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(Criminal Love)
Episode 11
Written by author Nath
Tears for Bond
Earlier, at the love garden, the sound of the helicopter attracted teacher Nwachukwu and the pilot. Both rushed out of the building to see it flying away. It was too late to stop Obi and Cynthia who had taken courage to rescue Ada.

“I can’t believe these kids just… how did they….” it was unbelievable to the pilot.

“Some of them knows how to fly chopper. I thought them.” Teacher replied still staring into the sky. He swiftly turned into the building, pushed the boys’ room opened forcefully to see not only the boys but also the girls, all in one room. They stepped back from him fearfully as teacher used his eyes to detect who among them flew out with the chopper. After the observation, he nodded his head and soliloquized. He briskly walked out like one who will kill someone at anytime. Judith closed the door immediately. She stood behind it breathing heavily and looking at others.

“Teacher is very angry oh. What if Obi crashes the chopper?” She said frighteningly.

“That will definitely be double problem.” Vivian answered.

“Oh, God. I’m so scared!” Judith held her chest, walked to Dave and embraced him.

“The only thing to do now is to hope and pray for them.” Murphy concluded.
Ada seated at the front seat of police vehicle while Obi and Cynthia occupied the back seat. Though the car had an air conditioner but the kids were hotter than fire regarding sheriff’s decision to see their parents. They had no parents, brothers or sisters, not even an extended relatives. So where possibly will they take sheriff to? That’s the question in their minds. They must not sabotage teacher’s scrupulous plan otherwise sleep six fit under the ground. Also it became clear to them that the matter has deviated from frying pan to fire that could consume not only them but teacher too. Hence, their hearts wanted to beat out of their chest.

Nevertheless, sheriff Magi ignited the car, matched the clutch and added a gear then the tyres of the car set the car in motion.

“Where is our destination?” She asked the kids.

They kept quiet.

Sheriff looked at Ada who was closer to her as she added another gear. “I said tell me the location to your house.” she repeated.



Ada and Cynthia replied differently at the same time respectively. Bemused, sheriff glanced at Ada again. She used the centre mirror to see Cynthia unease on her seat. She pulled over immediately. The force in which she matched the brake-pad drew all forward like a magnate but at the release of the pad, they bounced back to their initial position. That was an indication that sheriff had become not only suspicious of them but angry too. She looked back at Cynthia.

“What is Ajenule and Orubi? You live at two places at the same time?”

“Ye.. Yes..” Cynthia stammered.

Obi had to say something instantly otherwise things would go ugly. “Ma’am, what they mean is that we have two houses; one is at Ajenule and another at Orubi. Our father lives at Orubi while our mother at Ajenule because they divorced.”

“So which of them are you three living with?”

“We live with our mother.”

“Then Ajenule is the destination.”

“Yes, ma’am. Wahala street number 42.” Obi added.

Sheriff looked at him. “You mean Kahala street?”

“Yes, yes, pardon me.” Obi saved the moment while they sped off again.

Ada could see her rescuers through the side mirror of the car, frighteningly glancing at each other. Though they didn’t know anyone but had a small knowledge of names of places in Kali city. But now they had concluded, who will they meet at number 42 Kahala street? The kids wondered and remained helpless.

The police vehicle pulled over at the exact place. The kids, from the car, used their eyes to survey the house at 42. It was a bungalow, a bit inside from the road. It has some ornamental trees in front of it and scanty weeds. The kids came out along with sheriff, walking towards the door of the house.

“God, let it be that nobody is inside this house.” This was their prayer.

Ada could see a small gun on sheriff’s waist, imagining to draw it and shoot her instantaneously, but teacher’s rule rang into her head like bell: “You must not kill.” So she glanced back to Cyntha and Obi who read her though immediately and shook their heads never to try it coz it will only complicate issues.

The quietness of the environment enable them to hear the crunchy sound of their footsteps on the gravel ground. They could also hear singing birds on the ornamental trees. It became louder when they approached closer, subsequently standing at the door. Sheriff stepped back for them to open it but they hesitated.

“Open the door” she commanded.

Ada, who was closer to the door glanced at her fellow orphans then back to sheriff. “I don’t think my mother is around.” she could hear her own voice trembling.

“What do you mean?”

“She might be at the market.”

“Call her on the phone.”

The kids looked at one another. “We don’t have phone.” they replied.

“But at least, you have to enter into your house.” Sheriff was so persistence .

Ada swallowed hard. Before she could grab the doorknob, the door freely opened by itself. They looked up to see an average man standing at the door. He has some grey hair but looks strong and responsible. Seeing him, sheriff looked at the kids to see their reaction.

“Who are..” the man wanted to say but was interrupted by Cynthia who rushed him with a hug.

“Father!” she had yelled, hugging the man tightly.

The man became amazed, wondering what was going on. However, that act has opened the door widely so Obi entered immediately followed by Ada.

“Where do you think you’re go…..” the man wanted to say again but Cynthia interrupted him for the second time, staring into his eyes.

“Father, you never told us you’ll be coming from Orubi today.” she winked one of her eyes to play along.

Sheriff stepped forward. “You must be..” she stretched her hand for a shake.

“Mr Cliff.” the man shook her hand. “What brings you to my house, sheriff?” he asked.

“Your children.”

“Children?” Cliff looked inside to see the so called children sitting comfortably in the living room. Obi picked the television remote, crossed his legs like the man of the house. “Yeah, my children. What have they done?”Cliff turned to sheriff.

“May I come in?”


The man made way for her to enter. She could see the kids comfortably seated as well. She saw pictures of the man and his wife but never saw the kids’. She picked one of the pictures up.

“Mr. Cliff, I heard you divorced your wife.” She said looking at the image.

“What?!” Cliff retorted. When he saw Cynthia winking her eyes at him again, he put himself together.

Meanwhile, Magi had turned to him like a confused officer.

“Yes, I divorced her… I just came to see her and… and the children only to come back but didn’t see them at home.” Cliff elaborated.

“One was suspected on the current issue of the disappearance of Stephen Yinka.”

“There’s no way that’s true. There must be a misunderstanding somewhere, sheriff.”

“I discovered.” Sheriff glanced at the children then back to the man of the house. “Why are their pictures not seen anywhere?”

“Aa.. i think their mother packed them somewhere.”

“I burnt the pictures. I don’t like them.” Obi interfered.

“What?” Ada and Cyntha glared at him. “You burnt our pictures?!”

“Shut up!” Cliff shouted at them.

“I’ll take may leave now.” Sheriff said.

“Thank you, sheriff.” They shook hands. Mr Cliff watched through a window until the woman got to the road. He angrily turned to the kids.

“Now, can you tell me what’s going on and who the fuck you are!?”

They stood up like students before the principal of a school.

“What’s going on is that we’re orphans.” Obi began. “We don’t have parents. In order to come out from the police case, we lied that we have.”

“Please, we’re sorry.” Ada added in a pleading manner and voice.

“We shall be taking our leave now. Thank you, sir.” Obi began to step out followed by Ada and Cynthia who hugged the man again. She just wished he was her father.

“Thank you so much, father.” her voice came like that of a cat. Unexpectedly, thunder struck and heavy rain began to pour down…..
As the rain was falling heavily so as bright day began to turn dark. Yet, the rescue team hadn’t come back to the love garden. Others had freshen up, made dinner and served at the dining table. Only teacher and the pilot were eating while the remaining orphans didn’t even touch their spoons thoughtless of their foods. All they wished to hear was the sound of the helicopter, coming back with Ada but the sound of the rain on the roof was the only wave in the air. The pilot quit eating and looked at them.

“Why are you, kids not eating?”

No one replied him.

“You have to eat something.”

Yet, no response. Teacher, chewing his mouth like a herbivorous organism, glanced at them then continued eating seeming very unconcerned. Suddenly, the helicopter finally paved above the roof. Swiftly, the kids looked up wanting to run out on the rain.

“Get your asses back to the seat!” Teacher yelled, preventing them from running out. He stood up to the door, watching the chopper land on the basketball court. The three kids stepped out from it, wanting to run inside to avoid beaten by the rain but teacher paused them like a remote even if he was surprised to see Ada with them.

“Stand right there, three of you!!” He shrieked.

The three kids stood under the rain. Of course they never thought teacher would accept them back easily. Therefore, Ada, who was between the two, slowly knelt down on the rain. Seeing her, Cynthia and Obi joined her. Amazingly, Daniella ran out to the rain followed by Vivian, Dave, Judith and Murphy. All joined them in kneeling down on the rain with their hands holding one another in form of a chain.

“Teacher, if you must punish them, you have to punish us all!!” Daniella shouted in a louder voice than the sound of the rain.

Ada busted out in a thunderous cry not because of teacher’s reaction but the risk taken by her fellow orphans to bring her back and the love they just showed her. She couldn’t believe it. It was overwhelming. Obi glanced at her and held her hand more tightly which increased the girl’s tears for the unbelievable bond….


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