. Of course they’re not. They are my men. It was a way to get us out.” He replied.

They smiled.

“What I’m wondering is Murphy’s next plan coz he can’t give out the chip so easily.” He looked at Ada. “Tell me Ada, how did you get this chip?”

“I stolel it from him, but he called me Judas. He knew I had it but allowed me to go with it.” The poor girl replied.

“Something is fishy. Murphy is smart. He has an interior motive why he let you have it.” Teacher began to think. Just then, a knock came at the door. When he went to check on the person, Obi stood up and hugged Ada while others smiled.

“We’re so happy to have you back.” He said.

“E don do!” Vivian pushed him away amusingly then hugged her too. The girl felt loved and happy too.

Teacher turned to them with the suitcase.

“Teacher, the brain buster!!” Obi hailed him.

“But one more thing.” Daniella began sadly. “What about Cynthia? Nobody knows where she is.”

“But she knows where she is, even you should have an idea.” Teacher replied,

“Mr Cliff’s. Thats the only place she knows.” She figured it out.

“So what next?” Judith asked.

“To make a revolution by pressing the action button.” Teacher call a special journalist who came with all his equipment…
The city was at its daily activities, people going about their work. One could see traffic and street broadcasting television. Suddenly, teacher Nwachukwu appeared on the television. His appearance alone, got the attention of everyone. He cleared his throat zealously and spoke with anger and alacrity!

“More than eighteen years ago, lives were lost, our children missing and tears of agony ran down through our eyes. This is the handiwork one of those in the government starting from Mr Yinka.
We’re suffering now because of these same people who have no atom of love and pity for us all. It pains me!!
They slaughtered our children for rituals, still killing their relatives for the same purpose. It’s time we rise up and revenge for the lives of our dear children! This is the evidence.” He played the video and explained each scene including the number readings. That turned the city upside down. People riously moved against the government with all kinds of weapons even the police. Though lives were lost in the process, but the politicians in quote never went scott free.


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