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(Criminal Love)
Episode 12
Written by author Nath.
Heading: Doom Awaits
His appearance at the door of the house was like a mighty Goliath waiting to know what David could do to him. His hands lied behind him, his legs stood at ease and his eyes never departed from his students, kneeling under the rain like refugees. He could also hear Ada’s crying voice yet hardened his heart.

“Please, let the children inside, sir.” the pilot’s voice came from behind.

Teacher neither said anything nor turned to the direction of the voice. But he felt the hand of the man on his shoulder.

“When I look at those children, I see the future president and people that will pilot not just your helicopter, but the affairs of this country too.” the man analyzed, also looking at the students pitifully.

“They don’t know that.” Teacher finally began. “They think I’m using them for my own benefit while-as I want them to rule this country at young age.” he looked at the pilot. “Do you know that they also think my teachings is for the mission only.”

The pilot needed more clarity.

“My teachings is far beyond the mission. They’ll discover it soon when I’m gone.” Teacher walked inside, living the students kneeling. The pilot knew he had forgiven them, so he signalled the kids to come inside. Reluctantly, they stood up and walked inside the house, freshen up and ate dinner. Throughout the rest of the day, they never set eyes on teacher or Stephen.

Eleven post meridian, rain had stopped, darkness filled the cloud even inside the house coz the solar panel which was their source of power malfunctioned. The kids took it upon themselves to illuminate their rooms with rechargeable lamps.

Ada spaced through the window of their room, while Cynthia laid on the bed, watching her. She knew her mind was in something deeper than the depth of an ocean.

“Ada, what’s it again? We’re all happy how the whole thing turned out without any harm or ruining teacher’s plans. And you are here safe.” Cynthia told her.

Ada turned her head only from the window while her hands remained on the protector. “Cynthia, my problem is Stephen.” She said.

Cynthia sat up from the bed bemused.

“I’ve not seen him since we came back. What if teacher has done something to him?” Ada added.

“Are you stupid or what?!” Cynthia raised her voice. “That boy nearly put everyone into trouble and you’re hear thinking about him! Even after you’ve been told that he lied to you about his girlfriend whom he claimed to be his sister and you’re…”

“Cynthia I’m only scared that teacher might harm him!” she interrupted, turning fully from the window.

“No, it’s not that. You love him, don’t you?”

Ada bent down her head coz she couldn’t reply that. Just then, a knock came from the door. Cynthia opened it to see Obi. She allowed him in.

The young boy stood few inches after the door, staring at Ada. Cynthia observed the atmosphere then excused herself out.

“I’ll be outside.” she closed the door, living the two inside the room. Unexpectedly, she saw Daniella coming through the passage. Seeing her, her heartbeat increased so she wanted to leave but Daniella called her back.

“Cynthia, I want to see you.” she had said.

The girl stopped before her.

“Can we talk in my room?”

“No” Cynthia objected.

“Please.” Daniella held her hand but she flung it off. “Abeg you, please.” she added pitifully, almost romantically.

“Is okay.” She agreed and both headed to her room…

However, Obi and Ada hadn’t said anything to each other. The distance between them was much, both putting on their night wears. Ada didn’t really know why he came as the first time he had ever set foot into their room especially by that hour of the night.

“What’s it Obi?” she broke the silence.

“Nothing.” The boy spread his hands. “I heard your voice.. so.. I decided to.. to check on you.” he began to step forward.

“I’m fine.”

“Okay.” he stopped at the centre of the room. “Okay.” he repeated obsent-mindedly, while Ada wondered what came over him. She was blind to know that the boy had some feelings for her.

“Good night then” Obi turned to leave.

“Obi,” Ada called him then he turned swiftly. “Thank you for today.” she obliged.

Obi smiled at her as a response then left.

On the other hand, Daniella and Cynthia seated at the edge of the bed, having their same milky night gown.

“Cynthia, I just want to apologize for what happened at the boutique today.” Daniella began staring at her, but Cynthia couldn’t look at her. “I’m afraid that.. that.. I’m.. you know.. attracted to you. I mean females.”

Cynthia glanced at her. “How long has this been going on?”

“Long I can remember but have been controlling myself.”

“I guess Judith is aware.”

Daniella nodded. That brought silence between them until Daniella gentlly placed her hand on Cynthia’s thighs then rubbed it inward saying, “We may live like sisters under this roof but I love you more than that, Cynthia.” she raised the hand to her stomach, soaring her way to her breast. “You look so beautiful.” she had said, touching her breast then began to kiss her at the moment. Joyfully, Cynthia reciprocated. She laid down on the bed as the kiss continued..

Vivian couldn’t let Judith rest. She insisted on knowing what transpired between her and Dave at the boutique. Both laid on the bed. Judith pretended to be sleeping to avoid the question.

Vivian shook her vigorously. “Tell me, young girl!”

“I’m sleeping” Judith smiled at her own words, but suddenly opened her eyes. “Dave still believes that Daniella is why I was punished.”


“I don’t know”

“But he talked of harassment and molestation.”

“Yeah….” the girl didn’t know what to say again.

“Hmmm.. I don’t want to know again.” Vivian changed the topic saying, “I wonder what will happen tomorrow this one teacher has been mute.”

“He will flip his fingers and be like; Wake up before you drawn on your won initiatives!” Judith mimicked him while they laughed.
All the teenagers assembled in the classroom as usual waiting for teacher to come. Only Stephen wasn’t there. They wore white outfit that matched with the white background of the room. One could hear their murmuring sound which stopped immediately the door cracked opened, thinking it was teacher but that was Stephen who stepped in on the same attire. Everybody stared at him especially Ada. She was the first person Stephen’s eyes searched like Google then caught her already looking at him. Nevertheless, he quietly sat down beside Murphy. Teacher walked inside at the moment. His dressing amused the students thereby causing broad smile on their faces; he dressed on old-school: short knicker, white long stockings in ‘I swear to god’ shoes, black necktie on short-leeve shirt which he tocked in.

“Why are you smiling?” he asked them.

“Coz you look funny, teacher.” Obi replied, while others chuckled.

“What has my look done to you?”

“It made us to smile.”


Obi whispered to Dave. “Teacher has started again.”

Teacher continued. “Your reaction to my appearance makes you all believe that everything is okay between us regarding what happened yesterday.”

Everybody stopped smiling and paid absolute attention.

“Smiling does not only win the heart of people, it also brings peace and gives hope just like materialism for love.” he stepped forward to the middle of the classroom. “Smiling is the by-product of love which i told you encompass all things.”

“How?” Murphy asked.

“You give someone a gift, the person smiles. Any good thing you do for someone, the person smiles. It might not always show on his or her face but inwardly, he’s rejoicing. It is that moment you can carry out any deceitful action at that person because the joy in him won’t let him notice.” He began to step back to the front of the classroom, making his shoes to be the next sound in the air.

“Think of wanting to ask your father for his car key which you know he can’t easily give you” teacher continued. “You stand at a distant inside the living room where he is watching a soccer. Looking at his face, his team is the one losing. Will you ask him for the car that moment?”

“No” Dave relied.

“No! Coz if you do, he will use the anger of his losing team and set you on fire!” he flipped his fingers. “But when his team scores and he’s rejoicing, ask him for the key that time, he will give it to you without even knowing.”

The kids chuckled.

“That’s the power of happiness which could be shown through smiles and love to easily get something from people without violence.”

The students clapped.

“This will be our last lesson. Get prepared for the mission.” Teacher walked out.

The two guards took Stephen back to his initial nitch. It became clear to them that he was being separated from them.

The guards met teacher inside his room.

“Sir, the new boy, Stephen is of no use to us.” One of them said. “He’s already reported missing, everybody in the city knows him so he can’t join on this mission.” he added.

“Let’s just kill him.” another suggested.

“I don’t want to shed blood” teacher replied.

“Then what do we do?”

Teacher walked to his bar, poured a wine into a glass cup then turned. “He’ll die but not in our hands. He will join the mission but separately where he will walk to his doom.” he concluded….


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