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(Criminal Love)
Episode 21
Written by author Nath.
Heading: Costly Mistake.
The time was two forty-five anti meridian. The weather did not just get colder, the kids in the living room got scarier too regarding Murphy’s research and observations. They didn’t know what to believe. Hence, they became convincingly speechless thereby allowing the sound of the wind on the roof of the building vibrates their eardrums.

Dave walked to the wall where he hit his hands hardly like a boxer. “Fuck!” he exclaimed. His voice attracted others to him. Murphy monitored all of them, taking notice of their reactions. On the same way, Daniella never left her eyes from him, trying to read his mind.

Judith’s breaking voice overshadowed the sound of the wind. “Teacher Nwachukwu is the nicest person I have ever met. How can he turn out to be the enemy?!”

“That’s what drives me crazy!” Dave turned from the wall.

“My own problem is Ada. How can we stop her death!?” Obi lamented too.

“Quiet all of you!!” Daniella’s voice came like a roaring thunder. Therefore, it did not only mute them but also scared them. Hence all stared at her, while she gazed at Murphy like a sapent monitoring its prey. Once again, the sound of the wind on the roof took over.

Murphy returned the gaze from Daniella, placing his two hands inside the pockets of his knicker. It was as if both wanted to commence a combat like two ready fowls. Others could see it especially Cynthia who knew Ella’s mindset on Murphy.

Nevertheless, Murphy picked up the secret diary from the centre table, opened it then smiled, pointing at Daniella’s name-tag: mind reader. He looked up at her.

“I know you’re trying to read my mind to really know if I’m saying the truth, but you might be wrong this time around.” he broke the silence.

“What makes you think, I might be wrong?” Daniella unabashedly approached him.

“Then tell us what you’ve read from my mind.”

“When I look at you what I see are illusions!”

Murphy kept quiet.

Hearing that, Dave began to walk closer from the wall to others who gazed at the two challengers as if watching a movie.

“Your mind is not pure, Murphy!” Daniella added

“You address me as teacher, Ella. If I correct you again, you’ll be severely punished.” Murphy fiercely uttered.

“Fuck you!”

Murphy remained quiet, glaring at her. Silently, he pulled up the suitcase from the table and began to walk into the room as all watched him. Before he clutched the doorknob, Vivian asked him, “What are we to do now?”

Murphy looked at them all. “Go, think of a suggestion. By day-break, we shall put heads together and know how we shall win everybody.” he finally clutched the knob.
On the other hand, at the old love garden, teacher and the pilot had heard everything they said through the camera. Teacher stepped out from the secret control room and headed to the bar speechlessly. As the running sound of the drink inside a glass cup paved around the sanctum, the pilot said, “Sir, you gave the boy allowance, he has taken double of it with an extreme cleverness!”

Teacher stepped out of the bar with the glass cup of drink in his hand. He sipped it then placed the other hand inside the pocket of his trouser.

“Sir, what do you have to say coz you know what that boy told his colleagues are not true” the pilot added.

Teacher kept quiet, sipping the drink like a rugged man with his face on the ground.

“Sir, should I also believe what the boy said about you?” The pilot was still inquisitive.

Teacher looked up at him with red eyes. “The boy is more brilliant than I thought.” he began. “For that, he’s a threat to me and his fellow kids. Putting him on that position is a costly mistake which I’m afraid that I may not be able to correct again.”

“I don’t understand, sir.”

“Murphy has turned the children against me.”

“Yes, but why?”

“Because he wants to get rid of me.”


Teacher walked to the bookshelf and brought out his secret diary. He flipped to a page and showed it to the pilot.

“Read the statement on that page.” He told him.

The pilot narrowed his vision and read thus: “I, Nwachukwu will use the devices to emerge as the president of this nation.” He looked up at teacher for clarification.

“I wasn’t only testing Murphy’s cleverness and leadership skills, I was testing his loyalty too. So i wrote the same statement on the diary at the other building to know if he will still be loyal as he leads, knowing that whatever he does is for my own benefit coz a true leader which I’m building him must have the above three qualities. But it’s unfortunate he lacks one, hence I can’t choose him again. So Murphy wants to get rid of me in order to emerge as the president instead.” He closed the book, kept it back and turned to the pilot again. “My fear now is how I can call him back to order for him to understand this.” he rubbed his head fearfully.

“Sir, I’ve not seen you this scared before especially for a small boy.” the pilot said in disbelief.

“That’s the point!” Teacher walked closer with a pointed finger at him. “He’s a small boy with sense! Look at how he related the number readings on the screen to Ada’s coming death! Did you also see how he made me a diabolical entity within a few minutes with convincing proves! God!!” Teacher turned from the man, rubbing his head haphazardly again.

“Sir, we need to restrain him now!”

After making the statement, they saw the camera through which they watched and listened Murphy go off.

“It’s already too late, pilot. He has discovered that he’s being watched.” Teacher heartbrokenly said.

“Call the guard over there to restrain him immediately!”

Teacher began to look for his phone…
The kids had gone back to their rooms while Murphy could be seen speaking through a telephone. He dropped the call and summoned the guard to his own room. He turned from the window when the guard came in.

“Sir, you called.”

“Yes, you know this war is beyond cleverness and love. It needs weapons too.”

The gaurd waited for him to stop beating around the bush.

Murphy stepped forward. “I want to know how to handle a gun before that time comes.” He stretched his hand at him to give him his gun.

The gaurd smiled, stupidly handed the gun to him after which his phone rang. He brought it out to pick but surprisingly, Murphy aimed the gun at him.

“A bullet into your head won’t auto-crash these devices but will send you to hell. So don’t be stupid and slide the phone to me.” Murphy threatened.

The gaurd slowly did as he said.

“Good. Lie face down on the floor.” he commanded. When the guard did, he tied his hands and legs before picking the call….
When the call was picked, teacher put it in loud speaker but didn’t hear a word. He glanced at the pilot as they waited for a voice to speak through the phone. Smartly, Murphy never said a word, waiting for them too. Only then did teacher know that the phone had gone into the wrong hands. So he had no choice but to begin the conversation.

“Murphy” he called.

“Teacher” Murphy mimicked.

Teacher glanced at the pilot after hearing the mimicked tone of his own boy. Nevertheless, he continued.

“You’re making a mistake, Murphy. You need to listen to me carefully..”

“No, teacher, is time for you to listen to me. So the teachings and studying us were for your own benefit. You…”

“I study you to prepare you.” Teacher interrupted.

“You want to use us to get the presidency. Sorry, I’ll be the one using you now, and don’t think you can outsmart me on this second mission coz I’ve spent years privately studying you too; the way you think, speak and react to situations. I’ll be the one that will always be one step ahead of your plans.” he hung up the call.

Teacher looked at the pilot. “Fly me back to that building now!” he commanded.
The sound of the hilecopter woke the kids up. All rushed out to the door of the living room to see suppose-shot-teacher running inside the house with the remaining guard. They had not seen their teacher running like a pregnant woman. Some got scared of him while some like Daniella blocked the door.

“Teacher, what’s going on!?” she shouted over the sound of the helicopter that was gradually going off.

The man didn’t answer her. The guard pushed her away, rushed inside the room to see Murphy gone with the devices. Teacher entered too.

“Sir, he’s already gone with the devices.” the guard announced.

“Search for him. He must have not gone far!” Teacher commanded.

Just then, two more helicopters came above the roof, shinning their torchlight at them through a window.

“This is Kali police! Put your hands behind your heads and come out where we can see you!” A voice, through a megaphone, came from one of the helicopters.

The kids ran into the room where teacher was.

“Teacher, what’s going on?!” Daniella asked again.

Teacher glanced at the telephone. “Murphy has brilliantly set us up.” The man replied unbelievably. “I’ve made a costly mistake” he soliloquized….


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